May 10, 2018

Gift Ideas for Father's Day and Graduation Day!

Dads and Grads!

It seems like we were just celebrating the new year, how time flies! June is just around the corner bringing us Father's Day and excitement for many graduates. Here are 7 NEW DIYs for these special moments.

Fun Fact: Harold, the Brass Stamper, stamped out the border of our "Your Journey Begins NOW" piece below. Can you guess which stamp he used for the outer border?

If you aren't following Brass Stamper on Instagram already, you'll want to check out his Super Manadalas. They are pretty amazing and make great gifts, just saying.

Find all you need to make these keychains and instructions here

Flip a Coin

Show Dad some love with this cute "coin" and you both win! Either rivet two blanks together back-to-back like we did here, or stamp on both sides of a thick blank.

Have some fun and create a few for a "coin purse or jar" that include things dad might appreciate like a car wash, breakfast in bed, a day golfing together and more!

Find all you need for this project and instructions here

Custom Plaques

Make a plaque and rivet or glue it to a card or notebook special for Dad. Warm his heart by filling it with things you love about him. Or make his Honey-Do-List a bit sweeter with a custom plaque reminding him of how great he is.

Find all you need and instructions for these projects here.

Continuing on the Journey

Whether they are off to college, starting a new job or moving into a home of their own, nothing says I love you like personalized organization! Perhaps it's easier to keep things neat when the labels are clearly marked and made special by hand.

Find all you need for this project and instructions here

And if you won't be there to remind them in person...

Find instructions and all you need to make keychains here.

May 8, 2018

How to Set Crystals on a Bend

Sparkle n' Rice

No we aren't starting a new music group☺️. Just sharing a fantastic tip from one of the members in our amazing Facebook group, Community - Metal Stamping & Beyond.

Thank you to Aubrey Campie for the tip to put your cuff (or other jewelry piece) in a bowl of rice to help keep it in place while "blinging" it out! This is a great way to work on pieces and still have the use of both hands!

If you think this tip is great, catch the replay of our last Facebook LIVE for more great tips with Lisa + Mel. 

Mandala Stamping

Taryn McCabe made the beautiful bracelet cuff above for Lisa. She stamped out a flat Mandala design. For this Facebook LIVE Episode, Lisa decided to add some crystals to the bracelet and fell in LOVE with it. If you are inspired by this bracelet cuff or just always wanted to try Mandala stamping, watch this 20 min class with none other than Taryn McCabe herself.

You will learn how to plan out a design and stamp out a Mandala piece. It's so much fun!! 

April 7, 2018

48 Mothers' Day DIY Jewelry Ideas & Projects

48 Fancy Schmancy Mothers' Day DIYs

Personalized jewelry is the perfect gift for Mom's everywhere. If you gift it, wear it or sell it you'll definitely want to try some new styles this year.

We've selected some of our favorite Mothers' Day DIYs and products below.


Pull out some of your favorite design stamps and go wild, no rules apply here! Add some crystals and earwires and you've got a great pair of personalized earrings.

Find all you need for this DIY here.
Mothers' Day DIY Earring Jewelry Project


Flowers, hearts and other design stamps make a personalized piece come to life. Get creative and have some fun!

See over 30 Necklace DIYs here.
Mothers' Day DIY Necklace Jewelry Project


Rings will always be popular. Whether you choose to stamp a letter or design and solder a blank onto a ring or stamp directly onto one of our popular tab rings, you'll be sure to have a winner.

See all of our Ring Blanks here.
Mothers' Day DIY Ring Jewelry Project

Bracelets & Cuffs

Cuffs are perfect for a poem, a quote, a note from the heart or even a mandala design. Learn how to stamp on a cuff with our Say It On Your Wrist class here.

See our Bracelet Blanks here.
Mothers' Day DIY Bracelet Jewelry Project

Mothers' Day Favorites

We've had some bestsellers during Mothers' Day and want to share some favorites with you. 
Mothers' Day DIY Jewelry Projects
Mothers' Day DIY Jewelry Projects
Mothers' Day DIY Jewelry Projects
Mothers' Day DIY Jewelry Projects
Mothers' Day DIY Jewelry Gifts

April 5, 2018

Featured Maker: Tara at Eat Creations

We absolutely love her Mandala designs and unique twist with vintage cutlery. She continues to surprise us with the different stamps she uses in her pieces too! Let's meet Tara at Eat Creations.

I have been hand stamping metal for around seven years now. I started once I got married in an attempt to get out of the hospitality industry so I could spend more quality time with my family. 

Most of my stamping is based around vintage cutlery which I have always had a passion for. I actually started making garden markers originally but once my stamping improved and I was finding nicer pieces, the jewelry part and serving ware emerged from there.

Starting my own business was just a progressive thing really. I put a few pieces out there and sales were made, which gave me the confidence to progress.

Some of my struggles included finding the right audience and figuring out what people wanted. These things can take time and it's trial and error to be honest. Don’t be disappointed if things don’t go ‘right’ straight away. Quite often I will make a piece that I absolutely love but it won’t sell as quickly as I thought it would. Then something I’m not so crazy about goes great. I do try to create pieces for all ages.

One of my goals was to be able to quit my job. Last year I was able to quit my retail job and it was such a great feeling. I now have time to focus more energy into my business. My goal now is to continue to grow and evolve. Work/life balance is also important to keep in mind. I tend to get carried away sometimes...

Mandala designs are so much fun and have been received really well with my audience. I tend to freestyle a lot and just see where it takes me. If a particular design is popular I’ll recreate it, although no two are ever exactly the same -which I find kinda special!

Though I don't love the noise I do find it therapeutic to impress into a smooth metal surface turning it into a piece with my own unique twist to it. 

In the newer range I am loving the Beaducation Original Moroccan Arches and Solid Leaf. My long time favorites are the Beaducation Original Hip Feather and Garden Branch, they are always winners!

We thank Tara for sharing her story with us and we hope you will consider Eat Creations next time you need a gift for a friend, family member, colleague or even yourself! Please visit her shop and follow her below:

If you are interested in be considered as a Featured Maker, please email

April 3, 2018

Featured Maker: Squeeka at Just Duckie Designs

She had us at "foxy" and we love the words she chooses for her work. We really like the pops of color she adds to her pieces too! Thank goodness her Grandmother gave her a little push...Let's meet Squeeka at Just Duckie Designs.

I’ve been making jewelry for as long as I can remember. Jewelry making, in one form or another, has always been a part of me. I was a very artsy kid. I can remember sitting around stringing pony beads on yarn or gluing little plastic jewels together. One of my favorite things to do when I was little was to cut pictures of jewelry out of magazines and then attach them to thread and wear them like fine jewels. I felt very fancy!

Making jewelry was natural for me. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t make jewelry. In high school I was constantly making beaded bracelets for friends. In the late 90’s, beaded bracelets with words on them were EVERYTHING. I loved putting everyone’s special messages on bracelets and picking out pretty beads to match their favorites colors. Looking back, I guess it shouldn’t be a shock that I came to love stamping so much.

I was constantly making jewelry for myself, friends and family. For me, it was a natural transition from a personal hobby to starting my own business. But it was my grandma who really pushed me in the direction of selling my work. She’s the one who lit the business match. I remember sitting in a hot tub in Baraboo, Wisconsin when she told me that I needed to start selling my work. That was around 2005. That seems so long ago now!

My favorite pieces are always the ones with special meanings behind them. I have so many pieces I love, but the special requests and gifts are always the best. I have customers who write to me detailing important moments in their lives – ones that make me laugh, ones that make me cry. And then they present me with an idea to commemorate that moment. Collaborating on something that is unique and special to someone is truly amazing.

I love that I’m able to mark special moments in people lives. And I love that I can make pieces that say something. I love words and I’m a HUGE reader. Reading is so important to who I am. Being able to put words, sayings or quotes onto metal is so empowering. I have so much fun dreaming up things that I think are fun or meaningful. I love being able to help others express themselves through my work.

I have so many favorite Beaducation Original Metal Design Stamps. Though I bought him years ago, the fox is STILL a current favorite of mine. I kind of forgot that I had him for a long time, but when I started preparing for fall and winter shows, I found myself reaching for him a lot. Isn't he cute?

I’m also loving the new mermaid stamps. I have the one where she’s sort of lying down. She’s so fun and flirty. And the new unicorn stamps! I haven’t bought it yet, but the standing unicorn will be MINE. Those three are so fun and whimsical, which is a direction my designs having been going recently. 

We thank Squeeka for sharing her story with us and hope that you will consider shopping with her next time you are need of a gift for your friends, family, colleagues or yourself.

Visit her Etsy store here. Follow Just Duckie Designs on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

If you would like to be considered as a Featured Maker for Beaducation, please email

March 20, 2018

Featured Maker: Sara Gardner at Charming Sarabella's

We love the reason behind her business name. She enjoys mixed media and her story may resonate with many of you. Let's meet Sara at Charming Sarabella's.

It all started out in my hometown of Chico, California where I became a regular at a little downtown shop called String Bead. I fell in love with the stones and the freedom and creativity of making my own jewelry. It seemed more meaningful and personal to have something I made myself instead of bought at the local department store. 

Fast Forward about 20 years, one college degree, one marriage, three kids later...I was looking for a mothers necklace with my children's names on them. Everything that I liked seemed to be either very expensive or mass produced and not "special" or personal enough to carry my kids names. So, I started researching jewelry supplies to do it myself.

I made one for me, then some for my friends and then for some friends of friends. Being part of a long line of entrepreneurs, I saw this as both a business opportunity and a creative outlet for myself. 

About six years ago I started my own Etsy shop, Charming Sarabellas. My Grandpa Atkin always called me Sarabella, and I always knew this would be the name of any business I ever ran. The mantra of my little business is 'meaningful and affordable".

I wanted normal, everyday people like myself to be able to afford meaningful custom jewelry to wear themselves or to give as gifts. I know it's just jewelry, but sometimes when you have a friend that is having a hard time, with an illness or losing a loved one, you want to do something but have no idea what. I absolutely love being the answer to that question. "What can I do for my friend to show them I care?" I know it's a little cheesy, but it really is special to me.

As for my style, it has definitely evolved. I started out with simple silver plated blanks and an economy alphabet. As I've continued on I have collected some AMAZING tools! They make all the difference in the world. 

I have about eight or nine letter set fonts and am always pining for more. I have probably 50 different metal design stamps. I love the Beaducation arrows, hearts and stars, they are my favorites at the moment. 

I also love mixing metals. I think my favorite and most popular necklaces are my mixed metal charm necklaces. 

The process begins with my customer just telling me a bit about themselves and what they are looking for. I then create a charm necklace using different shapes and metal with their personal information like names and dates, hobbies and birthstones. Each one is unique and I just adore them! I send pictures back and forth and make any changes that they ask me to. I really think that kind of personal customer service is paramount. 

I sometimes call this a jewelry thing a hobby gone wild but it really is more than that to me. It has become a way to help my family financially and still be a mom first. It is an incredible creative outlet for me that never stales. And, is a way for me to get to know people in the world around me. 

We thank Sara for sharing her story with us and hope that you will consider visiting her store when you are looking for a gift for family, friends, colleagues or yourself. Please follow her on Instagram and Facebook

If you would like to be considered as a Featured Maker for Beaducation, please email

March 8, 2018

New Ways to View Basic Shapes with New Stamped Metal Jewelry by Kerry Bogert, Editorial Director at Interweave

Check out this article from Kerry Bogert, Editorial Director at Interweave, on our new book, New Stamped Metal Jewelry

One of the things I love about the projects in New Stamped Metal Jewelry is the new ways to view basic shapes you use in everyday jewelry. Common blanks and components aren’t always used in the straightforward way they were intended. Instead, Lisa Niven Kelly and Taryn McCabe encourage you not to limit your designs to any given shape of a blank.

Lisa and Taryn used a basic mod plaque blank several ways in the book and each time the result is incredibly unique. They layer it in the Riveted Plaque Ring. They punched it and changed the shape in the Wire Stitched Earrings. And they took it a step further by folding it in the Folded Plaque Earrings.

Layer it, punch it, fold it! Each technique offers you a new way to view basic shapes.

But that’s using a fancier shaped blank, what if you go really basic, like a simple disc? New Stamped Metal Jewelry offers new ideas for reinventing the wheel, I mean, disc, too. The neat trick in the free project download shows one idea, but here are a few more.

Try punching a large circle in the middle to create a washer shape. That’s the technique used in the Wire Entrapped Fancy Stone project.

If you have discs you started stamping but tossed to your scrap bin because of an error, try cutting out the error to create a new shape. You will be left with a whole new and possibly very cool shape!

Sometimes the way you stamp on a blank can change its shape as well. Stamping along the edge of a disc can give it a neat, textured and ruffled detail.

And last but not least, you can always chop it in half! Stamping a full disc, then cutting it in half and hanging it upside down was how the Half Mandala Earrings were born.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks you’ll find packed into New Stamped Metal Jewelry. Grab your free project download now, then grab a copy of the full book right after! We know you’ll be inspired to look at your shapes, stamps, and finished jewelry possibilities in so many new ways.

-Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Books