May 10, 2018

Gift Ideas for Father's Day and Graduation Day!

Dads and Grads!

It seems like we were just celebrating the new year, how time flies! June is just around the corner bringing us Father's Day and excitement for many graduates. Here are 7 NEW DIYs for these special moments.

Fun Fact: Harold, the Brass Stamper, stamped out the border of our "Your Journey Begins NOW" piece below. Can you guess which stamp he used for the outer border?

If you aren't following Brass Stamper on Instagram already, you'll want to check out his Super Manadalas. They are pretty amazing and make great gifts, just saying.

Find all you need to make these keychains and instructions here

Flip a Coin

Show Dad some love with this cute "coin" and you both win! Either rivet two blanks together back-to-back like we did here, or stamp on both sides of a thick blank.

Have some fun and create a few for a "coin purse or jar" that include things dad might appreciate like a car wash, breakfast in bed, a day golfing together and more!

Find all you need for this project and instructions here

Custom Plaques

Make a plaque and rivet or glue it to a card or notebook special for Dad. Warm his heart by filling it with things you love about him. Or make his Honey-Do-List a bit sweeter with a custom plaque reminding him of how great he is.

Find all you need and instructions for these projects here.

Continuing on the Journey

Whether they are off to college, starting a new job or moving into a home of their own, nothing says I love you like personalized organization! Perhaps it's easier to keep things neat when the labels are clearly marked and made special by hand.

Find all you need for this project and instructions here

And if you won't be there to remind them in person...

Find instructions and all you need to make keychains here.

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