November 2, 2016

How to Plan Successful Holiday Email Campaigns

Today's SOS (Shop Owner Series) is about helping you you get ready for the holidays! Before we even know it, the holiday season will be upon us, so you want to get right to those digital marketing campaigns that will drive increased sales to your business.

You can be at a much better advantage if you get started sooner than later. Let's get ready to take advantage of the mindset of your customers and the increased traffic this period brings with it. Your customers are geared up to click that buy-now button, and you want to welcome that response. That's why it is important you take a look at this five-step tips list so that your online business is totally prepared to respond when called upon.

1. Review Previous Holiday-Season Data
For some reason, this gold mine of important and valuable data is often overlooked by businesses that possess it. You want to know just where last year's holiday traffic actually came from. Was it organic traffic, paid search, social media or email marketing?

Doing this now allows you to aggressively pursue it this season. For example, if email marketing was the thing, you will want to get those email campaigns ramped up this year. And if a promotion you offered last year was a success, you will want to get on another one this season.

NOTE: Email marketing is SUPER effective. About 70% effective actually. That said, do not buy lists or spam your subscribers. Sometimes LESS is MORE. Provide valuable content and grow your list organically.

To do this, be sure you have a way for users to sign up for your newsletter easily. There are a lot of options out there, try Mailchimp. They are easy to use and have a ton of great features with competitive pricing.

2. Put Together Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns
As opposed to your traditional email campaigns, your holiday email campaign version will most likely be somewhat different. As an example of this, your traditional campaign may be geared to reach the consumer perhaps every 10-12 days or so.

You may want to be more aggressive in your holiday season approach. Never forget that the consumers are in a buying frame of mind right now and you don't want to miss out on that.

Ahead of time, you want to write your auto-responder and consider a funnel/auto workflow. Make the effort and take the time now to plan well how to entice and convert the email traffic you generate. Waiting too long to get this done is a recipe for conversion numbers that are going to be poor.

3. Make Certain Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly
Never forget, you need a mobile-friendly website. A good start is running your site through the mobile-friendly site Google offers, but it is with real visitors that you need to test your user experience.

A great idea is to ask employees family members and even total strangers to use their mobile devices to access your website and let them access your offers, navigate your pages, submit your forms and get in touch with your business. And make certain that they provide you bluntly honest feedback and if things are not right, let you know! Holiday visitors are ready to buy and you want to be certain that when they visit your website, they do not get frustrated or annoyed.

4. Map Out Holiday Content Marketing
When it comes to planning your holiday content, it is never too early to get going! Your goal should be to have everything ready ahead of time.

During the holiday season, you may want to increase your posting frequency. And with whoever is handling your SEO, you will want to discuss this early. Of course, around holiday specific keywords you will want to create your content.

5. Schedule Your Social-Media Posts For The Holiday Season
Now is the time to look into using an automated social-media tool, if you aren't already. All social media you never want to automate, but you will be glad to know you have posts always scheduled which will spark interaction and drive website traffic. Try Hootsuite and/or Later.

The key is holiday-specific images, messages and hashtags - during the holiday season, your approach will be a bit different. Try Hashtagify to find hashtags to boost your campaign.And do not be afraid to throw some direct offers out there during peak holiday season. People are going to be searching enthusiastically for good deals!

Our hope is that these tips help make it a great holiday season for you!

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