August 24, 2017

How to Make a Personalized Necklace with Metal Stamping and Resin by My Art You Wear Jewelry

We are excited to share another great project by Laura at My Art You Wear Jewelry. Read on for Laura's inspiration for her necklace and how she made it.

What’s in a name? Everything. Names have meaning. Names have identity. People have understood this since the beginning of time. Your name becomes part of who you are.

In the world of jewelry; stamping or engraving a name on a necklace, ring, or bracelet singles that jewelry out for a particular, chosen person. This carries a lot of meaning.

So when my daughter Grace asked me for a necklace that would present her name and occupation, I had a pretty good idea as to how I would create it. Grace is a realtor and selling is her passion in life. I caught onto this when she was 7 years old and selling water in our front yard. No, not bottled water. Tap water. It wasn’t even cold water at that. And yes, people bought it.

I had just gotten a new set of letter stamps from Beaducation and I was itching to use them on the project.

​I looked through my copper blanks and chose a size I thought Grace would like - 1.5” - not too big, but big enough to work with what I had in mind.

I had a small, 5mm x 30mm curved rectangle that I decided to engrave her name on. I liked that it was curved because my background blank was a circle.

​I positioned my letter A stamp right in the middle of the blank, knowing this would center the name - 2 letters to the right of the A, and 2 letters to the left.

Next, I covered the name in ink with a black sharpie. Then I used the pro polish pads from Beaducation to polish the piece leaving the letters in black.

Now it was time to turn my attention to the circle blank which would serve as the background for Grace's name and two sterling silver charms I had purchased. One charm was a dollar sign and the other was a house with a "sold " sign in front of it. They were perfect symbols for a realtor.

​I painted the copper circle with Pebeo fantasy paints - Moon Turquoise, Vitrail Citrus Lemon, and Vitrail Green Apple. When the paint was dry, I lay the name tag and the charms on top.

​Then I put the piece on a special rubber mat that allows for minimal dripping, and poured ice resin over it. Ice resin comes in two bottle - a resin and a hardener. You mix one part resin to one part hardener. I let that set for 12 hours or more.

​The next day, my piece was ready for the bail. I glued a copper bail onto the back with E6000 industrial strength glue. I let that dry for a good 6 hours and then attached the pendant to a snake chain necklace.

The only thing left to do was to surprise my Gracie with the necklace. And surprise her I did. She loved it!

There's nothing like making jewelry with meaning to let someone know how special they are to you! Isn't she a cutie?!

My Art You Wear Jewelry

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