November 7, 2018

11 Ring DIY Ideas & 4 Online Ring Tutorials

For crafters the holidays can be one of the most enjoyable times during the year, and the busiest.

Here are some tips we've found useful and allowed us to stay in the holiday spirit:
  • Take a moment before starting any project to remember why you're doing it. 
  • Take breaks on the hour, every hour even if it's only for a minute. Rest your eyes, hands, neck and shoulders. Move around a bit.
  • Be realistic with your projects and consider a back up option.  
  • Set yourself up for success by planning well and being prepared. 
  • Ask for help if/when you need it. 
  • Do the best you can and feel good about it.
Most importantly, remember to take time to enjoy all that you've worked for this holiday season.

11 Ring DIY Ideas

From tapered wraparound rings to soldered stacking rings, we have some fun ideas to share with you. Check them out below! Click any ring image below to see four of our ring classes.

TIP: On our website, click on any product and look for an example image to the left of the product. Click it to view the products used for that example.

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