March 5, 2017

Meet Mike Vargo, Engineer for Beaducation

Mike Vargo, Engineer
Joined Beaducation: 2010
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Meet Mike Vargo, Engineer
When Mike is not fixing bugs and deploying new code for Beaducation, he can be found fervently biking around town or jamming on his bass. Mike is a coder by day and a musician by night with a passion for coffee, jazz and dogs. He holds the Beaducation Bowling Team's highest score with a record-breaking throw and he's got the medal to prove it!

From Mike

I met Lisa through her husband Paul because we play together in a band called Cover My Six. Paul asked me if I wanted to help him work on a project about beading and videos. That was over 6 years ago. I've worked with Beaducation on and off since then.

My favorite thing about Beaducation are the people of course! I love how it is takes the stereotype of women and being artsy/craftsy and turns it on its head because they are also bad ass business people, super efficient operations, and still create a lovely work environment with a great team spirit.

In the last five years I've experienced us getting much more serious about the business, product, brand, and delivery. But of course still staying Beadyo!

Further maturity and business growth while staying true is what I see for us in the next five years. I think the business will change in ways we don't know yet, with new ways of purchasing and learning, but the core values of the team will stay on.

I'm very grateful to be welcomed into the team. I only work a few hours a week but I am treated with such respect and kindness. The business is about products and customers and what I do is only there so as not to get in the way of that process.

Mike has a great pair of legs which is why he wears shorts all of the time. He likes to ride his bicycle and can do just about anything computer related with a piece of string, a keyboard and internet. He used to own a self restored corvette and has a Zen side. Mike jams in his band (he is REALLY good). He's got some sweet Reggae tunes on his YouTube and often plays at local spots in the Bay Area.

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