April 16, 2015

GET YOUR FILL - all filled metals are 25% off!

Mother's Day is right around the corner. Now is the time to stock up on the fancy metals you'll need to make one-of-a-kind jewelry for Mom.

We're making that a little easier, with 25% of ALL filled metal products!

Filled metal is unique because the thick layer of gold, rose gold, or silver is mechanically bonded to the base metal core. This bonding process makes the finished product much more durable than silver- or gold-plated jewelry. Filled metal is considered to be high quality in the industry and our customers love it. If you haven't worked with it yet, now is a great time to give it a try! 

April 9, 2015

A new feature at Beaducation.com!

We recently added a new feature to Beaducation.com -- Reviews. We love hearing your feedback and wanted to provide a way for our customers to learn from each other. We know that you can't just take our word that a product is great; sometimes it helps to hear it from someone else! More than that, we know that you will tell us if a product isn't up to par or if there is a different way of teaching a technique. We can all learn from each other via Reviews!

For Reviews to be effective, we need more of them! 
Everyone has an opinion, and we want to hear yours! Please take time to rate and review your favorite (or not so favorite) products. Here's how to do it: 

On each product page, you will notice a clickable tab for Reviews:

For Classes and DIY Designs, you will find the Reviews section below the list of tools and materials and prerequisites:

Once you submit a review, it will be queued for consideration. This is so we can ensure that we aren't publishing spam or inappropriate language. Upon approval, you will see your rating and comments published on the site, and you can access your reviews via My Account

Please let us know if you have any questions about our Reviews. We hope you find them as valuable as we do! 

April 2, 2015

Instructor Spotlight - Kate Richbourg

This week we learn a bit more about our very dear friend Kate Richbourg. Just last month, we received this great message from a customer who has been watching Kate's classes on Beaducation.com.

"I am an English retired clergyman of 70 years plus and have discovered the joy of making interesting things out of silver etc. Kate has been a source of enjoyment, inspiration, and technical teaching to me and today, thanks to her patient guidance, I have made my first ring in Sterling silver, a small gift for my lovely wife.

I am sure you must have many "fans" of Beaducation, and so you should, but Kate Richbourg has been much more than  just a teacher, although she is a truly great one, and I wanted to thank her for her great ability to be modest, kindly, interesting and most of all the best teacher I have ever had, in all my academic and practical training, so thank you Kate with all my heart for giving me so much encouragement and knowledge."

Take it away, Kate...

What inspires you? 
Right now I am feeling inspired by rocks of all kinds. I have loved collecting rocks since I was little and now am finally learning more about cutting, shaping and polishing them. When I was in Tucson a few weeks ago, I found an interesting mystery rock on the ground and cut and polished it. It was some random jasper, I think, but I made it into a treasure. So fun!

What is your favorite technique and medium these days? 
With my new rock obsession, I am working with mixing oddly-shaped and rough stones into metalwork. Setting stones on stones, drilling stones and creating a variety or interesting bezels, pendants and ring shapes. My Flex Shaft and I are becoming best friends.

What are you up to lately? 
I have a few cool projects going on. I just finished filming a video series for Craft Daily/Interweave/F&W. It’s 6 DVDs and each one focuses on a different portable torch that is perfect to use in small spaces. Each one has a cool project to go with it. In the first one, I teach how to make tiny jewelry tags using a pencil torch. I stamped them using some cool stamps I got from Beaducation! I am also filming a new class for Craftsy.com that teaches a bunch of cool metalworking techniques. I'm also filming webinars for Craft Daily and doing a bunch of WRITING (more on that soon!).

How have you seen our industry change in the last 5 years? 
Free class Soldered Rim Pendants with Kate.
I think the world of online education and digital media is really accelerating. It was cool to be a part of the early days of that trend (I’m looking at you, my PMC class for Beaducation back in the “old days” of 2006). I love to share information with anyone who wants to learn and online education, webinars, and video make it easy to teach others all over the globe. I love it!

Any recent trends that speak to you? 
They all speak to me! I love watching all the new trends that are coming up and the innovations with leather, mixed media, metal and new metal tools and fiber and thread. I wish I had unlimited time to explore all the new stuff that is out there now.

Are your students enjoying your free Beaducation Online Classes? 
You bet! I have a link right on the front page of my website. I also have a resource sheet that I share with my students and those classes are listed at the top. They are the best! For pre-class homework I direct students to watch my Beaducation classes, especially on the Jeweler’s Saw. I am always pleased when students say they learned to saw by watching that video. The jeweler’s saw rocks!

Where are you teaching next? 
My two big gigs this year are the Bead&Button Show in June in Milwaukee and Bead Fest in Philly in August. You can always find me teaching a couple times a month at my studio in South San Francisco, CA. I'm also producing DIY kits for some cool projects. My first one is a ring kit with the directions and supplies. All you need to do is read the directions and fire up your butane torch. In a few minutes you’ll be wearing a new ring!

Where can your students learn more about you?
Follow me on social media! I also write a blog and keep my website updated with the latest goings-on.

Facebook: Kate Ferrant Richbourg, Jewelry Educator
Twitter: katerichbourg
Pinterest: Kate Richbourg
Instagram: beadkate
Blog: We Can Make That at Home

March 30, 2015

WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Tronex Tools Giveaway

We have had such a fun time celebrating Craft Month with four fantastic giveaways! We hope you spent the month being crafty as well!

It's time to announce our two winners for the Tronex Tools giveaway. We had so many entries for this giveaway and we wish we could give these tools to everyone who entered. Keep following the Beaducation blog for more giveaways throughout the year!

Drumroll please ... !!

Congratulations to both of you! Please email us with your mailing address so we can send you these fabulous tool kits.

Thanks to everyone who has followed along all month!

March 23, 2015

{GIVEAWAY} I'm So Crafty - week 4


Thank you to everyone who entered our Week 3 giveaway for the bonanza of blanks! Our winner this week is ANNE VAN LOON! Anne, please email us with your mailing address. Congratulations!

That brings us up to our fourth and final week of Craft Month Giveaways. We have partnered with Tronex Tools for this giveaway and you are going to love it! We are choosing TWO WINNERS!

That's right! Two winners will each receive one chain nose plier, round nose plier, and razor flush cutter. Tronex is providing one set with long handles and one set with short handles. The tools work exactly the same, it's simply a matter of which ones feel best in your hands.

Each prize pack is worth $158.55!

Here are the entry requirements for Week 4. Each task gets you one entry, which gives you the chance to enter three times!

1 - Leave a comment on this blog post telling us whether you prefer LONG or SHORT handles. 
2 - Leave a comment on the Week 4 giveaway post on our Facebook page. 
3 - Follow us on Instagram and repost the picture, tagging #BeaducationGiveaway

The winner will be announced on the blog on Monday March 30. Good luck!

March 17, 2015

March Madness Means Big Savings!

We know you love working with sterling silver and we want to make it as affordable as possible. That's why we are offering all of our sterling blanks at 25% off this week! The sale runs Monday through Friday only. Don't miss out!

March 16, 2015

{GIVEAWAY} I'm So Crafty - week 3


Thank you to everyone who entered our Week 2 giveaway for the Spiro Pendant Party Pack! We tallied the entries and have randomly selected MANDY CAPRAUN as the winner! Mandy, please email us with your mailing address. Congratulations!

That brings us up to Week 3 of our Craft Month Giveaways. We started with stamping, then Spiro Pendant, and now we are giving away a bonanza of blanks! We have hand-picked our favorite blanks in all seven metals -- 39 blanks in all!

This prize pack is worth $104.95!

Here are the entry requirements for Week 3. Each task gets you one entry, giving you the option to enter three times!

1 - Leave a comment on this blog post telling us your favorite blank(s) to work with and why. 
2 - Leave a comment on the Week 3 giveaway post on our Facebook page. 
3 - Follow us on Instagram and repost the picture, tagging #BeaducationGiveaway

The winner will be announced on the blog on Monday March 23. We will also be introducing our Week 4 giveaway that day, so be sure to check back!