September 2, 2016

Work Hard, Play Hard: 5 Years Later

September is a special month for us. It marks nine years in business with steady growth. We've come a long way baby.

Five years ago, we moved into our new space. We shared our progress with you then and we are sharing once again. If you missed our blog on our new space five years ago, you can see it here. It's pretty cool looking back. 

But first, a bit of Beaducation office space history.

It all started in my studio at my house, just 110 square feet. It wasn't long before it was time to expand. Hiring staff and teaching in studio classes required a larger space. I remember panic setting in at our new 565 sq. foot space. I thought to myself, "can I sustain this big place and rent?"
Expanding our space to 2000 sq. feet!

One and a half years later we moved down the street into a 1000 sq. foot building. It took us two years to bust a door in the wall to take over the place next door. We were at 2000 sq. feet!!!

Almost two years after that we moved into this big, gorgeous, perfect space at 6000 square panic this time, I knew we were ready! We got a deal on this place cause it needed a lot of work. But we had an excellent vision and saw right through the cosmetic ruin.

With some hard work we made it a space we still very much love today.

The Main Office Before, 5 Years Ago

The Main Office After, 5 Years Ago

We have grown into our space quite nicely. This is where we work hard, play hard and sometimes even play the drums...

We kept our disco ball because, well, disco ball. 

Working space, work outs, music and disco ball yo!

Moving into this space brought big change for the company. With room to spread out, our employees got much more productive. 

Our dedicated sound proof "Shootio" allowed us to shoot a ton of product videos and classes.

Our "Shootio"

Our inventory has continued to expand as we bring in new products so the extra space has been helpful for sure! We went from bones...

Inventory & Shipping Before, 5 Years Ago a pretty space in which to ship you all kinds of metal design stamps, metal stamping blanks and jewelry making tools and jewelry making supplies to....

Inventory & Shipping After, 5 Years Ago

...a very full space with more and more inventory...

Inventory & Shipping Today we could do this!

Just another day shipping our wonderful customers all kinds of jewelry making goodies.

JP in Shipping (front) and Colin from Inventory (peeking in to say "hi")

We have a huge kitchen meeting space, a huge space for our creative team...AND most importantly, I have my own bathroom.

I think that means we are big time now :)

Claudia, General Manager (left), Danelle, Purchasing Coordinator (back) & Lisa, Founder & CEO (front)

What is space if you don't have great people to fill it? As we have grown in space, my team has also grown.

Fun Fact: Over 80% of my team has been with Beaducation for five years or more! 

But even after five years, some things remain the same. Like our gnome for example.

He is still with us, happy and wise as ever. 

Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with us! Stay tuned as our 10 year anniversary is just around the corner!!

Join us here as we celebrate one of our team members every month and get to know the people of Beaducation!


Unknown said...

Lovely! Thank you for this, so inspiring. Wonderful to see such a great team and work environment. Wishing you continued success!

Renee M said...

Happy work anniversary! :)

Unknown said...

What a lovely email and thanks for sharing! Now I know what you guys look like behind the scenes!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad! I love your space! Congratulations on such a great space! And on your continuation of the art.

Unknown said...

Great story (and a very impressive/artful space)