November 30, 2016

5 of the Best Ways to Use Pinterest to Sell Your Jewelry

The Pinner
Statistics show that 62% of all Pinterest users are female. Its largest demographic is people between the ages of 25 to 34. Many of the site's users have a University level education. They have a grasp of income matters. Another consideration is the visual aspect of Pinterest and it relies heavily on graphics to engage their target audience. That said, it is the perfect platform to showcase your jewelry. In addition, Pinterest has been moving into more of a shopping platform where users can buy something they see and like directly from their Pinterest account.

Setting Up A Business on Pinterest
Your first move is to open up a business account. The reason for getting a business account is because it gives you the option of viewing the analytics of your pins. You simply fill in all your business details in the section labeled 'Business Name' as well as a little information about the business.

Setting Up Your Profile on Pinterest
After you've chosen your username, location, and logo picture, you enter your website. There you'll be asked to verify your site (which means copying and pasting a bit of code and adding it to your site). It's really simple and is necessary to get you set up for Pinterest marketing.

Create Your Pinterest Board
After your profile is all set up it's time to create a few 'Boards' to pin your pictures to. Whenever you create your Board make sure to add in as much information as possible staying focused on your keywords to make your Board easy for people find.

Most people wonder how many Boards they should create and what topics should they cover. Usually, anywhere between 10 and 20 works well. It makes your profile appear to be full and rich in content. That encourages others to 'follow' your profile so they can keep up with your posts.

I know it sounds like a high number of Boards and maybe a lot of work. However, you can create each Board to be as specific as you want. The best approach is to decide what your target market is and create Boards you believe will appeal to those people.

Just to give you an example, let's say you own a Jewelry business. You could create Boards like these:
  • Spring Jewelry Trends (adding the year can give you more relevance and traction)
  • Summer Jewelry Beach (or your style "Vintage", etc.)
  • Fall Jewelry
  • Winter Jewelry 2016
  • Jewelry Gifts
  • Wedding Jewelry (in the description use "Bridal Jewelry" so you have a chance to cover both searches)
and as many more as you like and believe will attract people to your business.

It's good to think a little outside of the box in determining what Boards to create. While you want to stay focused on your products there are a lot of subjects and products that fall just outside the perimeter of your theme that your target audience would find interesting.

Be sure to choose cover images to go onto your Boards that follow your basic them or style. That way when people are viewing your profile they'll get a good idea about your brand, even without visiting your website.

Using Pinterest For Business Purposes
Here are a few business tips on how to take advantage of the power of Pinterest for your business:

(1) Create 'Rich' Pins and add "Buyable Pins" if you can

With Rich Pins you can add a little more detail to your website pins. Pinterest will display your website URL as well as take your blog post description and add it to your pin automatically. That's the advantage of having Rich pins. They can also include the price. If your website is built on Shopify, DemandWare, BigCommerce or Magento you will have the option for Buyable Pins which are uh-mazing.

Using Rich Pins is very easy to do. All you do is add some code onto your site. Be sure you fill in all of you 'Alt Tags' for your website graphics. Even with Rich pins having a keyword rich description makes it easier for people to find your content.

Whenever you pin an image you've found on a website you might see the descriptions has already been pre-filled for you. That's because the Alt Tags were filled in. It always pays to maximize every tool in the toolbox to attract the most people you can to your site.

(2) Create Specific Sizes and Shapes of Images on Pinterest
Try Canva to create your Pinterest images. They have a "Pinterest" template. Be sure to save your work and name it correctly. You can copy it for next time and replace the content which will save you some time.

(3) Schedule Your Regular Pins by Using Tailwind
You can set up to have a specific number of pins to be posted regularly throughout the day. That includes on your group Boards as well. Pinterest has a lot of fun and powerful features to take advantage of. Tailwind can help you plan out your time on Pinterest, post to boards and monitor which boards and posts are performing well as well as those that are not.

(4) Check Your Links But Pin a Mixed Quality of Content
Your content should contain some of other people's content. Don't make the mistake of just pinning your own. Look around on Pinterest and pin things from other people as well. There's really no magic formula for how much of your own and how much of other people's to pin, but a healthy balance is recommended. Be sure to post back to your website for your own pins so you can drive traffic there with the goal of converting visitors into customers.

View your analytics and tweak it to see if there is an equation that works better for you. In time you'll find a good formula for your Pinterest model. When pinning other people's content you need to check the links to make sure they work before pinning them to your Board. Many pins have broken links and a lot of them take people to spammy sites with a lot of aggravating pop-up ads. That will cause people to avoid you. You want to ensure that your visitors have a pleasurable experience and don't go away irritated.

(5) Pin to Group Boards
You can utilize PinGroupie to help find group Boards. This is where a lot of people are contributing to the same Board. Search by title, description, or category. You can see how many followers are there and how many repins and likes for each post.

TIP - Try to join with groups that show a high 'repin-per-post' rate. That way you'll get the maximum exposure to that group's followers.

(6) Always Review Your Analytics
Your analytics will reveal statistics that will help you know how to tweak your pins. It will show which ones are getting a lot of traffic and which ones are not. You can basically find out what's working and what isn't and tweak things accordingly.

When used well, Pinterest can be a great tool in being discovered by potential customers, staying connected with current customers and driving traffic to your website which can help you perform better in organic online searches.

We hope these tips help you. Find more Shop Owner Series (SOS) below and if you have any questions or would like to add some of your own tips that you've found helpful, please enter in the comments below.

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