February 10, 2017

Featured Maker: Joanna Zdzienicka at both Studio Simple and Bliss In Art

Though metal stamping has our heart, we love all types of jewelry making. This may explain why we really like the simplicity of Joanna's work with both resin and metal stamping. Let's meet Joanna.

Joanna Zdzienicka, Bliss in Art and Studio Simple
My name is Joanna Zdzienicka. I am wife, a mom of two girls, a perpetual learner, art lover and dreamer.

I'm passionate about calligraphy and jewelry. I find inspiration in nature, clean lines of minimalism and Japanese aesthetics.

My adventure with jewelry started about eight years ago with repairing and redesigning my own pieces, and I was immediately hooked. As with many others, I started with beading projects. I also remember a bracelet that I really liked but could never wear - it was so rewarding to be able to shorten it and make it fit perfectly! At one point I was able to marry jewelry and calligraphy and created a handwritten jewelry line.

Now, I am working with resin, wire wrapping and hand stamping techniques. I love exploring new materials and learning new skills, so this is definitely not the end! Right now I love making anything with a hammered texture and stamping - it adds so much character to even the simplest pieces.

My favorite metal design stamp so far is the Beaducation Original chevron stamp, which I enjoy using as an accent or border stamp. I love how metal stamping allows me to make a piece of jewelry more special and meaningful. Sometimes a simple personalization with an initial or name makes all the difference.

My friend encouraged me to open an Etsy shop and start offering handwritten necklaces. Since I just had a baby and wasn't working at that time, I gave it a try. I couldn't have imagined that it would turn into a full time business. It took many nights, enormous support from my husband, passion and perseverance to get where I am now.

You can find Joanna's jewelry on Etsy:
Bliss In Art - meaningful and inspirational
Studio Simple - minimalist and modern

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Bobbi Benton Stewart said...

Very simple and very beautiful. Love your pieces here.

Suzie said...

I like your pieces ,i also go for simple ....