December 30, 2016

Meet Jenn Medrano, Shipping Lead/Social Media for Beaducation

Jenn Medrano, Shipping Lead/Social Media
Joined Beaducation: 2009
Meet Jenn Medrano, Shipping Lead/Social Media
Jenn rules the Beaducation warehouse. You want to know why your package gets to you so quickly? It's because she makes sure it does! Our Shipping Department is so lean and mean because Jenn's vegan lifestyle has it runnin' like an organic machine! When she's not sketching at home or recreating black and white photos, she is baking up some vegan cinnamon rolls or healthy s'mores cupcakes (they are mad crazy tasty!). Jenn's an avid runner and in such great shape that if the postman doesn't pick up our packages one day, she might even be able to run your stamps to your home faster than USPS!

From Jenn
I met Lisa when I was in between jobs and training to become a Pilates instructor. My friend, Danelle, was already working here and mentioned that Beaducation needed some extra hands so I came by the office, met Lisa and the rest is history...

I've been with Beaducation for seven years! My favorite thing is that we all get along great and have fun, can't be mad at a work environment where there's so much laughter and creativity. I get to learn new things every day! We've grown a lot in the last five years! Classes have gone free, we've moved offices and are so close to outgrowing our warehouse again! So many new classes, techniques and shiny pretty products. We have 14k gold blanks! Bigger, better, everything is my vision in the next five years.

Jenn has mad drawing skillz and is at one with ceramics. She enjoys hiking, yoga and has perfect form when exercising. Jenn has a talent for creating order and systems that are literally an art form at Beaducation. She loves simple, small jewelry, Malbec wine, pasta, peanut butter cups, cheese, tropical scents, the beach, surfing, the coast, Fort Funston and Hawaii. Her child, Girl Doggie George and husband, Jorge are the loves of her life. She is a newlywed and her husband has perfect hair. Jenn loves little creatures like this fella here.
Jenn and Girl Doggie George

Little creatures that Jenn loves.

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