March 15, 2019

Scene Stamping for National Craft Month 2019

Have you given Scene Stamping a try yet? Get back to your happy place with just a glance at your scene stamped cuff bracelet, necklace pendant or keychain. Stamp out your favorite outdoor spot, that magical vacation you took with the kids, or a beautiful garden of flowers that makes you smile.

Use one of our Beaducation Original Flat Back Crystal Setters to stamp a ball with a Swarovski Crystal and our Beaducation Original Cat and Dog Metal Design Stamps to recreate a happy scene with your dog or cat playing. There are so many cool things you can do!

We hope you will join us this Thursday, March 21st at 11AM PT for another fun Facebook LIVE episode with Lisa + Mel. They will be sharing tips and some favorite scene stamping ideas. Plus, we have a giveaway during every episode!

Get a reminder or catch the replay here.

Learn How to Scene Stamp

Join instructor Danelle Street, as she shares her signature stamping style in this class. Collage stamping is a great way to personalize your designs. Danelle makes it easy by breaking down this technique and sharing her tips and tricks so you can be stamping scenes on your blanks in no time.

Learn here.


Make a garden scene with Tulips, Violets, butterflies and more.

Use a unique blank and celebrate the North Star.

Make a whimsical garden complete with butterflies and clouds.

Make a flower bouquet in a Mason Jar that will last for years to come.

Capture nature at it's best with Mama Bear and Baby Bear at sunrise (or sunset)

Create your own scene using your imagination.

Never forget that trip to the fair or circus.

Add a little magic to a road trip.

Park, camp and stamp your heart out while enjoying the outdoors.

Choose your favorite moments and put them together in one scene.
 Capture a gorgeous night sky in the wilderness.

Yes, you can stamp a scene on a ring and it's fun!

Get creative and "throw" your favorite stamps "in the back of your truck."

Make everyone a necklace or keychain for a special moment shared together.

We hope you learn something new with Scene Stamping this week and give it a try if you haven't already. If you do create something inspired by any of our weekly themes this month, we encourage you to submit a picture of your piece(s) for your chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate AND a NEW Beaducation Original Metal Design Stamp BEFORE it's available. Find all of the details here. 

Happy Stamping!

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