August 15, 2017

Featured Maker: Emily Siddall at Stamped by Em

Can we just start with how incredibly cute this bookmark is? Not only does she capture the thoughts of a true book lover but we love her added touch of embellishment. Plus her image is on point that's super important, especially for Etsy stores! Let's meet Emily Siddall, owner and designer of StampedByEm.

Hi, I’m Emily Siddall, owner and designer of StampedByEm. I was born and raised in rural Southern California. I have been making stamped metal jewelry for about a year. When I first saw someone with a stamped metal necklace, I knew I wanted to make stamped metal jewelry and accessories. I love trying to come up with things that I have never seen before and putting my own twists on something common to make it special.

I love spending time at my workbench working on my designs. Right now, my workspace is a section on the end of my Dad’s tool bench but I hope someday I can have a separate work space to decorate and make my own. Even when I have a nice work area I will have special memories of how I started out by sharing a tool bench with my dad. My favorite tools are the power hole punch and texturing hammers.

My favorite item that I make is penny jewelry, because I can make the years on the penny part of the story. I also love making leather and metal cuff bracelets out of old belts. I love how every piece I make is unique, even in an order for multiples of the same design, each one has its own personality. 

My favorite metal design stamp is the 10mm USA outline; I love how you can put the 1.5 heart in to the outline to represent locations. I also love the 7mm house and the 3mm heart. I like being a part of creating happy memories for people. I am glad I can use my God-given creativity to bless others.

You can find Em's awesome designs on her Etsy store, Stamped by Em

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August 10, 2017

3 DIYs: Stamping on Metal Rings

So many people love rings, especially when they can be personalized. We introduced the tab ring, circle ring and heart ring. Now we have the hexagon ring!

These rings are easy to stamp on and as you can see below, the impressions, well, make an impression! Great for gifts, selling and wearing of course. 

If you haven't stamped on rings before, take our Free Stamping on Rings Class to get started. If you love rings and would like to see a bunch of great DIYs and tutorials, check out our Free Ring Making Tutorials: Ring Up Your Game post. Watch Lisa as she shows us how to use a Ring Mandrel.

We used our Beaducation Original - Arrows Crossing Metal Design Stamp on the left here. As you can see by how many arrow design stamps we have, we really love arrows.
Our Beaducation Original Symmetrical Branch Border Metal Design Stamp is a favorite that worked really well on our tab ring. We love the width of this tab.  There is room to use more than one design stamp to personalize your ring. 

 You can even fit a word on these rings. Something positive, your favorite persons name, the initials of the one you love with a heart and so much more.

 Get a little more decorative around the edge if you like because not only can you do it but doesn't it look cute? Small circles, flowers, hearts, our NEW Beaducation Original Tiny Diamond, Four Dot Diamond and Alpha Star Metal Design Stamps are the perfect size too!

Now this is really exciting - we now offer our Heart Trio Design stamps individually! You can get a deal by ordering the trio OR you can purchase them separately here. Collect all six OR just order sizes that work best for your projects.

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August 8, 2017

Featured Maker: Lisa Wallkam at JCL Wire Jewelry

Those who create jewelry sometimes choose only one medium to work with while others choose multiple mediums. Either way, we truly appreciate the amazing art that comes out of creating a jewelry piece whether it be metal stamping, wirework, chainmaile, beading or any of the other styles.

Though Lisa Wallkam from JCL Wire Jewelry focuses on wirework, she does sometimes add a personal touch by metal stamping initials, a name or a personal message. Check out some of her beautiful pieces - let's meet Lisa. 

I have always loved to create things whether it was drawing, painting, scrapbooking or photography. When my children were little I was looking for something I could do part time. That's when I took my first jewelry making class. The class focused mostly on stringing beads but it wasn’t until we started to work with wire that I truly got hooked on jewelry making. There are so many different techniques,  even some that date back thousands of years, such as the Egyptian Spiral Link.

I am a self taught jewelry artist and have learned what I know from books and online resources. I have been making jewelry for about 15 years. My favorite mediums to work with are wire and metal. I started by making jewelry for only myself and for friends. Eventually this led to selling jewelry at local craft fairs. 

In November 2015 I decided to open JCL Wire Jewelry on Etsy. Jewelry making is a highly competitive field with a lot of talented artists. One way to stick out from the rest is to offer personalized jewelry. This can be achieved by using metal stamps. This is a great way to customize jewelry by adding names, initials or a personal message.

My shop features wire wrapped jewelry in copper and sterling silver for both men and women. All jewelry and findings are entirely handcrafted. Custom orders are welcome.

Find more of Lisa's beautiful pieces at her Etsy store and follow her on social.


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August 4, 2017

New Feature: Instagram Shopping aka Shoppable Tags

Ever wished you could earn more from Instagram? Behold shoppable tags where you can add product information and links to your photos, otherwise known as Instagram Shopping. Since November, Facebook has let 20 select brands (Kate Spade New York, Macy's, Lulu's +) try out the new feature and it's been a hit. You may have seen it already on Etsy's Instagram feed too.

There are some limits, like promos can only include a single photo and you can't utilize video or the multi-photo carousel. Facebook explained that it’s “giving businesses the power to create and tag a post with products directly from their iOS mobile phone. Once a business has a product catalog connected to their account, tagging a product is as simple as tagging a person in a post.”

And that's not all. Instagram also shared that businesses will have access to new stats such as how many people clicked on “shop now” buttons and tapped to see more product details. “By telling businesses more about their audience and which posts are performing well,” the company wrote, “they can create more relevant content.”

Is this exciting news? We think so! 

August 1, 2017

Featured Maker: Rebecca + Peter Khalil at Beadtography

Love in first class, service dogs and Braille jewelry, we think you just might like this duo and their story as much as we do. Let's meet Rebecca and Peter Khalil at Beadtography.

Beadtography is the creative collaboration of myself and my husband Peter Khalil. We are lawyers by training (and actually met on the first day of law school, in our very first law school class!). We also raise and socialize future service dogs.

I have been raising future service dog puppies for over twenty years for various organizations. Peter was pulled into my passion when we met. We are now almost always accompanied by one of our puppies in training. 

Our artwork combines Peter's artistic photography with my passion for jewelry making. Many of our pieces combine these elements to create multidimensional works that are accessible to almost everyone, no matter where they fall on the spectrum of visual acuity.

I'm the bead fanatic and creator of Beadtography's braille jewelry and beaded jewelry. I also plan and incorporate beadwork into Peter's photography to emphasize elements of the photographs, or to incorporate poetry or prose in braille. 

Peter is the photographer in our collaboration. He has a unique perspective on perception and photography as a result of a chronic degenerative eye condition. Peter’s vision has undergone a number of changes over the course of his life. His photography strives to capture images the way he has seen the world at various points. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, he has undergone a corneal transplant. 

Some of Peter's pictures are abstract, capturing life in a way that is inspired and informed by his uncorrected vision. Others are detailed and crisp or incorporate enhanced color and textures. Still others emphasize the interplay of light and subject to create different visual effects. Beading + Photography = Beadtography!

When it comes to creating jewelry I love using metal stamping to incorporate personalized messages into custom braille jewelry. Some of Beadtography's braille jewelry creations include aluminum and copper cuff bracelets with raised braille dots, silk wrap bracelets, leather and metal personalized braille keychains, braille necklaces and even braille earrings. We even create bookmarks with braille messages! 

Our photography art creations incorporated braille messages nearly from the outset of our collaboration. Once we figured out how to create custom braille jewelry, we knew that these would be some of our favorite items to make. It also doesn't hurt that creating our personalized braille jewelry involves some therapeutic hammer wielding, so not only is it a wonderful creative outlet, it can also be fantastic stress relief!

One of the most enjoyable things about creating custom braille jewelry is the opportunity to be invited - if only in a minor way - into someone else's life. We have made bracelets and necklaces celebrating many milestones, including graduations, weddings, and birthdays, as well as some intended as holiday gifts, baby shower presents, and even as memorials. 

Some of our hand stamped braille jewelry creations were gifts for those who are visually impaired. Some of our braille creations have been selected simply because braille is a really neat way to share words and meaning - and it is often esoteric enough for those who don't live with visual challenges that it can be a fun way to share "secret messages" or "coded messages" with friends and loved ones. 

Creating art is a social experience, and we love that our braille art and braille jewelry invite us to share in the lives of people we may otherwise never know and may never meet in person.

Rebecca and Peter


Find Rebecca and Peters amazing work at their Etsy store and follow them on social.

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July 29, 2017

Meet Angela Silva, Marketing Manager for Beaducation

Angela Silva, Marketing Manager
Joined Beaducation: 2016 
Meet Angela Silva, Marketing Manager
Angela is the woman with the marketing 'know-how' bringing Beaducation's videos and products all over the globe. As a Sicilian who loves to cook, we knew she would be a fit with a team who loves to eat. She has already made several nicknames for herself: The Beadyo Brander, The Baconater (for her love of bacon) and The Dog Whisperer (as a dog owner herself who has made friends with some of the furry team members right here at work).

From Angela
I found Beaducation online while selectively looking for a Marketing position. I immediately had a good feeling about the company. After two months of working with Beaducation I came across the original job posting that I had responded too and it made me laugh. Everything they said was true. "We love to have fun and be creative". Only being here for 89 days, it's been a blast!

My favorite thing about working with Beaducation is the creativity my colleagues (and now friends) bring to the table, the teamwork, positive energy and that I work with Doer's. We get it done over here and I love that soooo much. I can only speak on the last three months but let me just say that I see improvement every day. Our team is super motivated and it seems like every day someone is doing something to make us better whether it's organizing space for more product or creating/adding to a process for efficiency. Everyone helps.

In the next five years I would love to help more people create art jewelry for selling, gifting and wearing with American made, top quality, latest trending metal design stamps, jewelry making tools and free classes. Also to continue to grow at a healthy pace and to remain leaders in this awesome industry. I have never been so excited to come to work in my life. My job is amazing, my colleagues are wonderful and I love what we do and stand for.

Angela enjoys making delicious meals for family and friends and since she's Sicilian she's never learned how to cook for under 30 people so it works for us because we love us some pasta. She loves her two firefighter brothers, her family, friends, animals, wine, sparkly things, butterflies, vintage bags & bottles, cheesecake and bacon though she also loves pigs so it's a constant struggle. Don't call her Angie.

July 25, 2017

Featured Maker: Meghann Elyse Hand Crafted Jewelry

Less is more. Not always of course but Meghann at Meghann Elyse Hand Crafted Jewelry has pretty much perfected her minimalistic style. We love the simplicity in her pieces. They make the perfect accent for every day wear or even a special event. Whether it's a gift for someone special or yourself, if you are loving her wearable art as much as we are, be sure to visit her Etsy store. Let's meet Meghann.

My name is Meghann, I am based out of South East Pennsylvania where I was born and raised. I’m a small town girl who appreciates the little things in life and that translates into my minimalist style of jewelry. I specialize in simple, everyday pieces.

Minimalistic metal stamped jewelry by Meghann Elyse on Etsy - necklace

My parents have always been crafty and creative. I have them to thank for teaching me to work with my hands and that most things can be made and not bought. As a kid, I was always addicted to craft stores, I bought endless amounts of beads and findings in hopes of creating something that my friends and family would like.

Minimalistic metal stamped jewelry by Meghann Elyse on Etsy - necklace

In my mid twenties (about 2011) my girlfriend received an antique button punch from her Grandmother. We started punching buttons with her fabric scraps. I thought they would make cute and unique earrings. That began my start as a “jewelry maker”. 

Minimalistic metal stamped jewelry by Meghann Elyse on Etsy - vintage earrings

My fabric button earrings had a vintage vibe to them that appealed to all ages. After a few years of selling to friends and at craft shows and local markets, I was craving more. I knew I wanted to start dabbling in different mediums, but I wasn’t sure where to begin.

Minimalistic metal stamped jewelry by Meghann Elyse on Etsy - bracelets

About a year and a half ago, a friend of mine asked me to create the jewelry for her bridesmaids. I made bangle bracelets with Swarovski crystals. My mom happened to have a metal alphabet set, so I used them to stamp each girl’s initials on a disc to personalize them. 

Minimalistic metal stamped jewelry by Meghann Elyse on Etsy - necklace

My creative juices were flowing and I wanted to learn more about metal stamping. I watched a few YouTube videos, which lead me to the Beaducation demonstrations. I was intrigued and immediately started purchasing supplies and materials. 

Minimalistic metal stamped jewelry by Meghann Elyse on Etsy - necklace

At first, it was difficult and challenging, but it was a learning process that I enjoyed. I love creating jewelry that means something to someone. All of my custom pieces have a story behind them, and this allows me connect with my customers on a deeper level.

Minimalistic metal stamped jewelry by Meghann Elyse on Etsy - necklace

Aside from custom jewelry, I enjoy using Beaducation stamps to create unique stamped designs that illustrate my love for flowers and the outdoors. I work exclusively with stamps from Beaducation – a quality and impression that simply does not compare to other companies. 

Minimalistic metal stamped jewelry by Meghann Elyse on Etsy - necklace

My favorite stamps to work with consist of the medium fern, lotus flower, symmetrical branch border, triple chevron, tiny diamond , the classic arrow and whimsy heart. The options are endless, from stamped studs, to dangle earrings, bracelets and necklaces, and my newest idea, wine charms! I try my best to stay inventive, and create a look that you can’t find elsewhere.

Minimalistic metal stamped jewelry by Meghann Elyse on Etsy - necklace

Over the past couple of years my stock list has grown immensely. My jewelry is now available at seven different stores within a two hour radius of my home. I’m not exactly ready to quit my day job, but my little hobby has grown into a small business and I couldn’t be more grateful. 

Minimalistic metal stamped jewelry by Meghann Elyse on Etsy - earrings with arrows

I don’t see myself slowing down any time soon. I’m selling my jewelry to friends and family, at local markets throughout the year, through word of mouth, on my Etsy store and via Instagram. I encourage any and all exposure and am extremely thankful for every opportunity that comes my way.

Minimalistic metal stamped jewelry by Meghann Elyse on Etsy - jewelry gifts

If you are looking for the perfect "minimalistic" jewelry gift, please visit Meghann Elyse on Etsy or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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