February 23, 2017

Meet Mel McCabe, Production Manager at Beaducation

Mel McCabe, Production Manager
Joined Beaducation: 2010
(Mel left, Lisa right)
Meet Mel, Production Manager
Mel has the uncanny ability to spot exciting new products for our site. Unearthing treasures is in her blood. She has traveled from Texas to Vietnam in search of sparkly stones and adventure. When she isn't making up songs for Beaducation's Product Videos she can be seen at her local Karaoke bar attempting to win the prize for the night. She knows her 80's music lyrics and gemstones which has her fitting right in at Beaducation.

From Mel

In 2005, I hunted Lisa Kelly down at the BABE bead show in Oakland where she had a booth. I was managing The Bead Shop in Palo Alto, CA and wanted her to come teach her Say it On your Wrist Class for us because everyone had told me that she was the most fantastic instructor on the planet. She was unable to resist my charms and she taught classes there and I soon realized that she was indeed THE BEST instructor on the planet.

I've been with Beaducation since 2010. Some of my favorite things are my creative, talented and most of all kind co-workers and creating new design stamps and blank shapes that customers really want! In the last five years we've added at least 200 more design stamps, 500 more blanks, multiple new metals and so many more Beaducation Originals shapes and designs. I think the most amazing change since we have moved into this new building 5 years ago would be upgrading from two bathrooms to FIVE!

In the next five years I want all stampers to be able to try our design stamps to really see immediately how much easier and more crisp and detailed they are than any other design stamps on the market.

I want stampers to try our American Made Pewter originals that are so easy to stamp and have an already perfectly polished and finished look. I would like to add in at least two more Beaducation Original Fonts sets and get all crafters watching Lisa's classes and to try stamping!

Mel. She does Cher better than Cher. Her favorite stone is Ruby. Her love of bling started with her Swarovski baby rattle, no joke. She can dance, play guitar, has written two books and has an amazing voice. Mel loves her "littlest girlfriend", rocks, God, Elvis and Bruce Springsteen. She can also blow a bubble in a bubble with chewing gum. She is a big fan of placing fake spiders in random spots at Beaducation for the thrill of scaring us all.

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