May 16, 2017

Meet Lora Curran in Customer Service at Beaducation

Lora Curran, Customer Service for Beaducation
Joined Beaducation: 2011
Meet Lora Curran, Customer Service
Lora heads up our customer service team. When you hear Lora’s helpful and sunny voice on the phone you would never know that she is a tough hockey player. We only know that because just last week she mistook a rubber block for a puck and made a goal by shooting it neatly through the door to the shipping department. Her favorite thing is to hear from our customers, so please drop her a line anytime. Her office is big and she gets kinda lonely.

From Lora
My first memory of meeting Lisa was at the Strawberry Music Festival. A mutual friend introduced us. ​Over the next few years our paths crossed here and there and in March of 2011, I joined her team…which means I have been here 5 years! Wow time files! What made me say Yes? Lisa’s core values, integrity and commitment to excellent and fair customer service, and of course her personality and the fun culture she inspires! …both within the company and with our customer. I love working with great people who sincerely have the customer in mind, and leadership which welcomes new ideas.

Speaking of new ideas, we’ve seen some big changes in the evolution of Beaducation thus far. Since I have been here, we have: moved offices, rebuilt the entire back end of the website, rebuilt the shopping side of the website, turned all of the classes free, consistently added more free classes and content, expanded the product offerings, and created new Beaducation Originals...which includes having had 5 babies born to staff.

We have a new informational content and beautiful website updates in the works. We’ll never stop building and learning, and laughing!

Lora is a hockey fan who also used to actually play hockey. Among other things as she is super detail oriented, extremely reliable and the Queen of multi-tasking. She loves the band Cracker, takes uh-mazing care of people, has three chickens (one is special needs, yes really) and is our Beaducation supermodel. Lora loves books, rock music, dark beer, Aquamarine and hiking. She is a good listener and a problem solver which is why she is our Customer Service Superstar. She prefers savory over sweet and also works at one of the coolest breweries in California.

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