July 29, 2017

Meet Angela Silva, Marketing Manager for Beaducation

Angela Silva, Marketing Manager
Joined Beaducation: 2016 
Meet Angela Silva, Marketing Manager
Angela is the woman with the marketing 'know-how' bringing Beaducation's videos and products all over the globe. As a Sicilian who loves to cook, we knew she would be a fit with a team who loves to eat. She has already made several nicknames for herself: The Beadyo Brander, The Baconater (for her love of bacon) and The Dog Whisperer (as a dog owner herself who has made friends with some of the furry team members right here at work).

From Angela
I found Beaducation online while selectively looking for a Marketing position. I immediately had a good feeling about the company. After two months of working with Beaducation I came across the original job posting that I had responded too and it made me laugh. Everything they said was true. "We love to have fun and be creative". Only being here for 89 days, it's been a blast!

My favorite thing about working with Beaducation is the creativity my colleagues (and now friends) bring to the table, the teamwork, positive energy and that I work with Doer's. We get it done over here and I love that soooo much. I can only speak on the last three months but let me just say that I see improvement every day. Our team is super motivated and it seems like every day someone is doing something to make us better whether it's organizing space for more product or creating/adding to a process for efficiency. Everyone helps.

In the next five years I would love to help more people create art jewelry for selling, gifting and wearing with American made, top quality, latest trending metal design stamps, jewelry making tools and free classes. Also to continue to grow at a healthy pace and to remain leaders in this awesome industry. I have never been so excited to come to work in my life. My job is amazing, my colleagues are wonderful and I love what we do and stand for.

Angela enjoys making delicious meals for family and friends and since she's Sicilian she's never learned how to cook for under 30 people so it works for us because we love us some pasta. She loves her two firefighter brothers, her family, friends, animals, wine, sparkly things, butterflies, vintage bags & bottles, cheesecake and bacon though she also loves pigs so it's a constant struggle. Don't call her Angie.

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