March 6, 2018

Featured Maker: Jamie Marcellus at Mermaid Moxie

It's been fun to "sea" her pieces pop up in our feed on Instagram and we're practically neighbors as she's located just south of us in Long Beach, California. Let's meet Jamie Marcellus at Mermaid Moxie.

I took my first jewelry making class when I was in elementary school. We made necklaces using beads and learned how to make knots in the cord to separate the beads, I was probably in 4th grade! 

I've always liked working with my hands and have been curious about the process of how things are made. My mom is a very talented artist and super DIYer. She is always making something; stained glass, woodwork, painted wood jewelry and decor. She sews, spins wool from her own sheep, needle felts and more! 

I feel lucky to have been exposed to so much. Most importantly I learned that if there is something you want, you can make it yourself! My mom taught me how to wire wrap which was the starting point for thinking about making my own jewelry. 

I found Beaducation on YouTube in search of information about learning to solder. I've discovered all sorts of techniques and am continually inspired by Beaducation and other makers in their private Facebook group

I think many artists/makers start out the same way; we enjoy making, we give what we make as gifts and sometimes sell to friends and family. I naively thought that I when I opened my Etsy shop in 2014 I would get sales, but I didn't! Moral of the story, it's not effortless! 

Inspired by the words of this unknown author "If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done." This year I made the decision to go from "hobby" to business. Sales tax and all the business stuff can feel daunting. 

It is scary because you really have to put yourself out there and understand that not everyone is going to like what you make, want to pay what you charge, etc. Pricing and selling is very outside of my comfort zone! 

I wanted to invest in better tools, stamps, materials and at the same time, purchase those materials from small businesses and women in business like Beaducation and fellow Etsy sellers. I decided that with that investment, I would commit to getting out there and put the effort in to make it happen! My focus for this first year in business has been doing craft fairs, Etsy, Instagram, and continuing to put in the hours to learn the most I can and put out my best possible work. 

I like to make custom jewelry because I get to work with customers to make them something special and unique. Some of my favorite pieces are those in which I can incorporate something I've found, like shells and sea glass, recycling scrap metal or re-purposing something that I thought I really messed up.

I enjoy the entire process of metal stamping, from layout, to hammering, polishing and photography. The hammering might be my most favorite part! But what I really love is that it's actually FUN and anyone can learn! I've taught a group of kids and was blown away by what they made in just a couple hours!

The Deco Fan is my favorite stamp because of the patterns you can make with it. 

I love the Beaducation mermaid stamps, the excitement for those were real! I'm excited to get the new mermaid scale stamp. The Beaducation lined stars and hearts are adorable and versatile.

You can find Mermaid Moxie on Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and her website. We hope you will consider one of pieces next time you are looking for a gift or a little something for yourself.

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