February 28, 2017

Featured Maker: Collette Abercrombie Cumbes at Abercrombie Cumbes

Meet metal stamping artist and maker of super cute but still sophisticated jewelry, Collette Abercrombie Cumbes of Abercrombie Cumbes. We love her teeny tiny's and her overall style. Her pieces definitely promote love and happiness. Let us introduce you to Abercrombie Cumbes.

 Abercrombie Cumbes metal stamped hot air balloon earrings

How did Abercrombie Cumbes begin?
Abercrombie Cumbes (AC) was an idea inspired by sitting in a field back in 2013 at Glastonbury. It was a moment when I realized how unhappy I was in my 9-5. So, upon returning home, I quit my job and began making decisions wholly based on making our life a happier one.

 Abercrombie Cumbes Metal Stamped Fox Earrings

I started on my happy journey by developing AC. To start with, I got hooked on painting furniture which was great but it started to take over our home. I did a mix of furniture and home decor. Soon enough bunting, furniture and all sorts of craft delights filled the house.

 Abercrombie Cumbes Metal Stamped Owl Earrings

It wasn't long before I decided to streamline my crafts and focus on my hand stamping skills. Bashing metals with a hammer proved to be a fantastic stress relieving activity with the added bonus of being really good at it! I'm pretty nifty with a jewellers saw too.

So, from that point onwards we've been doing what we love and what makes us happy, creating our personalised gifts using high quality British made materials.

We recently got our hallmark so we will continue to develop our silver jewellery and gift range!

How many years have you been making jewelry?
Not for very long at all, I started making jewellery at the start of 2016.

What got you started in jewelry making?
I’ve always loved jewellery but have only ever had a few select pieces. Jewellery is such a personal thing to everyone. I’m so fussy about the feel, texture, weight and sound of jewelley I could never find things that were just right for me. I’d rather wear no jewellery that something I was unsure of.

Was there anything that helped you decide to start your own jewelry making business?
I guess that it was a natural progression to expand my skills. I always want to adapt my skills, learn more and to know how things work. I wanted to incorporate my hand stamping into it too. Working with silver meant that I could get my teeth into something new. It also meant I could make wonderful shiny things that I love!

What are your favorite kinds of jewelry to make?
I will only ever create something that I love, I think it's because I'm so fussy! I find more passion goes in to something you love and enjoy making. I love creating interlocking silver bangles, they make the most beautiful sound as they jingle with your natural movements. I’m head over heels for the teeny earrings I make too. They’re playful but subtle and super shiny too. A real triple threat!

Can you name some of your favorite metal design stamps?

The Beaducation fox stamp is my absolute favourite, the owl and the hot air balloon are battling out for second place at the moment. 

What do you love about metal stamping?
I love the diversity and the space for creativity that metal stamping offers. The popularity of hand stamping has boomed since I began whacking stamps with my hammer a couple of years ago. It’s accessible for those who want to give it a go and varied enough to let seasoned stampers showcase their own style and let their creativity run wild. 

In my time I’ve created such beautiful personal gifts, it’s been an absolute joy and so refreshing to get a little glimpse of the love people have for their significant other, their family and their friends. It’s also highly addictive, hand stamping can empty your bank account quicker than you can sell your latest make, especially with the ‘need’ for another font, design stamp or tool.

Learn more about Abercrombie Cumbes here or visit her online below.

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