May 12, 2017

NEW Vintage Tattoo Metal Stamping Letter Set Inspires a Look Back at Retro / Pinup Style Metal Design Stamps

We were all excited to get our NEW Beaducation Vintage Tattoo Uppercase Letter Stamp Set 5/32" 4mm but some of us were counting down the days like it was a life changing event. This font really takes it back to those retro, pinup days and we can't wait to play with our new set.

In the spirit of all things vintage, let's reintroduce some oldies but goodies. Below we have our Skull and Crossbones metal stamp, our Ornate Key metal stamp, our first "Sparkling" Diamond design stamp and the first of our two Sugar Skull design stamps.

We don't know about you but that diamond is giving us some inspiration right now.

We introduced the Guitar metal stamp for musicians, those who love music and those who like to play on words. The Strawberry stamp and Baby Swallows speak for themselves, especially if you love retro and pinup.

Of course we need some Stars. Maybe you remember when we launched the lady Sugar Skull to match with our original fella (above). And the Radiant Lines just gave us all kinds of vintage feels.

Though "Mom" isn't carved inside these Sacred Hearts, they definitely bring us to those classic mom heart tattoos. And finally, our new Gemstones which we cannot wait to work with when using the new font.


But wait, there's more! Some of our other favorite vintage style stamps are on their way back in stock - you can see them all here.

Here is another selection of design stamps (not Beaducation Originals) that we are also inspired by.

Happy Stamping!

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