August 24, 2017

Meet Jennifer Parzych (aka JP), Shipping Team for Beaducation

Jennifer Parzych (aka JP), Shipping Team
Joined Beaducation: 2012
Meet Jennifer Parzych (aka JP), Shipping Team
This Georgia Peach is one crafty southern belle. Not only can she fabricate metal, cast and set stones, but she managed to ship out 136 packages in her first day in Shipping. She chews on ginko leaves throughout the day to keep her mind as sharp as a Samurai sword, which is why shipping errors are so rare in our warehouse. She can usually be found in a pair of hip Adidas runners, ready to run after the postman if he has left without a package. Don’t mess with JP!

From JP
I was working for a different company at the time and I remember meeting Lisa0 briefly to pick up an order. It was at the old location on Laurel St. I didn't formally meet her until my interview though. I have worked here almost five years in Shipping.

My favorite thing is working with creative people and being around all the creative product. It keeps me inspired! I cant wait to see what comes in.

I have seen the shipping room grow a lot! We are constantly making room for new stuff and its exciting to see it all grow.

I hope the company grows even bigger and better than it is now. Everyone working here brings something different to the company to make it uniquely awesome!

JP is a candy pusher. Her jam is Pearl Jam. She loves cats. A lot. JP has her own fantastic jewelry line which you can find on Etsy. She has a green thumb, loves cacti and succulents, gem shows, Cuban food, Point Reyes, druzies and second hand clothes. She just recently got married and when she isn't with us, she is traveling. JP has subtle, slightly hidden, really purrty tattoos.

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