December 18, 2016

How to Build a Successful Jewelry Making Business with Organization, Efficiency & Planning

Hello everyone, today we address some super important parts of building a successful jewelry making business. Organization, efficiency and planning.

Organization is not the strongest suit of most creative individuals. Many work on impulse, take on too much, and leave things hanging when they get burned out. It would be nice if we could make what we want when want to and forget about other tasks but you know, sales and making money are nice too.

Building something does not guarantee that others will flock to see it. You can make the best products but your sales figures will not necessarily reflect the quality of merchandise. Even if people do spot you by chance, the results will still be much lower than what you could potentially earn by launching a good marketing campaign.

After a while, you may begin to feel anxious about the lack of sales and resort to a slapdash campaign. Creators will typically open multiple social media pages and post their items there in an effort to generate some buzz for the products. They might even write an article about them on a blog. These might work but most fail to gain traction.

A flurry of activity may make you feel better about yourself. I mean you are putting an effort into marketing right? However, a chaotic campaign may only tire you out without producing the results you desire. After all that running around, you may look around to see that you're still stuck in the same place as before. Let them come as they will, you think to yourself, while you concentrate on creation.

Hoping for buyers to come is not a very good strategy. But what is, you might ask. It should be pointed out that a lot of creatives have gone through this dilemma and came out the other side wiser. They figured out how to do both aspects of the business the right way. So instead, let's look at how to be successful at marketing for your jewelry making business.

Don't be sad, hoping for sales.
Be happy and enjoy life because you planned ahead.
After all, you didn't get into this business to be sad.
The secret is in organization. You must be able to plan ahead and think strategically. Once you have a blueprint, you must commit to it with unyielding consistency. This takes planning and it's totally worth the investment.

Start with a list of items you need and/or want to tackle. Make notes as to what each item entails and what is needed to complete it in both time and resources. Then prioritize your list and make a goal for date and time of completion. Be both realistic and committed.

We love Trello for organization. It's super easy to use and helps us in both immediate tasks as well as long term projects. Play around with it to find a way that works best for you. We are huge fans of the checklist option - it allows us (our whole team as you can invite members) to see where we are on projects. We communicate by adding comments and everything is trackable. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

Try not to repeat the same work over and over again especially for items you may be addressing on a regular basis. For example, marketing materials are great for promoting new products. Create a template(s) in Canva and save your work. Next time you have a new design to promote simply open that file in Canva and replace content. Your look and feel will remain consistent and you won't be recreating the wheel each time you have something new to tell the world about.

Being diligent in planning ahead can help in keeping your mood and business positive as you can be a step ahead instead of a step behind. You are always ready no matter what happens so you can relax and adjust quite easily when you need to. The posting of content can be pre-scheduled so you can go about your business even during hectic days and be confident that your marketing is being taken care of in a way that is actually helping you.

You may be releasing multiple business campaign materials throughout a season. Make sure that these are unified by a central idea for consistency. Planning out your year or at least quarter can prevent last minute rushes and help you focus on new designs and so much more.

We hope this tips are helpful to you. As always please use the comment section should you have any questions or any suggestions of your own to add. Also, see our blog, 5 of the Best Ways to Use Pinterest to Sell Your Jewelry for some great resources on posting and platforms to help make it just a bit easier.

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