July 27, 2018

Flower Metal Design Stamps for Making Jewelry

It's BLOOMING over here, at Beaducation!

If you haven't already noticed, we have been launching a lot of NEW Beaducation Originals including some NEW flowers! Well folks, we've got one more...for the moment anyway. Check out our NEW Beaducation Original Spiral Sprigs 1 & 2!
See Our Beaducation Original Flowers

In a field full of weeds...be a flower.

TIP: If you are planning to use this stamp for a specific piece, make sure the dimensions work for your blank or whatever you are stamping on.

Next up, our NEW Beaducation Original Violet Flower and Tulip Metal Design Stamps

Make a Scene!

Join instructor Danelle Street, as she shares her signature stamping style in this class. Collage stamping is a great way to personalize your designs and Danelle makes it easy by breaking down this technique and sharing her tips and tricks so you can be stamping scenes on your blanks in no time. This class is perfect for the intermediate stamper who is ready for a new challenge. Watch here.

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