October 15, 2017

Featured Maker: Darby Hanevich at A Sacred Stitch

We immediately loved her cute succulent earrings and necklace. Then we saw her to-go paper coffee cup earrings and well, we just had to share. Let's meet Darby:

I have been making metal stamped jewelry for almost two years. I am a crafter at the core. I started out crocheting and wanted a pair of earrings that looked like balls of yarn. I experimented with resin for the first time and loved it!

From there I started to experiment with metal stamping. All I had was a package of circle blanks and one stamp. But my close friends all wanted a necklace. It grew from there, when they asked if I could stamp other shapes and designs for them!

I wanted to be able to make custom pieces for more than just my close friends, so I decided to open an Etsy shop.

My favorite piece I have made is a miscarriage memorial necklace. It was for a mother who had lost two babies. We worked together to make the perfect piece that she can wear and keep them close to her heart.

I love making jewelry and metal stamping because each piece is so unique. I love that my customers trust me to make a piece of jewelry that they will wear around that means something to them, whether a memory so tender or a funny statement only known to two best friends.

I have many favorite stamp designs that I love. My most recent favorite is the succulent collection. They are so trendy and cute. I want to put them on everything. My all-time favorite is the to-go paper coffee cup. I am a coffee enthusiast and wouldn’t make it a day without it. 

I have recently purchased the jewelry saw and have started to make cutout earrings. I wear the coffee ones almost every day. Every time I wear them I have people ask where I got them. I love being able to share my information with them so they can also wear the cutest earrings!! I am a little biased though!

To find more of Darby's cute earrings and jewelry pieces, please visit her Etsy store and follow her on social. 

If you would like to be considered as a Featured Maker, please contact Angela@Beaducation.com.

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