November 5, 2017

Featured Maker: Tracey Collins at Buffalo Stamper

We love to hear about your journeys and what got you started in metal stamping and jewelry making. Tracey has a pretty great story that some of us may relate too. We think the bears are pretty happy too! Let's meet Tracey.

My name is Tracey and my business is Buffalo Stamper! I have been making jewelry for over 20 years! My first job was at a bead store when I was 18.

I have enjoyed working in lots of different mediums including beading, wirework, mixed media and repurposing of vintage jewelry components. 

My metal stamping obsession was born out of a project I did with my daughter as a fundraiser for our zoo. My daughter Aly who was 7 at the time saw a billboard that said, "Our Bears Belong in Buffalo." 

The billboard was an appeal for donations to the Buffalo Zoo for a new Arctic Edge Exhibit that would house our new baby polar bear Luna. Aly decided we should do something to raise money and since jewelry is something I've done forever, that is what we settled on. I allowed her to design the pieces and quickly realized that metal stamping was going to be the best way to make her ideas come to life. 

Beaducation video tutorials were instrumental in our success! We made necklaces, cuffs and earrings all with polar bear or moon themes. 

Through on-line sales and local events we sold A LOT of product! 

In October of 2013 we presented the zoo with a check for $4,000.00! 

At the end of the project, I had amassed tools and stamps and had completely fallen in love with metal stamping. My shop Buffalo Stamper was born.

I am a proud life long resident of Buffalo, NY and you'll see that pride in many of my pieces.

I also enjoy making more artistic pieces and custom pieces for my customers. Using the stamps in unexpected ways keeps my creative juices flowing. 

My favorite Beaducation stamps are the Deco Fan, the Dandelion stamp and all border stamps!

See, we told ya it's a great story. We are always so touched when you all do something to help others, even more so when your kiddos are a part of it. We wish Tracey and her daughter continued success in designing and making jewelry. To find her pieces visit her Etsy store, Buffalo Stamper.

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