July 20, 2017

2 DIYs Using Letter Stamping Blanks

A single letter can be very powerful and can communicate a message all by itself. Of course, sometimes you might need a bigger message. Just take a look at these DIY Ideas below. Simple, decorative, cute - they have their own neat little message.

"The Queen". Whether others need fair warning or you have a different message to share, add a little flair to your letter with a stamped accent piece. This necklace was made for "Queenie" the super loved, cutest little teeny dog you will meet (unless of course you have your own super loved, cutest little teeny dog.) This little dog and her mom rule their domain, if you haven't already guessed...

Super loved, teeny little dog.

Lisa's daughter Lucy is pretty awesome. Want to guess what her last name starts with?

Awesome Lucy Kelly ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
There really are endless options with these fun Pewter Letter Stamping Blanks and Pewter is super easy to stamp on.

July 18, 2017

Featured Maker: Stephanie LaRosa at Heartware Jewels

We will happily admit, we did a little "ohhhhh my goooooodness" when we saw this first image. Are these super creative or what? Each necklace tells a story and is embellished with so much charm (wink).

Her keychains add a super cute touch to any set of keys and make a perfect gift too! Let's meet Stephanie LaRosa at Heartware Jewels.

I have been making jewelry for 10 years and metal stamping for about one year. I began making jewelry after wandering into the beading aisle of a craft store while I was looking for scrap booking supplies and I haven't stopped since that day. 

I started out with stringing beads and simple wire work. My designs have been featured in various beading publications for the last seven years. Metal stamping is my new obsession. I love how everything you make can be personalized and creating that design with the stamps is so satisfying. 

My favorite kind of jewelry to make is bracelets, the more the better. Beaducation has the best design stamps I have worked with. Some of my current favorite design stamps are the Green Prince Succulent stamp and the Three Flower stamp. 

We love your packaging Stephanie!!

Find more of Stephanie's fabulous wearable art at her Etsy store and on Instagram

Instagram: heartware_jewels

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July 11, 2017

Featured Maker: Katie Bukrey at Brick House Creations

We immediately loved the colors and charms in this necklace. What a fun piece with it's own story to tell. Let's meet Katie Bukrey at Brick House Creations.

Brick House Creations was started as a small creative outlet for my love for all things crafty! What started out as a few handmade jewelry pieces for fellow co-workers, has now formed into a full time business that allows me to work from home and raise my daughter.

My love for hand crafted jewelry started in the fourth grade. My family and I vacationed in the Black Hills of South Dakota and I developed a love for the intricate Native American beadwork found in all the quaint little shops. I then returned home and saved my allowance to head to our local bead shop. 


 (added bonus, Brick House Creations also has a fun kids line)

Jewelry making was a side hobby for years until I decided to kick it up a notch after getting more and more requests for pieces and my growing passion for the art. So, in 2011, I officially started my side business. I named my business after the small brick house my husband and I lived in where I designed and crafted each and every item. 

In 2012 when my daughter was born, I decided to quit my banking job and follow my dreams. The change has led me to attend some fantastic art shows in the area as well as offer my items in about 25 different retail outlets across the midwest.

My jewelry styles have evolved in many different directions since the beginning. What started out as beaded pieces with gemstones and mixed metal, has transformed into mixed media styles with vintage pieces, textiles, charms, and most importantly - hand stamped pendants! 

My passion is creating when the wind hits me right, using whatever I have in front of me from lockets to tiny glass bottles. The best part is topping off each work of art with an inspirational saying, perfect for the charms and findings to tell a story. I love intermixing font designs to create a truly unique look and usually finish up the blank with some sort of design stamp. 

My life motto is to "Create a life you love". We all need to do what makes us happy and in my case, I strive to create beautiful, affordable, wearable art for all ages.

Katie Bukrey (Owner/Designer)
Brick House Creations, Sioux Falls South Dakota

Find more great Brick House Designs on their Etsy store and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram:  BrickHouseCreationsSD
Facebook: Brick House Creations SD (group)  Brick House Creations (page)
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July 5, 2017

How To Get That Enamel Look Without Fire & A Torch

Hi everyone! So we've noticed a little something...some of us are a little nervous when it comes to working with torches and fire. Even if you've watched our Butane Torch Safety video, our Facebook Live episode about torches and read our safety tips, if you just aren't comfortable using a torch, don't.

But what if you LOVE enamel and want to create something very cool? Well there is hope! Meet Laura Petrisin at My Art You Wear Jewelry. She shows us a fantastic way to get that gorgeous enamel look without all the fire. Let's get started!

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Necklace

 How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace by My Art You Wear Jewelry

I have been a painter for over 20 years working with various mediums such as oils, watercolors, and inks. I love color! When I turned to jewelry making with metal blanks, I found myself in a dilemma. I could add color to my metal with enamel. The only problem is that enameling calls for fire and I'm nervous around fire.

After some research, I found a way to add color to my jewelry with a special paint that is conducive to metal. The paints are Pebeo Fantasy paints. Fantasy Moon Paints create textured, hammered and pearlescent effects. When first applied, the paint seems to take on a life of its own, moving and swirling on the surface.. Vitrail paints have a transparent quality similar to stained glass. When the two paints are combined, magic happens.

The metal blanks I choose to use are from Beaducation. The blanks are quality and the delivery is fast! I also like the fact that they categorize their blanks according to type and shape. I could find what I wanted quickly without searching for an hour.

So, with Pebeo Fantasy paint as my medium, and Beaducation copper blanks as my canvas, I created a sunflower necklace. Sunflowers are one of the biggest, happiest flowers on the planet! Combine that with jewelry and you have a fun necklace that will not only lift your spirits, but also the spirits of everyone who sees it! Here’s how to do it:

​First, a list of materials:

  1. 1 Beaducation copper circle blank 1.91” in diameter
  2. 1 Beaducation copper circle blank 1.5” in diameter
  3. Fantasy Moon Paints - Emerald, Turquoise, Mystic Green
  4. Vitrail Paints - gold, orange, green apple
  5. wooden popsicle stick
  6. micro applicator
  7. E6000 glue
  8. Ice resin
  9. 1 copper bail
  10. 1 copper plated snake chain - 18”
  11. Craft glue

The Process:

Step 1
I took the 1.5 copper blank and sketched a sunflower on it with a pencil. This was just to give me an idea in my mind of where to lay the paint.

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 1

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 1

Step 2 
I stirred the Fantasy Moon turquoise paint with a popsicle stick. It is important to stir the paint for two minutes or so to get the best results. Fantasy paint is thick. Then I used a popsicle stick to spread it onto the 1.5 copper blank until the blank was covered evenly. Look at that beautiful marbled effect!

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 2

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 2

Step 3
Next came the Fantasy Moon gold paint. I used a micro applicator, otherwise known as a dental brush, to drop the gold paint into the turquoise. I guided the paint gently from the center outward to make the petals.

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 3

Step 4
Using Vitrail Orange paint, I created the head of the sunflower, dropping the paint in a bit at a time and guiding it in a circular fashion.

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 4

Step 5
I created the first layer of leaves and stems with Fantasy Moon Mystic Green, again dropping the paint in and guiding it with the micro applicator.

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 5

Step 6
I wanted to brighten the leaves and stems, so I added Fantasy Moon Emerald paint.

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 6

Step 7
To highlight the painting, I used Vitrail Orange on the sunflower, and Vitrail Green Apple on the leaves and stems. At that point, the painting on the 1.5" copper blank was done!

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 7

Step 8
Now it was time for the other 1.91” copper blank! This blank was going to serve as a frame for the painted blank. I used Sun And Moon craft glue as an adhesive to keep the painted blank in place while I poured the resin.

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 8

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 8

Step 9
After 20 minutes or so, the glue was dry enough to pour the resin. I use ice resin, which I like because of its ease and quality. I poured one part resin to one part hardener into a small measuring cup.

NOTE: The mixture has to be stirred constantly for two minutes until clear. Resin usually comes with plastic applicators with which to stir.

The copper blanks were placed on a rubber doming tray which is great for allowing extra resin to run off the blanks and not pool onto the piece. Then, I poured the resin onto the middle of the painted blank and moved the resin outward with the applicator until it completely covered the surfaces of both blanks.

I left the resin to dry for 12 hours, covering the piece with a plastic cup to prevent any dust from settling on it.

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 9

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 9

Step 10
After the piece dried, I attached a copper bail to the back using E6000 glue which is an industrial strength adhesive. I let it dry for 48 hours.

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 10

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 10

How to Create a Fun Sunflower Enamel Looking Necklace Step 10

When the piece was dry, I attached it to an 18" copper plated snake chain and it was ready to wear!

​Below are some other necklaces I created using Beaducation metal blanks and Pebeo Fantasy paints!

Heart Enamel Style Necklace by My Art You Wear Jewelry

Elephant World Enamel Looking Necklace by My Art You Wear Jewelry

Red Flower Enamel Style Necklace by My Art You Wear Jewelry

Cross Enamel Style Necklace by My Art You Wear Jewelry

Thank you to Laura for such a cool solution for those of us that like the enamel look but prefer to not use torches.

Visit Laura Petrisin at My Art You Wear Jewelry to see more of her beautiful necklaces, also available for purchase. 

June 29, 2017

Meet Aisha Formanski, Education Team at Beaducation

Aisha Formanski, Education Team
Joined Beaducation: 2010
Meet Aisha Formanski, Education Team
Got jewelry tools? Aisha certainly does! As a self-proclaimed addict, she admits wanting to have them all. Having worked in the bead and DIY jewelry industry for over half her life, this native Minnesotan has collected so many tools she lost count on how many she has. Not only is Aisha an accomplished jewelry designer with six months of courses at Revere Academy under her belt, she can also spin her own yarn and knit with it. Pretty talented, eh? You betcha!

From Aisha
I had been working in the DIY industry for quite a while, and was VERY fond of all that Beaducation was doing. I moved to the Bay Area is the fall of 2010, looking to focus on my jewelry. That year when I traveled to Tucson to attend the Gem and Mineral show where I met Kate Richbourg. Kate was the Education Director for Beaducation at the time, and her and I hit it off immediately. I explained that I had just moved to the Bay Area, and she expressed that they were looking for a new hire to assist with the Education Department. I was hired a month later!

The supportive and creative team are my favorite part of working with Beaducation. Lisa Niven Kelly is the most supportive, creative, funny, boss you could ever have.

In the last five years the way people are learning online has changed dramatically. When I came on board we were selling our online classes. A couple of years later we decided to turn them all free. People were turning to Youtube for their online tutorials, and we felt like it was time for us to go free.

Since then it's been fun to get great feedback from our viewers about the quality of our classes, and support them in their creative endeavors. We continue to add classes to our website every year. It's been fun to see what people are interested in learning. It went from PMC, to felting, to seed beading, to wirework, to metalwork, but always come back around to the backbone of Beaducation, metal stamping :) The fact that metal stamping continues to grow is AMAZING!

Five years from now I hope that we continue to support makers all over the world with education and cool products! Also, as Lisa Niven Kelly said at my interview in 2010 when I asked her this very question, "Kickin' ass, and heathy snacks".

Aisha has her own studio to create super cool things and has written her own book, New Directions in Punched Metal Jewelry by Aisha Formanski! She has her very own jewelry line and is really talented. This super healthy, Midwest girl grew up on a commune (that's right!), is a perfectionist, loves turquoise, Cabochons, gem shows, craft shows, metalsmithing, woodworking and yarn.  She often gives a fake name at Starbucks because they rarely pronounce hers correctly. She once sported a pixie hair cut. It was very cute.

June 27, 2017

Featured Maker: Melanie LeGrand at Angelic Whimsy

We like the way Melanie uses stamping and other techniques together to create her pieces. She was published in the Fall 2016 Issue of Jewelry Affaire for her technique. While her designs are dainty, they bring an unexpected surprise with her unique style. 

Let's meet Melanie from Angelic Whimsey
Since I was a young child, I’ve expressed myself creatively. It’s my language through which I communicate! Throughout my career I’ve pursued several creative avenues, including teaching, owning a pastry business and writing a novel, but when my son was born in 2012 I began to seriously pursue art and jewelry making. While he napped, I took class after class online to learn mixed media art, sewing, painting, jewelry making etc. I discovered a whole new artistic world I hadn’t realized existed and the options were endless! I bought Stampington magazines and learned about different artists and jewelry makers, followed their blogs and took their classes, trying to discover where I might settle in and find my voice.

Featured Maker: Angelic Whimsey Metal Stamped Jewelry Pieces

Little by little my style began to emerge and I started further pursuing areas where I seemed to excel and find the most joy while making. It evolved from canvas, to mini textiles, to ornaments and jewelry. I love it all! I’m obsessed with owls, birds, angels, wings and feathers! After some creative liberties on the spelling on my name so as to not infringe upon the other thousands of artists using whimsy in their business name, Angelic Whimsey was born.

I started hand wiring artisan ceramic beads into ornaments in 2012 and then jewelry in 2013, but it took until 2015 to open my Etsy shop.

In 2005, while vacationing with my husband for our anniversary, I purchased a simple hand knotted necklace that sparked my interest in learning more about hand knotting. My mother-in-law was an avid jewelry maker at the time, and she gave me my first awl and beading string, encouraging me to learn. After a bit of research, I realized the commitment of tools and beads and wasn’t ready to dive into a new hobby while working full time. For years, I kept those supplies from her in a special place and never forgot my love for that necklace and wanting to learn how to make it. 

Featured Maker: Angelic Whimsey Metal Stamped Jewelry Pieces

Fast forward to 2012, I began to learn everything I could about crochet, macramรฉ, knotting and thread. I was hooked! No pun intended! I absolutely fell in love with the quiet, methodical rhythm of knotting! Since then I’ve developed my own style and was recently published in the 2016 Fall Issue of Jewelry Affair for my technique. I started incorporating hand stamped sentiments in my work to give them more meaning and to share what was speaking to me as I made them. It started with my ornaments, but quickly evolved into my jewelry.

I can attribute starting my own jewelry business to friends and family who supported me through my initial creative process and wanted to purchase my work. Their overwhelming support helped me take the next step to give my work a business minded approach. 

Featured Maker: Angelic Whimsey Metal Stamped Jewelry Pieces

There are so many types of jewelry I love to make! I’m constantly pushing myself to learn new techniques and am always in the middle of an online class! I tend to gravitate toward softer colors, somewhat dainty designs and I try to always incorporate an unexpected, unique quality. I love to make hand knotted pieces and hand stamped charms and focal pieces. Gemstones are my weakness! I add them everywhere, giving each piece a one of a kind element. I’m drawn to mixing metals, particularly 14k gold fill and sterling. Soldering offers so many options for this idea. I also love to play around with patina. Oxidized and aged makes for stunning pieces!

My work continues to evolve, but I make things that make me smile and make me feel happy. For me, I have to love what I make and how I make it. I hope my passion for what I enjoy doing shines through in each and every piece I create! 

Featured Maker: Angelic Whimsey Metal Stamped Jewelry Pieces

Right now, alphabet stamps are my favorite and Beaducation has such a great selection of fonts! It is addicting and so easy to “need” another set!! Simple and classic is usually my go to. Lately, I’ve been using metal stamp designs for little add on charms and have been eyeing the hip feather! I can’t wait to see how I incorporate it!

Metal stamping is personal, it tells a story. Whether you’re the one wearing it or making it, it means something to you. I love being a part of the process of creating something meaningful. I hand stamp inspirational and encouraging sentiments that speak to me and in return I hope it connects with someone else. It can be your daily mantra, a quote or just a simple word that speaks volumes within. When I feel that passion work it’s way into a piece of my jewelry, it is soul satisfying. And if someone else loves it too, the journey is beyond rewarding!

You can find Angelic Whimsey here:

Melanie LeGrand, Angelic Whimsey

Instagram: angelicwhimsey
Etsy: etsy.com/shop/angelicwhimsey

Featured Maker: Angelic Whimsey Metal Stamped Jewelry Pieces
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