November 16, 2016

Meet Claudia Navarette, General Manager of Beaducation

Claudia Navarette, General Manager of Beaduation
Joined Beaducation: 2006
(Lisa left, Claudia right)
Meet Claudia, General Manager
As General Manager of our crazy business, Claudia does it all! When she is not checking in with each department making sure everything is running smoothly, she is dancing. In fact, she is the best dancer who never tried out for 'So You Think You Can Dance.' We are glad because it means she won't become famous and leave us for Hollywood. How would Beaducation exist without her?

From Claudia

I met Lisa through a popular bead store in Palo Alto (only online now) I was working at. She was teaching Say It On Your Wrist at the store and also taught an employee class. It was the first time I had ever seen stamping and I was instantly thinking....this is AWESOME!

I started working here in 2006. I took time off to help run a family business for about a year in 2008 and was back at Beadyo in 2009.

I worked back when we were located in a tiny office in San Carlos and I was filming and editing the very first classes launched on When I came back I was doing the same but I was also in charge of HR and managing the office.

Watching the growth. It's crazy how you wake up one day and realize wow I have been watching this morph, grow and become amazing all these years!...AND that I get to work with my friends. I have known people from the bead store days (before Beadyo) and I have met so many new ones too. I consider everyone here family. It's great!

One of my favorite things is the technology and transformation of our website...inside and out. The changes made on an internal level are the ones that have changed a lot for all of us. And the look of the website has transformed into something even greater...a beautiful way to put out the message.

In the next five years I want more business! More exposure! It's such a fantastic product (all of it) that everyone should know about it:)

Claudia loves the color red, sugar skulls, makeup, hair stuff, Tequila and Hershey's kisses. As a baby she was found dancing in front of her mirror to Michael Jackson. She wasn't walking yet. This lady has some makeup skillz and has memorized thousands of lyrics. Today Claudia digs 90's, R&B and Rap and can drop it like it's hot.

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