June 13, 2017

Featured Maker: Rosie Posie from Ring Around the Rosie

So there we were perusing Instagram when we found Rosie's feed. The vibrancy and life in her artwork hit us so hard we pretty much checked out everything she posted. Her choice of colors and the fun flair and style she has brought us happiness. We dig her style. Let's meet Rosie Posie.

I've been creating art & making jewelry since my oldest was newborn. She's 24 now!

We had moved from Phoenix to Colorado Springs when she was born and I was looking for a hobby to keep me busy! I found a cool little bead shop in the heart of town and I was immediately hooked! (It's cute when all you own is a shoebox full of beads!) I then met a friend who also loved beading and we started making millefiori beads out of sculpting clay! They were gorgeous!

As the years passed, I delved Into all sorts of art mediums, but jewelry was always my main focus. I found that making anything from metal was so therapeutic.

Although I am a Pediatric R.N. by profession, I've always maintained a commitment to my jewelry. About 10 years ago I decided to begin teaching workshops on jewelry making. I found the love for metal stamping which took my hobby to a whole new level! I watched tons of how-to videos on YouTube and Beaducation to learn the basics.

I would say now that after all of these years I have finally found my niche. Metal stamping offers such diverse options for creativity. I love to mix stamped metal coins or plates with leather, chain or beads using cold connections. I also incorporate other mediums into my stamped pieces.

A few favorites are enamels and metal etching! I love large whimsical and icon type stamps with bold designs. My favorite are a large feather and sacred heart that I tend to stamp on most of my work. I'm also a typography fan, so mixing fonts is also a common practice in my designs. Mostly, I love to teach others the art form of metal stamping.

Rosie Posie

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