September 15, 2017

Exploring, Discovering, Creating - Alcohol Inks on Copper with Laura Petrisin at My Art You Wear Jewelry

We are LOVING the colors in these gorgeous pieces by Laura Petrisin at My Art You Wear Jewelry. Let's join Laura as she explores, discovers and creates with alcohol inks and copper below.

My favorite way to learn is by exploring and discovering. That’s the approach I take with making jewelry. That’s why it’s fun. One day I started experimenting with alcohol inks on metal. When I got to the copper, I knew I had hit gold!

I love color and I wanted to add it to one of my stamped pieces - a copper, dog tag from Beaducation. This posed a problem because enamel and paint would cover the word "Joy" that I had stamped on the dog tag. Hmmmm….I wondered how alcohol ink might work?

​I use Adirondack Alcohol Inks put out by Ranger. I applied some red pepper ink and then some sunset orange to the copper. Alcohol ink is free flowing on metal and I loved the way the two colors moved around. The word, “Joy” was still visible and I darkened it a little with a fine point magic marker. It took two minutes to dry and then I sprayed it with a varnish so that the ink wouldn’t run once the resin was poured. I used Winsor & Newton all purpose varnish which gives a matt finish. I don’t use gloss because the resin adds gloss.

After waiting an hour for the varnish to dry, I placed a tiny, sterling silver heart under the word. Then, I mixed the resin and poured, making sure it flowed to all the edges. I covered it and left it alone overnight.

You know the saying - Joy comes in the morning? That’s what I found. I love my little dog tag! I hung it on a sterling silver chain and it is ready to wear!

​Here are some other pieces that I created with alcohol inks. All my blanks come from Beaducation. I’m satisfied with their quality and service.

Be sure to visit Laura's online store at My Art You Wear Jewelry. She has a fantastic selection of stunning and unique necklaces for purchase.

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