October 10, 2017

Featured Maker: Miranda Semmerling at Rustic Sweet Pickins

One of the reasons we launched our Featured Makers is because week after week customers would share some amazing stories of how they started metal stamping and why it's so important to them. We love each unique story that our customers bring and feel so incredibly inspired by the reasons, challenges and outcomes you've all shared with us.

We absolutely love Miranda's story and feel that it may resonate with many of you. Let's meet Miranda:

I've been creating jewelry for many years. It was not until less than a year ago I started this as a business venture. I grew up in a family of artisans of sorts, so being creative and artistic was always a part of me. Creating and working with my hands is in my family DNA.

I've always wanted my own business. I never really knew what that business would look like or how to even begin. If someone would have asked me in 2012 after I received my masters degree where I would be in 5 years, this would not have been my answer. I was not a jewelry designer, I was a woman who received her masters degree in Exercise Science and Psychology. However, I did know I wanted a flexible schedule for one day when I had a family, to be there for my children, and to work from home.

I accepted a job at our local university after graduation and worked that position until our son was born in 2016. I knew it in my heart I wanted to stay home with him and I was blessed to have that opportunity. My family and friends where encouraging me to sell my creations and start my own business. Have you ever been scared to start something new out of pure failure? I just didn't have the confidence to just do it. Many months had past and I finally decided to start small. Exhausting every research avenue I could find. Then I realized I just needed to open my Etsy shop, put myself out there and see what happens. 

Well, nothing happened! Because I stopped, I stopped doing much of anything after I created it. This was not the person who went to college, that person never would have failed. So nevertheless I persisted. I started setting up at the local market in our community on Saturdays and began adding inventory to my Etsy shop. My husband is amazingly supportive of this dream, even on days that I am not. His support is a big part of where I'm at with my business venture today.

Most of this is still new for me and I'm learning as I go. I feel I'm coming into my own as a designer everyday. I want my brand to feel warm, inviting and simplistic. I feel my photography shows just that. I see where I want to be and the goals I have in mind. It's one step at a time. 

Beaducation offers many helpful videos from beginner to advanced, such as soldering jewelry. Eventually I want to start soldering my own creations and see where that takes me. Right now I'm loving making custom hand stamped cuffs, bar necklaces, memory wire wrap bracelets, and custom earrings. 

Metal stamping each of these pieces and making them unique for the customer is extremely rewarding. Offering designs that they may not find elsewhere is immensely important to me. I want the customer to know each of their hand stamped pieces of jewelry are all done by hand and not by a machine. 

So much of my heart and time gets poured into each design. I find when I'm creating each design I'm incorporating the arrow metal design stamp. To me an arrow symbolizes to keep moving forward in courage and in faith. God is weaving this amazing story for me and I'm excited what the future holds.

I truly love working with my hands and making jewelry just feels natural. Most of my inspiration comes from nature, that is where I'm most in my element. If it's a memorial piece I'm custom creating I pray it brings them a sense of peace. When I'm designing each piece I'm thinking about the customer and who's going to be wearing my creation and all the memories and love they will have wearing it. 

First and foremost I'm a wife, mother, then a maker. I would not be where I'm at today if it was not for the support of my family. I keep this in my mind when I'm creating different pieces as they are my entire world. My toddler may run and grab my stamps or take my custom creations and hide them but I wouldn't want to be any other place at this season of my life. I'm blessed by His grace and I truly love where this new journey in life is taking me. 

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