June 19, 2018

Monster Resource Guide for Metal Stamping Links + More! Updated 1/2019

Updated 1/2019

Everything You've Wanted to Know About
Metal Stamping & Then Some...

Many years ago, when we started teaching classes on how to metal stamp, we did so in person. With technology comes opportunity. Eventually we began teaching classes online. Doing this allowed us to reach many more people, all over the world. Now you can watch our classes at your convenience from the comfort of your home. There is no waiting to take a beginner's class in metal stamping, just press play.

Then came social media giving us yet another platform to help our customers learn. With all of these great avenues, we thought we would simplify things a bit by providing an overall resource.

TIP: Bookmark this link for quick reference - this is the 1/2019 updated version.


We have some great resources on our website, just click LEARN.

Find all of our Free Online Classes here:

Product Videos
We have almost 100 Product Videos dedicated to showing you exactly how to use the products we carry. Find out everything you need to know from Working with Jax Blackening Solutions to Choosing a Font and Size.

See all of our Product Videos here. 

Helpful Charts & Guides
In addition, we have printable charts and guides such as our 5 Charts in 1 PDFand Stamp and Circle Guide.

Find all of our Helpful Charts & Guides here. 

Facebook Group: Beaducation.com Community - Metal Stamping & Beyond

We are so proud of this community. Members are helpful, supportive, caring and ultimately just overall fantastic people. Have a question about metal stamping or how to price your jewelry? Want honest feedback on your project? This positive, fun and uplifting group is exactly where you need to be. Answer three questions to join here.

Facebook LIVE  

Join us on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 11AM PT of each month LIVE as we demo products, share tips, tricks, exciting news and so much more! Plus we have a giveaway in each episode! Here are our past episodes:

Metal Stamping + Tips
Rings & Bracelets
Tips, Tools & How To's


If you aren't already following us on Instagram, we hope you'll join us here. Here are some of our favorite Quick Tips in 90 Seconds or Less!


And last but not least, we have about 300 videos on YouTube. See all of our playlists here.

No matter how you learn online, we hope we've covered your favorite spot.

NOTE: Bookmark this link in the event you'd like to quickly reference an online class, LIVE Facebook episode, quick tip and more.

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