May 8, 2018

How to Set Crystals on a Bend

Sparkle n' Rice

No we aren't starting a new music group☺️. Just sharing a fantastic tip from one of the members in our amazing Facebook group, Community - Metal Stamping & Beyond.

Thank you to Aubrey Campie for the tip to put your cuff (or other jewelry piece) in a bowl of rice to help keep it in place while "blinging" it out! This is a great way to work on pieces and still have the use of both hands!

If you think this tip is great, catch the replay of our last Facebook LIVE for more great tips with Lisa + Mel. 

Mandala Stamping

Taryn McCabe made the beautiful bracelet cuff above for Lisa. She stamped out a flat Mandala design. For this Facebook LIVE Episode, Lisa decided to add some crystals to the bracelet and fell in LOVE with it. If you are inspired by this bracelet cuff or just always wanted to try Mandala stamping, watch this 20 min class with none other than Taryn McCabe herself.

You will learn how to plan out a design and stamp out a Mandala piece. It's so much fun!! 

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