May 23, 2016

Dads & Grads!!

Father's Day
It's just around the corner! And we sometimes take them for granted...bottle openers that is, not your dad we hope :) Whether he's a rockstar or the "bestest daddy" in the world, create something special and unique for dad today.

CHEERS to our favorite Dads!
Middle school or college, graduating is a big accomplishment. Why not acknowledge your graduate with a key to success? Get creative with a statement "Oh the places you will go" or charm with traditionLearn how here!

May 6, 2016

NEW FREE Jewelry Making Class - Byzantine Diamond with Colin Mahler

Colin Mahler is back with a new chainmail class, featuring an original design that you won't find anywhere else. Introducing Byzantine Diamond!

In just 20 minutes, Colin will show you a variation on the classic Byzantine chain pattern. Once you've mastered the technique, you'll be able to make beautiful earrings, bracelets, and necklaces!
Are you just getting started with chainmail? Colin teaches13 additional free online classes that will introduce you to the basics and let you build on them with more advanced projects.

One of the best things about chainmail is that this technique does not require bulky tools and materials. Take your projects with you! If you've got two pairs of chain nose pliers and some jump rings, you are ready to go! 
Beaducation offers four different models of chain nose and bent chain nose pliers to accommodate different comfort levels and budgets. We also offer a wide range of jump rings in various metals, sizes, and gauges. 
Of course, you can use any clasp on your projects. We knew folks would be interested in the beautiful sterling silver toggle clasp that Colin finishes her Byzantine Diamond bracelet with so we have this clasp available in our shop! This clasp would be beautiful on many projects! 

April 28, 2016

Create texture with your own design stamps and this new hammer!

Check out the new Texture Stamper Hammer from ImpressArt! This hammer allows you to use your own design stampto create texture on your metal blanks!

The head of this hammer is outfitted with a cavity that will accommodate square or round stamp shanks ranging from 1/4" to 3/8", which means you can use most designs that measure up to 9mm. 
The size of the cavity is controlled by twisting the knob at the base of the handle.

You can see the hammer in action in
this videoThe hammer comes with the ImpressArt Sprinkle Pattern Design Stamp.

We recommend pulling out some
scrap metal or copper sheet and start testing out your design stamps. It's hard to tell which ones will translate well as a texture, so your best bet is to start hammering away! You can see our results playing around with five different design stamps:

April 21, 2016

Mother's Day Jewelry | Inspiration and DIY Projects

Mother's Day is coming up! Need some design inspiration? We have got you covered!
We have an entire DIY Projects category devoted to Mother's Day.

In addition to all these gift ideas, we have a handful of design stamps that feature the same design in both small and large sizes, perfectly representing a mother and a child (or children).

Our Tall Heart design stamp set and Fat Heart design stamp set are perfect for representing children of varying ages. In addition to those sets, we have a really fun and large variety of individual heart stamps that can represent different family members; let the design differences convey their different personalities!

Of course the best stamps to represent mothers and children are our pairings of mama and baby birds (yeah, we like birds here): Mama Owl and Baby Owl,  Mama Swallows and Baby Swallows, set of Large Love Birds and set of Small Love Birds, Mama Partridge and Baby Partridge.

No Mother's Day gift is complete without birthstones. A birthstone charm or crystal is the perfect embellishment to a stamped pendant or bracelet, or simply string them on a chain for understated elegance. We have a handy birthstone reference chart to help you pick the right colors, and so many crystals and charms to choose from!

April 14, 2016

DESIGN CHALLENGE! What will you create with our Southwest Stamps?

*UPDATE 5/14/2016*
Congratulations to Danielle Watt of RiverValleyDesigns! You are the winner! We have put a $25 credit into your Beaducation account. Thanks everyone for entering :)

We love to see what you create with the products you get from Beaducation, and what better way to encourage you to share than with a Design Challenge!

We have curated a fun and diverse Southwest category of design stamps that have been flying off the shelves, and we want to see what you're making with them! Here is everything you need to know about this challenge:

  • Use one or more design stamp(s) from our Southwest Collection to create something one-of-a-kind. 
  • You may use other stamps and components as well. 
  • Designs do not need to be jewelry!
  • This challenge is being hosted on Facebook and Instagram only. 

  • Between April 14  and May 13, 2016, post photos of your design(s) to Facebook and/or Instagram and tag them with #BeaducationChallenge.
  • Multiple entries from one designer will be eligible, but designs must be unique. Each unique design will be counted once. 
  • On May 14, 2016, one winner will be randomly chosen among all qualifying entries and will be awarded a $25 gift certificate to
  • Winner will be revealed as an update to this blog post. Be sure to check back!
Don't have any of our Southwest stamps yet? Now is a great time to pick them up, along with any other stamping tools you need. Now through April 20, we have stamps and letter sets at 25% off and select tools at 10% off! Stock up and save!

Have questions about the challenge? Email us!

April 7, 2016

NEW FREE ONLINE CLASS - Tab Set Pendants with Aisha Formanski

Aisha Formaski is back to teach you a fun way to set stones in her new class Tab Set Pendants. If you are like me, you have a drawer full of cabochons that you bought over the years, despite the fact that you have no idea how to set them. Of course you could always solder a bezel, but in Aisha's class you learn to set a stone with no flame at all!

This class will sharpen your sawing skills and show you how to look at stone settings in a new way. One of our favorite parts of this design is that you can stamp a message on the back!

This class launched just five days ago and it already has a bunch of reviews, and all of them are FIVE STARS! Here is what Lauretta has to say:

Aisha is clear, concise and has a wonderful speaking voice while teaching this class. I do make soldered bezel pendants, however had wanted to experiment with negative space on the backs of my bezels for a new and interesting look when setting cabochons! She makes designing, sawing and setting stones so very simple and quite beautiful. Thank you Beaducation, for providing the best informative classes ever! 

Now is the perfect time to learn a new technique and start making those cabochons into pendants!

March 31, 2016

Do you know about the Swiss Army Knife of adhesives?

Call us crazy, but we're excited to now offer E6000 Clear Glue. You may think that glue isn't something to get excited about, but you'd be wrong. This glue is no ordinary adhesive. Every jeweler's workbench should have a tube of E6000 on it! 

E6000 is the most effective heavy-duty glue around. It has been proven to adhere to wood, metal, glass, leather, rubber, vinyl, ceramics, and many plastics. This glue is a handy tool for jewelry making because it is waterproof and flexible, it dries clear, and is paintable. In addition, it is non-flammable, making it safe to work with when combining jewelry making techniques that include playing with fire (we're looking at you, soldering and enameling!). 

We recently introduced silver plated rivoli frames, and E6000 is the perfect adhesive to secure the crystals in the metal frames. Aren't they pretty? 
Have you worked with E6000 before? What is your favorite use for this versative adhesive?