July 20, 2017

2 DIYs Using Letter Stamping Blanks

A single letter can be very powerful and can communicate a message all by itself. Of course, sometimes you might need a bigger message. Just take a look at these DIY Ideas below. Simple, decorative, cute - they have their own neat little message.

"The Queen". Whether others need fair warning or you have a different message to share, add a little flair to your letter with a stamped accent piece. This necklace was made for "Queenie" the super loved, cutest little teeny dog you will meet (unless of course you have your own super loved, cutest little teeny dog.) This little dog and her mom rule their domain, if you haven't already guessed...

Super loved, teeny little dog.

Lisa's daughter Lucy is pretty awesome. Want to guess what her last name starts with?

Awesome Lucy Kelly 😀😀😀
There really are endless options with these fun Pewter Letter Stamping Blanks and Pewter is super easy to stamp on.

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