August 29, 2017

Featured Maker: Harold Pritchard, the Brass Stamper

If you love mandala stamping, intricate detail, absolute precision and out of the box creativity, you're going to love the pieces Harold Pritchard at Brass Stamper creates. For over five years Harold has been metal stamping gorgeous pieces of art including very cool tokens. We love these as an extra special gift for someone, or yourself. They are definitely a conversation piece for sure. Let's meet Harold:

I first started metal stamping about five years ago in 2012. I up-cycled some vintage spoons creating garden markers. My inspiration for metal stamping comes from the idea of permanently putting designs and writing onto metal. To date I've created about 600 tokens.

My favorite stamps are by far Beaducation Originals. These were the first design stamps I purchased five years ago. High quality, sharp faced, very detailed stamps that are made in the U.S.A. I have modified many of my Beaducation stamps by grinding near half of the image away creating a whole new stamp to work with. This prompts me to buy doubles knowing I'm going to modify one of them.

My second favorite stamps are my hand made Mandala Base Stamps. Lately I've used them in my 4" aluminum "Super Mandalas". 

What I like most about about stamping is the endless combinations and possibilities that lay waiting to be discovered. It's also cheaper than therapy and probably more satisfying overall.

One of my favorite pieces to make are the current 4 inch "Super Mandalas" (coasters) that I've been making. It generally takes me about 1.5 hours to finalize a 1 1/2" token. A "Super Mandala" can take about four hours. My designs are always different and unique from each other.

It's easy to think out of the box when you throw the box away. Always take a chance and experiment. Some of my neatest designs stemmed from a perceived mistake and turned out great! My motto: Always invest in yourself.

Fun Fact: To date Harold has purchased over 165 Beaducation Original metal design stamps.

We hope you have been inspired by Harold and will consider one of his gorgeous pieces for yourself or a gift. Please visit his Etsy store and follow him on social.



Unknown said...

These are incredible and I thank Beaducation for sharing such talent with us. How all those designs get planned to fit in perfect symmetry I'll never know! What a talent!

aireal said...

Gorgeous designs, and truly inspired technique of modifying the stamps. Brilliant!