April 5, 2018

Featured Maker: Tara at Eat Creations

We absolutely love her Mandala designs and unique twist with vintage cutlery. She continues to surprise us with the different stamps she uses in her pieces too! Let's meet Tara at Eat Creations.

I have been hand stamping metal for around seven years now. I started once I got married in an attempt to get out of the hospitality industry so I could spend more quality time with my family. 

Most of my stamping is based around vintage cutlery which I have always had a passion for. I actually started making garden markers originally but once my stamping improved and I was finding nicer pieces, the jewelry part and serving ware emerged from there.

Starting my own business was just a progressive thing really. I put a few pieces out there and sales were made, which gave me the confidence to progress.

Some of my struggles included finding the right audience and figuring out what people wanted. These things can take time and it's trial and error to be honest. Don’t be disappointed if things don’t go ‘right’ straight away. Quite often I will make a piece that I absolutely love but it won’t sell as quickly as I thought it would. Then something I’m not so crazy about goes great. I do try to create pieces for all ages.

One of my goals was to be able to quit my job. Last year I was able to quit my retail job and it was such a great feeling. I now have time to focus more energy into my business. My goal now is to continue to grow and evolve. Work/life balance is also important to keep in mind. I tend to get carried away sometimes...

Mandala designs are so much fun and have been received really well with my audience. I tend to freestyle a lot and just see where it takes me. If a particular design is popular I’ll recreate it, although no two are ever exactly the same -which I find kinda special!

Though I don't love the noise I do find it therapeutic to impress into a smooth metal surface turning it into a piece with my own unique twist to it. 

In the newer range I am loving the Beaducation Original Moroccan Arches and Solid Leaf. My long time favorites are the Beaducation Original Hip Feather and Garden Branch, they are always winners!

We thank Tara for sharing her story with us and we hope you will consider Eat Creations next time you need a gift for a friend, family member, colleague or even yourself! Please visit her shop and follow her below:

If you are interested in be considered as a Featured Maker, please email Angela@Beaducation.com.

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