September 3, 2015

{FREE PROJECT} Personalized Wine Charms

I hosted a bridal shower for my best friend last weekend. The girls attending the celebration happen to enjoy drinking wine, so personalized wine charms were perfect favors for all the party-goers. Here are the tools and supplies I used:
I lined up a handful of blanks at a time on my 4" bench block and kicked into production mode. Stamping on aluminum with the ergo hammer is a dream! The soft metal and design of the hammer made it easy to complete the project quickly.

After they were all stamped, I added jump rings and tied them to the stem of the glass with some beautiful wide organza ribbon I pulled from my craft closet.

The 16 glasses looked great together out in the sun next to the giant vat of sangria (I substituted lemon Bacardi for brandy, yum!). The guests loved their take-away gift. This festive idea would be great for weddings, baby showers, and holiday parties!

August 27, 2015

Go Back to School with Beaducation! ��

While your kids are hitting the books in the classroom, now is a great time for you to go back to school with Beaducation! 

If you're new to Beaducation, you may not know that we have over 150 online video classes that have taught basic techniques like Stamping on Metal and Wire Jewelry Fundamentals, as well as project-based classes like ShaBangle Bracelet and Chainmail Earrings. And all of them are FREE!


Back to school supplies aren't just for kids! With our Buy More, Save More sales event, you can enjoy great savings when you buy the tools and materials needed for the projects in these classes! 

Did you know that we have launched two FREE classes in the last month? It's true!  

Bangles are an ancient form of jewelry, dating back to 2600 BC. They are still as popular as ever in today's culture. We have two new classes that will teach you to make your own bangles. Choose the technique that best suits you!

In Lisa Niven Kelly's new class, Riveted Bangles, you'll learn to measure, shape, and rivet 14 gauge wire into stylish bangles. We think these bracelets look great layered on your wrist with mixed metals and texturing. Riveting is a cold connection technique that is easy enough for beginners!

Got 30 minutes? If so, you've got enough time to learn to solder your own bangles! In our new free class, Soldered Bangles, instructor Aisha Formanski will show you how to size your bangles using large gauge round wire and flat rectangle wire, then teach you to solder the ends together. The class also covers embellishing your wire with texturing and stamping. 

August 20, 2015

What's on sale? You choose!

Get out your wish lists, because now is the time to save on EVERYTHING in our shop! The more you buy, the more you save!

Back by popular demand, our "Buy More, Save More" sale allows you to choose what items you want to save on! Since we don't often discount our tools, now is a great time to upgrade. Look at your best sellers and start stocking up on the staples you use most often. Have you had your eye on one of our new design stamps or letter sets? Give them a try!

August 13, 2015

Made a mistake? Don't throw that blank away!

This is a follow up to our recent blog post about common stamping mistakes. It is inevitable, we’re all going to goof at some point. Don’t fret – it is never a complete waste!   Here are three ways to use that blank in a finished piece: Redo: Stamping over or restamping is tricky, but might be worth a try if you’ve already made a mistake. If you didn't have even pressure on your stamp and only part of letter or design impressed, try carefully lining the stamp back up and stamping it again using the tilt 'n tap method

What about stamping the wrong letter? Depending on the letters and font you're using, you may be able to stamp over it with the correct letter. Check out the sample below. Has this ever happened to you?
Ah man, I stamped a "c" rather than an "o"! 
Oh well, maybe I can just take the "o" and carefully line it up and whack it over the "c".
Success! Hooray!
Resurface: Try using a chasing hammer to give the blank a hammered look. Lightly hammer all over the blank until the stamped mistake is camouflaged and then restamp. 

Below, you can see that my "O" in the word TOM is not lined up properly. By texturing the entire blank, the mistake is covered up and I can align all the letters properly. I love the hammered look!

Another method that definitely works is texturing the top with a texture hammer or with other stamps (for instance, the stamp that you made the mistake with in the first place) and use it as a back plate on something layered, like this.

Repurpose: Incorporate the blank as a component of a more intricate piece via soldering or riveting. You'll find many examples and ideas in our Metalwork& Soldering DIY Designs and Riveting, Nuts & Bolts DIY Designs.   


And here are two more ways to salvage the blank without having to throw it out: Reuse: Keep these blanks handy for testing purposes. Experiment with texture hammers; explore different finishing effects such as sanding, using steel wool, brushing; try out a new design stamp to see how it stamps in that type of metal; play with patinas; or practice riveting.

Recycle: Make sure to save all scraps and pieces of your sterling and fine silver. Keep them in a container and you'll eventually build up enough to sell to a fine metals refinery.
These are all practices we use here at Beaducation. Do you have any ideas that we haven't thought of? Share them in the comments!

August 6, 2015

{FREE PROJECT!} DIY Bracelets for Back to School

It's back to school time! If you've got daughters, they're probably thinking ahead to the outfits they'll be putting together for the new school year. No outfit is complete with accessories! Here's a great project that is easy enough for kids as young as 10. Making these bracelets is a great answer to the last of the, "I'm bored!" moments of the summer!

This fun and quick macrame bracelet can be made with hemp or other cord, and Lisa's daughters made theirs using our fancy Crystal Cup Chain. It adds just the right amount bling!

Tools and Materials needed:
  • Hemp String - the Rainbow Hemp is perfect for younger girls!
  • 2mm Crystal Cup Chain - length needed will depend on the length of your bracelet. You will need as much chain as you have woven part (typically at least 5"). We had a 2 foot section of the chain that we worked right off of and trimmed at the end so there was less waste.
  • Clasp - the video below shows you how to make the bracelet with an adjustable clasp, or you can tie on a metal clasp (if tying on, I suggest using a little glue on your knots).
  • Glue - in the video, she uses nail polish to seal her knots. I like to make it extra secure by using glue. This Hypo Cement glue comes with a tiny applicator needle and works great!
  • Scissors
  • Tape - to secure your project to the table as you work.
(nice nail polish Lucy!)
This weave is commonly referred to as Cobra Braid, Cobra Stitch, or Square Knot Macrame. The below YouTube video by simplyDIYs will show you how to do the basic weave. In fact, Julia's whole channel is great; visit her and her fabulous team of crafty ladies at HGTV Handmade.

To incorporate the crystal chain, keep the chain above the middle string. In the picture to the right, Lucy has 2 middle strings, in the video she only has one. Either way works fine. Let each knot come up and around the next crystal link in the chain and tie that knot tightly around it.

Don't be intimidated! You will see just how easy this is once you get the hang of it, and I bet your kids pick it up faster than you do! ;)

July 30, 2015

Christmas in July!

It's Christmas in July! Hurry over to our SALE page to save up to 20% on a selection of our favorite tools and letter sets. (Hint: Tronex pliers!!)

This is the perfect time to take advantage of these savings. Why? We are also offering free shipping on US orders over $35. Tools -- letter sets especially -- can be heavy, so you'll save on the shipping cost as well as the item costs!

Both offers end at midnight on Friday July 31, so shop now to save!

July 23, 2015

Leather On Sale!

Summer's casual style is the perfect time to accessorize with leather. We have a selection of leather cuffs and cord on sale right now, making it a great time to try it out! We have even discounted two letter sets that are specifically designed for stamping on leather.

We think leather looks great on its own (especially if you stamp a name or quote on it), but check out this video we made to see a plethora of ideas for adding stamped metal and riveted embellishments. There are so many ideas!

Let us know if you've worked with leather before and what are your favorite ways to embellish it and wear it. We love hearing from you!