January 9, 2019

Lisa + Mel's Favorites of 2018!

We launched 53 NEW Beaducation Original Metal Design Stamps in 2018! Plus Lisa + Mel share their favorite products of 2018 with us below.

Here are some fun facts:

Lisa's Favorites 

Mel's Favorites 

Your favorite metal design stamps from our 2018 launches were:

Now who is ready for 2019? We are!!

Take a Deep Breath and Imagine the Strength to Follow Your Heart. Happiness Blooms from Within so Always Stop and Smell the Roses. Sparkle Wherever You Go! Make Good Choices. This is the start of a brand new year. Your Journey Begins Now! But first COFFEE. Wear your goals. Inspiration looks good on you!

Happy New Year everyone!!

December 20, 2018

2018 Annual Beaducation Newsletter

They say a new year is a fresh start, full of positive changes. Nothing could be more true, especially in 2018.

We started 2018 saying a sad goodbye to our old location but with lots of excitement for our new space. We're now located in charming San Carlos and loving it.

With change comes improvement and we've been very busy this year. We launched a NEW Beaducation Original Letter Set, Cowgirl Carnival, which is a favorite of many. Plus we launched over 50 NEW Beaducation Original Metal Design Stamps! See them all below!

We did more behind the scenes updates too! Such as adding the opportunity to pre-order new, soon to be released, stamps. We updated our shipping options, and now you also have the ability to either have us hold your whole order until any backordered items arrive, or send available items now and create a second shipment for the backorder items. Plus you can now see, sort and search a list of all your previously ordered items for easier ordering and tracking. Lisa + Mel show how to do this here.

We regularly receive notes from our customers asking exactly what we used for our sample pieces. When viewing a product, just click the sample image on the left side of the screen and you will now be able to see all of the tools and materials used!

We continue to do our best to exceed our customers expectations and these new improvements have been applauded by many of you. We thank all of you that have sent kind, wonderful notes and feedback to Lora in Customer Service. We read some of your notes in our meetings to talk about solutions or you know, get the warm and fuzzies. You all mean the world to us and we really mean that! :) 
Speaking of improvement, our studio got a major upgrade in decor and equipment to give you a better overall viewing experience during our LIVE episodes.

To date we've gone LIVE with over 70 Facebook episodes featuring Lisa + Mel. Join us every 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month at 11AM PT.

Plus we've added What's New LIVE to share the latest and greatest at Beaducation, almost every 1st & 3rd Wednesday at 1PM PT.
On that note, our Facebook group, Beaducation.com Community - Metal Stamping & Beyond, has doubled since last year. We've been very diligent doing our best to make sure we maintain a positive, helpful and fun community with fantastic members. This group is, well let's just say it, our happy place. You all are so wonderful. No you are. No you lol. If you haven't already joined us, please do!!
Mandala stamping has been a huge hit with our customers and it's easy to see why. It's so much fun to create unique designs! When we received our new 4" Aluminum Coasters, we created a free Circle Divider Grid that you can easily download. See how to use it here. This makes Mandala stamping even better!
In May, Lisa treated us to lunch and a tour of Filoli which was so much FUN! Filoli is a country house set in 16 acres of formal gardens surrounded by a 654-acre estate, located in Woodside, California.

It was beautiful and inspiring. You may have noticed that we launched 18 new design stamps of just flowers, clouds and butterflies. Inspiration is everywhere! See more of our pictures on Instagram here.
We had a lot of fun team building events/meetings this year including a trip to the movies to watch "Won't You Be My Neighbor" about Mr. Rogers.

We had a great time making essential oil skin care treats like orange scented makeup remover and fresh spring roll wraps for our lunch meeting.

In addition, we got a surprise visit from Lisa's sister who owns Kona Ice. We were treated to the most delicious snow cones ever. 
June brought bittersweet changes though, with Lisa's oldest daughter, Izzy, graduating high school and preparing to move to her new college. Ok let's be real, Lisa bawled for like a whole month because her and her daughters are super tight. But it's better now and Lucy is still at home so 😊

In July, Lisa was able to take almost three full weeks off to travel with her family. This was her first long vacation since owning the business (10+ years ago). What an adventure they had! As a team, we were thrilled that our boss felt like she could go away and enjoy herself with minimal worry. It's how we roll here at Beaducation.
This year also brought some new rescued fur babies! We welcomed puppy Don Vito and his kitten brother, Santino. Don Vito visits the office almost daily.

Office doggies Stella, Gamble, Ava and girl doggie George are doing well and still visit from time to time too.

And...we are expecting a brand new baby next year!!!! Jenn, our Shipping Manager is pregnant with her first child and we couldn't be more excited!!
From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank you for being not just a customer, but an integral part of our community. We feel so connected with so many of you, and super lucky to know you. We couldn't do it without you and we are super excited about 2019!!

Happy Stamping!

Lisa, Mel, Claudia, Lora, Colin, Danelle, Jenn, Sophia, Angela, Mike + Paul

December 4, 2018

Featured Maker: April with the Sassy Trashionista

We love her bohemian style and her story. Everything happens for a reason, read on to find out how one loss led to success and creativity for April.

I've been making jewelry on and off as a hobby for over 10 years. However, 5 years ago the company I worked for went out of business, and I made the decision to turn my part time hobby in to a full time business.

I've been making things my entire life, whether it was clothing for my dolls or a make-do Barbie Mansion. I attribute my creativity to my grandmother, who helped raise me. She grew up very poor in Appalachia and was very ingenious when it came to making things. She is the one who taught me how to sew, and how to fix, reuse or repurpose what you already have. She taught me to see possibilities in everyday things.

Losing my job was a blessing in disguise...it gave me the push that I needed to try. To be honest, if I hadn't lost my job, The Sassy Trashionista as a business wouldn't exist.

I am entirely self taught {thank you, YouTube tutorials!!} and so have struggled with technique at times. Some of the first stampings I did were absolutely horrendous!! I still have one with my business name on it, framed and on my workspace. It reminds me of how far I have come in the last 5 years. And while I wouldn't say I've "mastered" the craft, becoming proficient has absolutely given me the confidence to explore other mediums and techniques.

I would like to continue to learn other techniques and incorporate them in to my jewelry designs. One of these days I will finally learn to solder, lol! Additionally, I would like to expand my creative offerings to refashioned clothing and home decor.

Anything with words...words are so powerful and have the ability to heal and bring compassion and understanding to those who are open to the message. One of my favorite things to do while I am working a show is to watch people's expressions while they are taking the time to read my pieces. I can glean a bit of insight in to their lives by watching their faces. Stamping has been very healing and cathartic for me. Although a lot of what I stamp is meaningful to me and my own personal journey, there is a connectedness that is shared through the interpretation of the message. In other words, it's universal. Even though our journeys may differ, we can still relate to the emotion of it all.

I think what I love the most about metal stamping is the ability to create pieces that touch people, through inspiration or a giggle...however I do enjoy the collage aspect you can attain through the use of different metal design stamps.

Firstly, as someone who does the vast majority of stamping on upcycled materials such as vintage and antique silver plated spoons {which are quite hard}, the entire Beaducation line is absolutely fantastic. They make great impressions and have clean, crisp lines. Design wise though, I tend to lean towards a more bohemian, nature inspired look. The lotus stamp, boho arrow and hip feather are some of my favorite individual designs, as well as the new echinacea stamp. And all of the border stamps are fabulous!

We thank April for sharing her inspiring story with us and hope that you will consider The Sassy Trashionista next time you need a gift or a little something special for yourself.

Instagram: the_sassy_trashionista

Facebook: thesassytrashionista

Etsy: thesassytrashionista.etsy.com

Website: thesassytrashionista.com

If you would like to be considered as a Featured Maker, please contact Angela@Beaducation.com

November 27, 2018

7 DIYs & Classes On Texturing Metal

There is just something about textured metal. Texturing just the edge is super cute, very easy to do and can add some dimension to your piece. Texturing more or all of your piece can really bring it to life and change the style completely.

Lightly hammer just the edge of your blank for this look below. See all of our texturing DIYs and Classes here.

See all of our Texturing DIYs and Classes Here

Take a look at the round ruffle earrings just below. These earrings were made with our basic blanks but methodically hammered creating a delicate ruffle in the metal. As you continue to hammer the blank naturally will begin to bend. These are so pretty, we can hardly keep our eyes off of them. Play around and see what you come up with!

November 20, 2018

9+ Soldering DIYs + 10 Free Soldering Classes / Tutorials

Let's Solder - Holiday Gifts!

Beginner to Intermediate

Hand made holiday gifts are special. They let the recipient know that you took the time to make them an important part of your gift giving. New ideas are great to have, especially if multiple gifts need to be made or holiday madness has muted creativity.

We're sharing some favorite online soldering tutorials from beginner to intermediate plus two safety/setup classes for those just starting out.

We've also included our most popular soldering DIY Ideas. Restore your inspiration and add your own unique touch to make your gifts extra special.

See Favorite Online Soldering Classes Here

See Popular DIY Ideas Here

November 8, 2018

How to Get the Most Out of Your Curved Metal Design Stamps - Thinking Out of the Box

Curve Appeal

If you're like us, you'll want to get the biggest bang for your buck. So we've put together some different ways we've used some of our most popular curved metal design stamps. We hope you will find some new inspiration whether you have our curves or your own.

See all of the metal design stamps we reference in this blog post here.

The first examples are from Lisa Niven Kelly and Taryn McCabe's book, New Stamped Metal Jewelry. With raving reviews, we can say with confidence that this book has been well received and useful to many artists, beginning to intermediate. Check it out here. Books ordered from Beaducation come signed by Lisa and Taryn!

Here are more examples using our curve stamps. There are so many different ways to use them, for literally any occasion. Here are some of our favorite FREE Online Tutorials for projects like these:

Learn Mandala Stamping - on our website
Learn How to Stamp on a Curve - on our website.
Learn how to Plan a Design - with Lisa + Mel on Facebook

This beautiful design below uses both the Beaducation Original Rays of the Sun and Radiant Lines as well as the Crystal Katana and Flat Back Crystal Setter with Swarovski Crystals. The sparkle is so pretty! 

TIP: Use a bowl of rice to keep your cuff in place while applying the crystals. 

Mandala stamping is not only very popular, but fun and addicting too! With a carefully laid out design, you can create gorgeous pieces. Check out our product video on How to Divide a Circle Using a Circle Divider Grid for Mandala Stamping and download our Circle Divider Grid.

Just about any curve style metal design stamps will work in pieces like this. We've used our Beaducation Original Indian Curve Metal Design Stamp.

See products used in this example here. 

We used our Beaducation Original Indian Curve Metal Design Stamp twice in this design, and also the Beaducation Original Radiant Lines Metal Design Stamp.

See products used in this example here. 

Give her wings and she will fly! This unique blank allows for an endless amount of creativity. Both the Beaducation Original Rays of the Sun and Radiant Lines are used in this example.

See the products used here.

In this example we've used our Beaducation Original Indian Curve Metal Design Stamp to help shape our design.

See the products used here. 

Give the look of a blossoming flower by using our Beaducation Original Rays of the Sun Metal Design Stamp around an open OR closed circle.

See the products used here. 

Little reminders go a long way. Give any cuff a decorative edge with a curved stamp. We've used Beaducation Original Rays of Sun and the Triangle Curve Metal Design Stamps to achieve this look.

See the products used here. 


Keychains are for everyone. Personalized ones are just a little more special. This keychain was made for Graduation but what you create is all up to you. We used only the bottom half of the Beaducation Original Radiant Heart Metal Design Stamp here.

We also used the "O" in our Beaducation Original Kismet Uppercase Letter Stamp Set 7mm twice around the edge. These letter stamps are sold individually as well. It's fun to think out of the box!

See the DIY here.

Rings will always be a favorite. How you design yours is a personal choice. Check out these two fun examples. Beaducation Original Rays of the Sun Metal Design Stamp is used to border the Beaducation Original Radiant Lines Metal Design Stamp

With just our Beaducation Original Indian Curve and Degrees Symbol (or Circle) Metal Design Stamp, we made this edgy ring. Sometimes, less is more.

The holidays are upon us and these earrings are perfect to gift, wear or sell. The detail is fun while the blank is super light! The Beaducation Original Radiant Lines Metal Design Stamp is perfect for designs like this but really, you could use many different curve styles.

One of the things we love most about our ornament blanks is that they can double up as both a gift tag and then holiday decor for the home or the tree, year after year. We used the edge of our Beaducation Original Fan 2, Whimsical Metal Design Stamp. You can use many different design stamps to achieve this look. 

Check out this gorgeous design using lots of curves including Beaducation Original Rays of the Sun, the Radiant Lines and Indian Curve Metal Design Stamps. Mix them up or use just one, either way you'll have a unique design. 

You know we love our Beaducation Original Fan Metal Design Stamps! We used just a little bit of one here as a border. Also used is our Beaducation Original Rays of the Sun Metal Design Stamp.

See the products used here. 

How cute!! And the ornament is cute too LOL! By connecting the tips of our Beaducation Original Indian Curve and Tall Moroccan Arch we've made some decorative oval shapes.

See the products used here. 

We had plenty of snowflake metal design stamps to choose from but we wanted to create something stylized. We achieved this by using the circle and asterisk metal design stamps. Who would've thought our Beaducation Original Rays of the Sun Metal Design Stamp could also be used as garland?

See the products used here.

If you haven't guessed by now, our Beaducation Original Rays of the Sun Metal Design Stamp is a favorite around here. It has made it in to so many different projects, including the border for this star ornament. We've also used another favorite, our Beaducation Original Indian Curve Metal Design Stamp.

We hope you've enjoyed seeing different ways to use some of the same curved stamps. Perhaps you'll even bring out some of your older stamps and use them in different ways too! Happy stamping!

November 7, 2018

11 Ring DIY Ideas & 4 Online Ring Tutorials

For crafters the holidays can be one of the most enjoyable times during the year, and the busiest.

Here are some tips we've found useful and allowed us to stay in the holiday spirit:
  • Take a moment before starting any project to remember why you're doing it. 
  • Take breaks on the hour, every hour even if it's only for a minute. Rest your eyes, hands, neck and shoulders. Move around a bit.
  • Be realistic with your projects and consider a back up option.  
  • Set yourself up for success by planning well and being prepared. 
  • Ask for help if/when you need it. 
  • Do the best you can and feel good about it.
Most importantly, remember to take time to enjoy all that you've worked for this holiday season.

11 Ring DIY Ideas

From tapered wraparound rings to soldered stacking rings, we have some fun ideas to share with you. Check them out below! Click any ring image below to see four of our ring classes.

TIP: On our website, click on any product and look for an example image to the left of the product. Click it to view the products used for that example.