February 3, 2017

Valentine Jewelry DIY Ideas - Hearts & Love + Giveaway

Who doesn't love to be loved? We have one whole entire day out of 365 days dedicated to LOVE though we don't really think it should be celebrated only once a year....Anyhoo, we are heart crazy these days, let us show you why! Plus we have a giveaway we think you will, well, LOVE! 💝

'I give you my heart' Key Chains
We think this stamped key chain set is a great gift to make for your special someone. We have so many blanks to choose from (so you can really personalize the project) but we think this 'You Complete Me" heart duo is pretty perfect all around. Stamp a date, names, places and/or phrases, and watch their hearts melt with this perfect handmade gift.

Find everything you need to make these heart keychains here.

Chain of Hearts
Although some may wear their hearts on their sleeves, we believe it is much more fashionable to wear them around your neck! This stylish necklace is surprisingly simple to make. Our Brass Stylized Heart with Peened Edge is very luxurious. This is the perfect necklace to pair with any outfit. Stamp each heart to make it personalized, or leave it blank to keep it classic.

Find everything you need to make this chain of hearts necklace here.

Stacked Heart Pendant
This stamped pendant is a lovely take on the classic stacked circle pendant. We took our classic heart blanks and used all four sizes, including tiny classic heart solderable accent

Find all that you need to stack your hearts up here.

Infinity Heart Bracelet
This is a Beaducation Favorite! Look at all the detail!. Utilize your stamping, riveting, and metalworking skills to turn a simple heart washer into something really cool.

Find your way to this infinity heart bracelet here.

You know we love us some arrows...here are two examples using some of our favorite arrow and heart stamps. Simple yet so cute and I think the point is made 😍 

Click on the photos below for those specific stamps.


Below is a quick way to find some jewelry making heart items to make some love inspired jewelry. Whether it's for the love of your life, a dear friend, something special for you (cuz you gotta love you!!) or your Etsy store, we hope we've inspired you to make something uh-mazing. Please share with us! 

As for the GIVEAWAY....you have two ways to win. 

#1: Simply include our hashtag (#beaducation) in your Instagram jewelry posts for your chance to win -OR-
#2: Send us a photo(s) of your work and we will enter your name.

We will randomly select winners and send out free product! Winners to be announced on Valentine's Day via our Instagram feed and direct message. Good luck!!

Photo submissions may be used for our marketing unless you request that we do not use your photo(s). To be considered for a Featured Maker highlight, please contact Angela@Beaducation.com. See one of our Featured Makers here.


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