July 11, 2017

Featured Maker: Katie Bukrey at Brick House Creations

We immediately loved the colors and charms in this necklace. What a fun piece with it's own story to tell. Let's meet Katie Bukrey at Brick House Creations.

Brick House Creations was started as a small creative outlet for my love for all things crafty! What started out as a few handmade jewelry pieces for fellow co-workers, has now formed into a full time business that allows me to work from home and raise my daughter.

My love for hand crafted jewelry started in the fourth grade. My family and I vacationed in the Black Hills of South Dakota and I developed a love for the intricate Native American beadwork found in all the quaint little shops. I then returned home and saved my allowance to head to our local bead shop. 


 (added bonus, Brick House Creations also has a fun kids line)

Jewelry making was a side hobby for years until I decided to kick it up a notch after getting more and more requests for pieces and my growing passion for the art. So, in 2011, I officially started my side business. I named my business after the small brick house my husband and I lived in where I designed and crafted each and every item. 

In 2012 when my daughter was born, I decided to quit my banking job and follow my dreams. The change has led me to attend some fantastic art shows in the area as well as offer my items in about 25 different retail outlets across the midwest.

My jewelry styles have evolved in many different directions since the beginning. What started out as beaded pieces with gemstones and mixed metal, has transformed into mixed media styles with vintage pieces, textiles, charms, and most importantly - hand stamped pendants! 

My passion is creating when the wind hits me right, using whatever I have in front of me from lockets to tiny glass bottles. The best part is topping off each work of art with an inspirational saying, perfect for the charms and findings to tell a story. I love intermixing font designs to create a truly unique look and usually finish up the blank with some sort of design stamp. 

My life motto is to "Create a life you love". We all need to do what makes us happy and in my case, I strive to create beautiful, affordable, wearable art for all ages.

Katie Bukrey (Owner/Designer)
Brick House Creations, Sioux Falls South Dakota

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Unknown said...

I love your unique flair! Beautiful work

Unknown said...

Simply divine! Such unique creativity

Unknown said...

Simply Divine! Such unique creativity