August 1, 2017

Featured Maker: Rebecca + Peter Khalil at Beadtography

Love in first class, service dogs and Braille jewelry, we think you just might like this duo and their story as much as we do. Let's meet Rebecca and Peter Khalil at Beadtography.

Beadtography is the creative collaboration of myself and my husband Peter Khalil. We are lawyers by training (and actually met on the first day of law school, in our very first law school class!). We also raise and socialize future service dogs.

I have been raising future service dog puppies for over twenty years for various organizations. Peter was pulled into my passion when we met. We are now almost always accompanied by one of our puppies in training. 

Our artwork combines Peter's artistic photography with my passion for jewelry making. Many of our pieces combine these elements to create multidimensional works that are accessible to almost everyone, no matter where they fall on the spectrum of visual acuity.

I'm the bead fanatic and creator of Beadtography's braille jewelry and beaded jewelry. I also plan and incorporate beadwork into Peter's photography to emphasize elements of the photographs, or to incorporate poetry or prose in braille. 

Peter is the photographer in our collaboration. He has a unique perspective on perception and photography as a result of a chronic degenerative eye condition. Peter’s vision has undergone a number of changes over the course of his life. His photography strives to capture images the way he has seen the world at various points. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, he has undergone a corneal transplant. 

Some of Peter's pictures are abstract, capturing life in a way that is inspired and informed by his uncorrected vision. Others are detailed and crisp or incorporate enhanced color and textures. Still others emphasize the interplay of light and subject to create different visual effects. Beading + Photography = Beadtography!

When it comes to creating jewelry I love using metal stamping to incorporate personalized messages into custom braille jewelry. Some of Beadtography's braille jewelry creations include aluminum and copper cuff bracelets with raised braille dots, silk wrap bracelets, leather and metal personalized braille keychains, braille necklaces and even braille earrings. We even create bookmarks with braille messages! 

Our photography art creations incorporated braille messages nearly from the outset of our collaboration. Once we figured out how to create custom braille jewelry, we knew that these would be some of our favorite items to make. It also doesn't hurt that creating our personalized braille jewelry involves some therapeutic hammer wielding, so not only is it a wonderful creative outlet, it can also be fantastic stress relief!

One of the most enjoyable things about creating custom braille jewelry is the opportunity to be invited - if only in a minor way - into someone else's life. We have made bracelets and necklaces celebrating many milestones, including graduations, weddings, and birthdays, as well as some intended as holiday gifts, baby shower presents, and even as memorials. 

Some of our hand stamped braille jewelry creations were gifts for those who are visually impaired. Some of our braille creations have been selected simply because braille is a really neat way to share words and meaning - and it is often esoteric enough for those who don't live with visual challenges that it can be a fun way to share "secret messages" or "coded messages" with friends and loved ones. 

Creating art is a social experience, and we love that our braille art and braille jewelry invite us to share in the lives of people we may otherwise never know and may never meet in person.

Rebecca and Peter


Find Rebecca and Peters amazing work at their Etsy store and follow them on social.

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GSD raiser said...

Having purchased several of Rebecca's creations, I can say without doubt, that these are lovely pieces of art! Keep up the creativity. A joy to wear, as well as a conversation starter.


GSD raiser said...

Having purchased several of Rebecca's creations, I have been thrilled with these works of art. Keep up the good work! Always fun to peruse Beadtography's site and see what's new.


aireal said...

Wow, braille jewelry, fantastic. I will be checking out beadtography's site. This brings stamped/message jewelry to a whole new level. Thanks for sharing.