September 19, 2016

Metal Design Stamps: Unintended Uses

We love thinking out of the box. Creative people usually do, we see it all the time in our industry. So we thought it would be fun to share with you some jewelry making DIY's that included using product for their unintended purpose. It all started with moons....

This month you could say we are slightly obsessed with moons. Perhaps it's because Halloween is just around the corner we aren't really sure but love them we do. So much in fact that we are thrilled to share with you our NEW Moon Metal Stamping Blanks. They are SO much fun to work with!

Danelle, one of our super talented designers, has created a very cool look for her moon necklace, "La Luna". We love how she used our heart stamp for lips, our half sun for eyelashes and dressed up this moon.

How did she get here? With her "no rules" approach - let it flow people, let it flow.

Do you like to doodle? Sometimes stamping can be like a doodle. Call it a collage, mandala, or a doodle: all of these different techniques use multiple small shapes and designs in repetition. Rethink how you use a stamp! Layer them. Use half of them. Turn them upside down or sideways! THERE ARE NO RULES. Find everything you need to make this project here.

Speaking of no are some rule breaking ideas that step way outside the stamps intended purpose - let's call it Unintentional Stamping...

Any guesses on what was used here? Take a peek below for the answers:

Beaducation Kismet Uppercase Letter Stamp Set 1/8" (3.2mm)
 - We used the letter "O" for the border around the eyes.

Lacey Heart Design Stamp-Beaducation Original - we used this for the nose.

USA Made Block Uppercase Letter & Number Stamp Set 3/32" (2.4mm) - We used the letter "U" for the teeth.

USA Made Block Uppercase Letter & Number Stamp Set 1/16" (1.6mm) - We continued to use the letter "U" for smaller teeth.

Open Teardrop Design Stamp - We used this stamp for the lips.

Find everything you need to make this sugar skull project here.

Longitude and Latitude
Are you inspired by locations? Do you find direction and placement stir nostalgia within you? Why not make a lovely piece of jewelry that has the longitude and latitude of a special place that is personal to you? We love how this piece looks with the additional border stamping on the larger blank. The piece is kept together with rivets and hangs from two jump rings. 

Ornate Key Design Stamp - Beaducation Original - $10.50 - We used this stamp as the border stamp on the back blank.

Find everything you need to make this project here.

Are you looking for a handmade gift to welcome a new arrival? Our medium square design stamp makes a perfect building block! Add in some fun design stamps and a name, and you have created a favorite pendant or gift tag for a new mother!

A great way to use square stamps, Medium Square Design Stamp - $9.75. Find everything you need for this project here

Sunburst Necklace
Who's your sunshine? Let them know how they light up your life with this textured soldered pendant.

Beaducation Kismet Uppercase Letter Stamp Set 1/8" (3.2mm) - "V" for the pattern. Find everything you need to make this necklace here

Monogram Stamped Borders
Have you ever wanted an ornate border to frame your jewelry creations? With this DIY project, you can stamp your own lovely borders that work with any shape of blank you choose! We love how our beautiful monogram design stamps have just enough flourish that they look like lace, lattice work or curls when stamped together. Can you see where we used the following metal design stamps in the project below?

Monogram Letter "O" 6mmMonogram Letter "Q" 6mmMonogram Letter "V" 6mmMonogram Letter "X" 6mmMonogram Letter "Y" 6mm, and Monogram Letter "Z" 6mm. Find everything you need to make these here

Fun Fact: When a month has two full moons, the second full moon is called a blue moon. Another definition of a blue moon is the third full moon in any season (quarter of year) containing four total full moons. So when you say "once in a blue moon" you could be saying "four times a year". Be advised LOL! And mention our Fun Fact in your next order for a FREE GIFT!

Want to share your "unintendeds" with us? Tag us #Beaducation

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