September 19, 2017

Featured Maker: Amanda Bethel at Peachy Imprints

We sure are glad Amanda at Peachy Imprints decided to pursue making jewelry. Not only does she create some really pretty pieces but she clearly goes above and beyond personalizing each piece, especially for customers who are experiencing loss. Here is what one of her customers had to say:

"I wanted to thank you again for being so kind and going the extra mile for me on the order for my daughter and son-in-laws gifts. They loved them and haven't taken them off except to shower since I gave them to them. I gave them to them Thursday afternoon right before we walked in the Heaven's Cradle Twilight Run fundraiser. It meant so very much to them! Also, my niece that I ordered the first one for so that she could have it before she left for a 3 month missions trip to Africa was so touched by my gift. It meant the world to her. Thank you so much for making a precious quality gift for bereaved mom and dads. This has truly been the hardest thing we have faced as a family but these gifts have given these mom and dads something to remember their sweet babies and to wear it close to their hearts. I will never forget your kindness."

Every now and then we get those warm and fuzzies. Let's meet Amanda:

I started making hand stamped jewelry a little over three years ago. My son was almost one and I wanted a custom necklace. So I searched online and bought a hand stamped necklace I found on Etsy and when I received it I thought, I can do this! So I bought a few supplies at a local store and watched a lot of classes online. I started out small and just made things for family and friends. The response was so great that I decided I should start a business and start selling to more people.

I enjoy making necklaces, bracelets of all types, key chains, and earrings. Necklaces are one of my favorite things to make. I prefer to make things that are customizable. I love to make something for someone that they will cherish forever and that means so much to them. Whether its an anniversary, a new mom, a grandma, in remembrance of a loved one, etc. I just love to make things that have a meaning to someone and they can only get it from hand stamping. I love that no two pieces of jewelry are identical so that no one has the same piece of jewelry as you do.

I love learning new things. I am always watching online classes and getting new supplies to start a new project. I have recently started learning how to do wire work and so far I am loving it! It's a bit of a challenge but the beautiful work it produces is worth it! 

I am a stay at home mom to 2 little boys (4 and 2 years old), they have both been a huge inspiration to my work. They both love to sit and watch me when I stamp. They even do a little practicing of their own sometimes! I am very thankful to have a caring husband who is so supportive of my craft.

I get my inspiration from my family, nature, life and most of all God! Without Him none of this would be possible for me. He has blessed me with an amazing job and surrounded me with amazing people in my life. 

One reason I love stamping so much is that it is a HUGE stress reliever!! Nothing better to take your mind off of things like hammering some metal! I also love the artistry of stamping. I can start with a blank canvas and have no clue what I am going to make and just go for it and it turns into something beautiful! I mostly work with aluminum but I also love copper and pewter. Hearts are my go-to stamps. But my favorite is definitely the dandelion with fluff. 

I'd say I have a little bit of a design stamp addiction. I am constantly buying new designs. I love that they can be used so many different ways. The possibilities are endless! I have enjoyed watching my business grow over the years and meeting so many great people that I wouldn't have met otherwise. I can not wait to see where the next few years takes me!

If you are looking for a special jewelry gift, please visit Peachy Imprints on Etsy or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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September 5, 2017

Featured Maker: Lauren Shaddow at Lauren Shaddow Handcrafted Jewelry

Supporting artists is one of our favorite things. When they are local to us, we get a little warm and fuzzy. Lauren Shaddow at Lauren Shaddow Handcrafted Jewelry is located in Oakland, California which is just about 45 minutes away from us. Perhaps she will swing by and visit us next time she's on this side of the bridge.

Lauren has a very cool style, simple yet intriguing and her metal stamping is on point. Plus her packaging is super cute, perfect for gifting. Let's meet Lauren:

A few years ago I was scrolling Pinterest and saw some cute metal stamped jewelry made from spoons that I thought looked really interesting. I had made jewelry off and on since I was a kid and was really intrigued on how those pieces were made. After watching a few tutorials on YouTube, I bought a small starter kit that had some basic letters, a tiny bench block, and a hammer, and started stamping. My first few pieces were absolutely terrible but I really enjoyed the process and stuck with it. 

That simple starter kit had started an addiction. Before I knew it, I was buying new design stamps and fonts and I was making more jewelry than I could ever wear. I already had an active Etsy shop where I was selling my crochet accessories, so it seemed like a natural next step to start selling some of my jewelry online. 

I sold my first cuff bracelet within a few days after listing it for sale and have been growing my business ever since. What started out as a hobby has turned into my career. 

After several years of building up my business while working full-time, I have been able to leave the corporate world behind. Being able to do something I love as a job is a dream I never thought possible and making other people happy with my creativity is its own reward.

I love to learn new techniques so I’m constantly watching video tutorials, trying new ideas, and practicing my skills whenever I can. I recently picked up soldering and have learned some basic metalsmithing techniques which I’m starting to incorporate into my designs. Right now, I’m having a lot of fun making stacking rings. Cuff bracelets were the first stamped pieces I ever made and are still my favorite to make.

Taking a clean blank and transforming it into a piece of wearable art is extremely rewarding. It allows me to display my creativity on a canvas that will last a lifetime. There are so many layers to metalsmithing that I feel I will never stop learning or being challenged. I’d say I’m just at the beginning of my journey in stamping and cannot wait to see how it evolves.

I work with sterling silver and aluminum for most of my designs, but I also enjoy working with copper. I use a lot of Beaducation Original stamps in my work. My favorite stamps are the pine trees, succulent plant, and aloe vera. That being said, I kind of love adding to my stamp collection regularly as I don’t think I can ever have enough.

Find more of Lauren's fantastic pieces at her Etsy store and follow her on social.

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August 29, 2017

Featured Maker: Harold Pritchard, the Brass Stamper

If you love mandala stamping, intricate detail, absolute precision and out of the box creativity, you're going to love the pieces Harold Pritchard at Brass Stamper creates. For over five years Harold has been metal stamping gorgeous pieces of art including very cool tokens. We love these as an extra special gift for someone, or yourself. They are definitely a conversation piece for sure. Let's meet Harold:

I first started metal stamping about five years ago in 2012. I up-cycled some vintage spoons creating garden markers. My inspiration for metal stamping comes from the idea of permanently putting designs and writing onto metal. To date I've created about 600 tokens.

My favorite stamps are by far Beaducation Originals. These were the first design stamps I purchased five years ago. High quality, sharp faced, very detailed stamps that are made in the U.S.A. I have modified many of my Beaducation stamps by grinding near half of the image away creating a whole new stamp to work with. This prompts me to buy doubles knowing I'm going to modify one of them.

My second favorite stamps are my hand made Mandala Base Stamps. Lately I've used them in my 4" aluminum "Super Mandalas". 

What I like most about about stamping is the endless combinations and possibilities that lay waiting to be discovered. It's also cheaper than therapy and probably more satisfying overall.

One of my favorite pieces to make are the current 4 inch "Super Mandalas" (coasters) that I've been making. It generally takes me about 1.5 hours to finalize a 1 1/2" token. A "Super Mandala" can take about four hours. My designs are always different and unique from each other.

It's easy to think out of the box when you throw the box away. Always take a chance and experiment. Some of my neatest designs stemmed from a perceived mistake and turned out great! My motto: Always invest in yourself.

Fun Fact: To date Harold has purchased over 165 Beaducation Original metal design stamps.

We hope you have been inspired by Harold and will consider one of his gorgeous pieces for yourself or a gift. Please visit his Etsy store and follow him on social.


August 24, 2017

How to Make a Personalized Necklace with Metal Stamping and Resin by My Art You Wear Jewelry

We are excited to share another great project by Laura at My Art You Wear Jewelry. Read on for Laura's inspiration for her necklace and how she made it.

What’s in a name? Everything. Names have meaning. Names have identity. People have understood this since the beginning of time. Your name becomes part of who you are.

In the world of jewelry; stamping or engraving a name on a necklace, ring, or bracelet singles that jewelry out for a particular, chosen person. This carries a lot of meaning.

So when my daughter Grace asked me for a necklace that would present her name and occupation, I had a pretty good idea as to how I would create it. Grace is a realtor and selling is her passion in life. I caught onto this when she was 7 years old and selling water in our front yard. No, not bottled water. Tap water. It wasn’t even cold water at that. And yes, people bought it.

I had just gotten a new set of letter stamps from Beaducation and I was itching to use them on the project.

​I looked through my copper blanks and chose a size I thought Grace would like - 1.5” - not too big, but big enough to work with what I had in mind.

I had a small, 5mm x 30mm curved rectangle that I decided to engrave her name on. I liked that it was curved because my background blank was a circle.

​I positioned my letter A stamp right in the middle of the blank, knowing this would center the name - 2 letters to the right of the A, and 2 letters to the left.

Next, I covered the name in ink with a black sharpie. Then I used the pro polish pads from Beaducation to polish the piece leaving the letters in black.

Now it was time to turn my attention to the circle blank which would serve as the background for Grace's name and two sterling silver charms I had purchased. One charm was a dollar sign and the other was a house with a "sold " sign in front of it. They were perfect symbols for a realtor.

​I painted the copper circle with Pebeo fantasy paints - Moon Turquoise, Vitrail Citrus Lemon, and Vitrail Green Apple. When the paint was dry, I lay the name tag and the charms on top.

​Then I put the piece on a special rubber mat that allows for minimal dripping, and poured ice resin over it. Ice resin comes in two bottle - a resin and a hardener. You mix one part resin to one part hardener. I let that set for 12 hours or more.

​The next day, my piece was ready for the bail. I glued a copper bail onto the back with E6000 industrial strength glue. I let that dry for a good 6 hours and then attached the pendant to a snake chain necklace.

The only thing left to do was to surprise my Gracie with the necklace. And surprise her I did. She loved it!

There's nothing like making jewelry with meaning to let someone know how special they are to you! Isn't she a cutie?!

My Art You Wear Jewelry

Thank you Laura for another great project. If you liked this project you might like Laura's last project: How to Get That Enamel Look Without Fire

Meet Jennifer Parzych (aka JP), Shipping Team for Beaducation

Jennifer Parzych (aka JP), Shipping Team
Joined Beaducation: 2012
Meet Jennifer Parzych (aka JP), Shipping Team
This Georgia Peach is one crafty southern belle. Not only can she fabricate metal, cast and set stones, but she managed to ship out 136 packages in her first day in Shipping. She chews on ginko leaves throughout the day to keep her mind as sharp as a Samurai sword, which is why shipping errors are so rare in our warehouse. She can usually be found in a pair of hip Adidas runners, ready to run after the postman if he has left without a package. Don’t mess with JP!

From JP
I was working for a different company at the time and I remember meeting Lisa0 briefly to pick up an order. It was at the old location on Laurel St. I didn't formally meet her until my interview though. I have worked here almost five years in Shipping.

My favorite thing is working with creative people and being around all the creative product. It keeps me inspired! I cant wait to see what comes in.

I have seen the shipping room grow a lot! We are constantly making room for new stuff and its exciting to see it all grow.

I hope the company grows even bigger and better than it is now. Everyone working here brings something different to the company to make it uniquely awesome!

JP is a candy pusher. Her jam is Pearl Jam. She loves cats. A lot. JP has her own fantastic jewelry line which you can find on Etsy. She has a green thumb, loves cacti and succulents, gem shows, Cuban food, Point Reyes, druzies and second hand clothes. She just recently got married and when she isn't with us, she is traveling. JP has subtle, slightly hidden, really purrty tattoos.

August 15, 2017

Featured Maker: Emily Siddall at Stamped by Em

Can we just start with how incredibly cute this bookmark is? Not only does she capture the thoughts of a true book lover but we love her added touch of embellishment. Plus her image is on point that's super important, especially for Etsy stores! Let's meet Emily Siddall, owner and designer of StampedByEm.

Hi, I’m Emily Siddall, owner and designer of StampedByEm. I was born and raised in rural Southern California. I have been making stamped metal jewelry for about a year. When I first saw someone with a stamped metal necklace, I knew I wanted to make stamped metal jewelry and accessories. I love trying to come up with things that I have never seen before and putting my own twists on something common to make it special.

I love spending time at my workbench working on my designs. Right now, my workspace is a section on the end of my Dad’s tool bench but I hope someday I can have a separate work space to decorate and make my own. Even when I have a nice work area I will have special memories of how I started out by sharing a tool bench with my dad. My favorite tools are the power hole punch and texturing hammers.

My favorite item that I make is penny jewelry, because I can make the years on the penny part of the story. I also love making leather and metal cuff bracelets out of old belts. I love how every piece I make is unique, even in an order for multiples of the same design, each one has its own personality. 

My favorite metal design stamp is the 10mm USA outline; I love how you can put the 1.5 heart in to the outline to represent locations. I also love the 7mm house and the 3mm heart. I like being a part of creating happy memories for people. I am glad I can use my God-given creativity to bless others.

You can find Em's awesome designs on her Etsy store, Stamped by Em

Meet more of our Featured Makers here. If you would like to be considered for a feature, please email

August 10, 2017

3 DIYs: Stamping on Metal Rings

So many people love rings, especially when they can be personalized. We introduced the tab ring, circle ring and heart ring. Now we have the hexagon ring!

These rings are easy to stamp on and as you can see below, the impressions, well, make an impression! Great for gifts, selling and wearing of course. 

If you haven't stamped on rings before, take our Free Stamping on Rings Class to get started. If you love rings and would like to see a bunch of great DIYs and tutorials, check out our Free Ring Making Tutorials: Ring Up Your Game post. Watch Lisa as she shows us how to use a Ring Mandrel.

We used our Beaducation Original - Arrows Crossing Metal Design Stamp on the left here. As you can see by how many arrow design stamps we have, we really love arrows.
Our Beaducation Original Symmetrical Branch Border Metal Design Stamp is a favorite that worked really well on our tab ring. We love the width of this tab.  There is room to use more than one design stamp to personalize your ring. 

 You can even fit a word on these rings. Something positive, your favorite persons name, the initials of the one you love with a heart and so much more.

 Get a little more decorative around the edge if you like because not only can you do it but doesn't it look cute? Small circles, flowers, hearts, our NEW Beaducation Original Tiny Diamond, Four Dot Diamond and Alpha Star Metal Design Stamps are the perfect size too!

Now this is really exciting - we now offer our Heart Trio Design stamps individually! You can get a deal by ordering the trio OR you can purchase them separately here. Collect all six OR just order sizes that work best for your projects.

We can't wait to see what you create - don't forget to tag us #Beaducation on Instagram and @Beaducation on Facebook. If you have already created some designs on these rings and you would like to be considered for a feature, please email