December 2, 2016

Meet Danelle Street, Purchasing Coordinator for Beaducation

Danelle Street, Purchasing Coordinator
Joined Beaducation: 2008
Meet Danelle Street, Purchasing Coordinator
Danelle loves all shiny pretty things especially sterling silver and gems mixed in with a heavy dose of design stamps and hammering. Torn between a variety of creative pursuits, she just can't decide between making jewelry, refinishing furniture, embellishing anything she can get her hands on, or making a big, yummy pot of soup.

From Danelle
I was working at a local bead shop (now closed) when I met Lisa. She was teaching her Say It On Your Wrist class...the classic LNK class. I've worked here since 2008 My favorite things? We laugh A LOT and Food...duh. ;)

The constant exposure to all of the new jewelry tools and supplies is also super inspiring. I am constantly writing down notes for future jewelry projects. Beaducation has gone from paid classes and the occasional DIY, You Tube FREE CLASSES, Lots of DIY's, Tons of You Tube and our Facebook and Instagram are growing everyday.

We have weathered the silver market storm. When it was REALLY expensive our base metals sold like hot cakes. Pewter and Aluminum has become more popular. We are able to support USA companies for tools and blanks because of the trends in base metal have increased. Our Beaducation Originals have BLOWN UP!

In the next five years I want 3D classes!!! LOL ....but seriously the technology will be insane in five years. Just like we are experimenting with "tasty" type videos, camera angles etc. I would love to see us interact more with local events. Lisa should write more books. We need more Beaducation Original design stamps and blanks. Possibly and finished jewelry section on our site!!!!!

I love everything that Beaducation stands for. We love what we do, we laugh and have fun, we are awesome at what we do, and are always looking for new techniques. Lisa supports us all as women, wives, moms, and as creative people! Its a first time an employer has done that for me!!! Truly unique.

Danelle has great fashion style, wears a very cute dress with very cute heels almost every day. She loves Wheezer, smoothies, seashells, high heels, Frenchies, Hawaii and she is hilarious. Her spirit animal is a grumpy old man and she is known to bust out in her "Old Man" voice without knowing it. Making sounds is her thing but she thinks her beat boxing skillz are weak (we disagree). Danelle secretly wants to be a boxer.

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