July 10, 2018

Featured Maker: Sarah-Jane at Simply by SJ

When we get tagged in social, we pay attention. This is one way we met Sarah-Jane at Simply by SJ and boy are we glad we did. Her designs are cheerful. Let's meet Sarah-Jane.

I have been making my own jewellery for around 14 years for myself as well as family and friends. I love being creative. I am very passionate about what I do and I always love to come up with new designs. In fact my whole reason for starting to make my own jewellery was that I wanted a necklace that matched the colours in an outfit I was wearing to a party.

Everyone always told me that I should sell my creations but I was happy to keep my jewellery making as a hobby as I could not devote enough time to it. About four years ago I found I had more free time and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to turn my hobby into a career. I have been running my business ever since.

I like to try my hand at any type of jewellery making. In 2015 I discovered metal hand stamping. I am now truly addicted. I love the versatility of this medium and how you can be as creative as you want with it. I love nothing more than to sit down with my stamps and create lots of beautiful items.

One of my favourite pieces to make are coordinates necklaces. What I love about these is that each one is different. For the wearer it is something that only they know the meaning of so it can be a great conversational piece. I am hoping to expand my range of coordinates pieces with some new and interesting designs.

My favourite Beaducation stamp has to be the Art Deco Fan. I love art deco and it is one of my favourite times in history as well as Art and Architecture. As soon as I saw the stamp I knew I had to have it. It is honestly one of the best stamps I have bought. It is so versatile and easy to stamp that I look forward in using it in many more of my designs.

I also love the Beaducation Swallow Stamps, Latte Stamp and Sugar Skull Stamps just to name a few. I have a lot more on my wish list.

It can be a struggle sometimes running your own business. It's challenging to find the time and also creativeness for new pieces but I do try and set myself some time each week to sit down and come up with new ideas. If I find that I am struggling creatively I like to get out of the house and go for a walk or go for a coffee, as a change of environment is usually all I need to kick my creativity back in.

I have recently moved to the other end of the country and I am in the process of designing a new range of pieces inspired by the new area I live in, so I will be getting out as much as possible to soak up the culture of my new surroundings.

My goals for my business for the future are to learn silversmithing so I can start to make and sell my own Sterling Silver rings, pendants and bangles as it has always been a dream of mine to learn and now I feel with what I have achieved with my business that I can make this dream a reality.

We thank Sarah-Jane Chadwick at Simply by SJ for sharing her story with us. Please follow her on social and consider shopping at her Etsy store next time you need a gift for a friend, colleague, family member or yourself!

Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/simplybysj
Instagram: simplybysj
Facebook: simplybysj

If you would like to be considered as a Featured Maker, please email Angela@Beaducation.com.

June 19, 2018

Monster Resource Guide for Metal Stamping Links + More!

Everything You've Wanted to Know About
Metal Stamping & Then Some...

Many years ago, when we started teaching classes on how to metal stamp, we did so in person. With technology comes opportunity. Eventually we began teaching classes online. Doing this allowed us to reach many more people, all over the world. Now you can watch our classes at your convenience from the comfort of your home. There is no waiting to take a beginner's class in metal stamping, just press play.

Then came social media giving us yet another platform to help our customers learn. With all of these great avenues, we thought we would simplify things a bit by providing an overall resource.

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We have some great resources on our website, just click LEARN.

Find all of our Free Online Classes here:
Product Videos
We have almost 100 Product Videos dedicated to showing you exactly how to use the products we carry. Find out everything you need to know from Working with Jax Blackening Solutions to Choosing a Font and Size.

See all of our Product Videos here. 

Helpful Charts & Guides
In addition, we have printable charts and guides such as our 5 Charts in 1 PDFand Stamp and Circle Guide.

Find all of our Helpful Charts & Guides here. 


If you aren't already following us on Instagram, we hope you'll join us here. Here are some of our favorite Quick Tips in 90 Seconds or Less!

Facebook Group: Beaducation.com Community - Metal Stamping & Beyond

We are so proud of this community. Members are helpful, supportive, caring and ultimately just overall fantastic people. Have a question about metal stamping or how to price your jewelry? Want honest feedback on your project? This positive, fun and uplifting group is exactly where you need to be. Answer three questions to join here.

Facebook LIVE  

Join us on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 11AM PT of each month LIVE as we demo products, share tips, tricks, exciting news and so much more! Plus we have a giveaway in each episode! Here are our past episodes:

Metal Stamping + Tips
Rings & Bracelets Texturing
Tips, Tools & How To's


And last but not least, we have about 300 videos on YouTube. See all of our playlists here.

No matter how you learn online, we hope we've covered your favorite spot.

June 8, 2018

Featured Maker: Helen at Feliz Kiwi

When we first saw these super cute succulent / cactus earrings (shown below) we knew we had to know more. Our Featured Makers often have stories we can relate to and that are inspiring. Let's meet Helen at Feliz Kiwi.

Art, crafting, and making has always been a part of my life. Ever since I was little and saw something I liked, my Mom would always say, "We can make that." And we did. She never ceased to amaze me. She helped me with every school project and sewed costumes for any event needed, especially Halloween!

My Father too, has been a great influence on how I create my artwork. He is a furniture maker and has always overcome any challenge in his craft by taking it head on and finding a way to make it happen beautifully.

Their influence outlined my journey into art. I became an art student for many years. I took everything from Architecture, 3D Design, Graphic Design, and Fine Art. I don't think I've ever met an art subject I didn't like! Though becoming a wife and mother soon took its course and my life with art was put on hold. Whenever there was a chance to squeeze it in somewhere, like sewing costumes, cooking, my kid’s projects, I would happily do it. As my daughters gradually began growing up, I found more time to dedicate to creating for myself again.

Since then, I've worked with many mediums, my love for making jewelry started about 10 years ago when I was working a lot with polymer clay and creating personalized pendants using rubber stamps. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned about sheet metal and alphabet metal stamps!! Wow, talk about getting giddy! 

Soon after that, 4 years ago to be exact, I came across Beaducation.com. I was completely fascinated! The videos they provide, really made this new art form so intriguing and accessible. I decided to purchase an alphabet set and blanks, and I was hooked. My love affair with metal began.

The feeling of whacking metal and watching it change its form was so enlightening and therapeutic for me. Moving into the design stamps was my next phase in the metal stamping world. Seeing these detailed little pictures on a piece of aluminum or silver was so satisfyingly adorable! 

My favorites will always be my first. The male sugar skull, radiant heart, and Mason jar. That doesn’t stop me from acquiring and loving more, though!! I have my eyes set on those new feathers and that Beaducation Original Vintage Tattoo font...be still my heart!

I found myself wanting to learn more about metal, so I decided to delve in further and try my hand at soldering. Wow, talk about sucking me in! I became obsessed with all the tools involved and learning all that I could via the Internet and many books. I have truly embraced this art form wholeheartedly. I know that my journey in Metalsmithing will continue for years to come.

While I delight in fabricating all types of jewelry, my favorites are rings and anything personalized. I think the connection of words, symbols, names, and even a simple initial, to a person’s soul is so powerful. It’s like finding that little license plate in a gift shop with your name on it, just makes you smile and feel happy. 

We thank Helen for sharing her story with us. Please show support to your fellow artists. Follow Feliz Kiwi on social and visit her store next time you are looking for a handmade gift for friends, family, co-workers or yourself! 

If you would like to be considered as a Featured Maker, please contact Angela@Beaducation.com

How to Remove the Rust from Metal Letter and Design Stamps

Ever take a look at your once beautiful metal design stamps and feel a little sad because they are rusty? Not to fear! Lisa + Mel share with us how to remove the rust from your metal stamps in the video below. Roll up your sleeves, bust out your stamps and a few household items and let's get crackin'!

Here is what you will need:
  1. WD-40
  2. Wire brush
  3. Steel Wool
  4. Gloves
  5. Shop or paper towels
  6. Cardboard (to help protect your work area)

With these supplies and a little elbow grease, your stamps can look a little prettier.

May 10, 2018

Gift Ideas for Father's Day and Graduation Day!

Dads and Grads!

It seems like we were just celebrating the new year, how time flies! June is just around the corner bringing us Father's Day and excitement for many graduates. Here are 7 NEW DIYs for these special moments.

Fun Fact: Harold, the Brass Stamper, stamped out the border of our "Your Journey Begins NOW" piece below. Can you guess which stamp he used for the outer border?

If you aren't following Brass Stamper on Instagram already, you'll want to check out his Super Manadalas. They are pretty amazing and make great gifts, just saying.

Find all you need to make these keychains and instructions here

Flip a Coin

Show Dad some love with this cute "coin" and you both win! Either rivet two blanks together back-to-back like we did here, or stamp on both sides of a thick blank.

Have some fun and create a few for a "coin purse or jar" that include things dad might appreciate like a car wash, breakfast in bed, a day golfing together and more!

Find all you need for this project and instructions here

Custom Plaques

Make a plaque and rivet or glue it to a card or notebook special for Dad. Warm his heart by filling it with things you love about him. Or make his Honey-Do-List a bit sweeter with a custom plaque reminding him of how great he is.

Find all you need and instructions for these projects here.

Continuing on the Journey

Whether they are off to college, starting a new job or moving into a home of their own, nothing says I love you like personalized organization! Perhaps it's easier to keep things neat when the labels are clearly marked and made special by hand.

Find all you need for this project and instructions here

And if you won't be there to remind them in person...

Find instructions and all you need to make keychains here.

May 8, 2018

How to Set Crystals on a Bend

Sparkle n' Rice

No we aren't starting a new music group☺️. Just sharing a fantastic tip from one of the members in our amazing Facebook group, Beaducation.com Community - Metal Stamping & Beyond.

Thank you to Aubrey Campie for the tip to put your cuff (or other jewelry piece) in a bowl of rice to help keep it in place while "blinging" it out! This is a great way to work on pieces and still have the use of both hands!

If you think this tip is great, catch the replay of our last Facebook LIVE for more great tips with Lisa + Mel. 

Mandala Stamping

Taryn McCabe made the beautiful bracelet cuff above for Lisa. She stamped out a flat Mandala design. For this Facebook LIVE Episode, Lisa decided to add some crystals to the bracelet and fell in LOVE with it. If you are inspired by this bracelet cuff or just always wanted to try Mandala stamping, watch this 20 min class with none other than Taryn McCabe herself.

You will learn how to plan out a design and stamp out a Mandala piece. It's so much fun!! 

April 7, 2018

48 Mothers' Day DIY Jewelry Ideas & Projects

48 Fancy Schmancy Mothers' Day DIYs

Personalized jewelry is the perfect gift for Mom's everywhere. If you gift it, wear it or sell it you'll definitely want to try some new styles this year.

We've selected some of our favorite Mothers' Day DIYs and products below.


Pull out some of your favorite design stamps and go wild, no rules apply here! Add some crystals and earwires and you've got a great pair of personalized earrings.

Find all you need for this DIY here.
Mothers' Day DIY Earring Jewelry Project


Flowers, hearts and other design stamps make a personalized piece come to life. Get creative and have some fun!

See over 30 Necklace DIYs here.
Mothers' Day DIY Necklace Jewelry Project


Rings will always be popular. Whether you choose to stamp a letter or design and solder a blank onto a ring or stamp directly onto one of our popular tab rings, you'll be sure to have a winner.

See all of our Ring Blanks here.
Mothers' Day DIY Ring Jewelry Project

Bracelets & Cuffs

Cuffs are perfect for a poem, a quote, a note from the heart or even a mandala design. Learn how to stamp on a cuff with our Say It On Your Wrist class here.

See our Bracelet Blanks here.
Mothers' Day DIY Bracelet Jewelry Project

Mothers' Day Favorites

We've had some bestsellers during Mothers' Day and want to share some favorites with you. 
Mothers' Day DIY Jewelry Projects
Mothers' Day DIY Jewelry Projects
Mothers' Day DIY Jewelry Projects
Mothers' Day DIY Jewelry Projects
Mothers' Day DIY Jewelry Gifts