October 29, 2017

Featured Maker: Jen Ell with by Jen Ell

We love all of the pretty things. We also love edgy and that is just what we found with Jen at by Jen Ell. One of our favorites is her "lil bit hippie, lil bit hood" cuff. And as fans of Game of Thrones, how could we not appreciate her dragon earrings? Daenerys would be proud don't you think? Let's meet Jen from by Jen Ell:

I officially opened my Etsy shop in 2007, but I had been dabbling in jewelry making years before then. I honestly shudder when I think of some of first pieces, but we all start somewhere.

I grew up with a crafty mom that was always sewing and doing some sort of craft project – from making Christmas ornaments to wedding cakes. We both have this really bad habit of seeing things and instantly saying, “I can make that.” I started with simple beaded items and friendship bracelets when I was in middle school (I think), and over the years I just progressed. I always wanted things to be different. I hate the idea of walking into a room and seeing someone else wearing the same dress, or necklace, or shoes. At least now if that happens there’s a chance that I made it.

I got started selling my creations because others kept telling me I needed to - after a while I heard it enough that I finally listened. Selling online was very slow to begin with, but I was accepted into the first large craft show that I ever entered and the rush that I experienced seeing others love my stuff is what has kept me going.

My style has evolved over the years, and I’ve finally settled into a kind of a rocker boho chic style with jewelry, clothing and bags. I love chunky, bold and turquoise. I draw inspiration from all over – from pop-culture, 60’s rock, ethnic styles and more – nothing is off limits. If I like it I make something pretty with it, or inspired by it.
I love the possibilities! I can stamp pretty much whatever I want. I can have fun with words and designs, and I can create custom creations for my customers that often mean more to them because it’s been customized just for them. I had looked at incorporating metal stamping into my work a few times and just never took the leap. Finally, my pal Lauren Bell of Mad House Mind Works started stamping. I was able to pick her brain, and she gave me the push I needed to start!

Love, love, love my vintage tattoo font. I know that’s not a design, but I had to say it. Next would definitely be my Boho Arrow! Of course you can’t not love the feather and regular arrow too… I love them all – what can I say?!?!

Find Jen's amazing work on her website and follow her on social.


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