September 11, 2016

Meet Colin Mahler, Receiving Coordinator for Beaducation

Colin Mahler, Receiving Coordinator
Joined Beaducation: 2006
Meet Colin Mahler, Receiving Coordinator
Colin is the fastest counter we know, which makes her very good at her job. She is also meticulous and a sucker for details! She catalogues all of our products as they arrive on our doorstep, updates current prices, re-packages items and puts everything in the correct spot. She also manages our Etsy store and Amazon presence. 

But Colin is more than just a numbers whiz. She knows her way around a jeweler's bench with 26 years of experience, nine of which have specialized in chainmail. You may recognize her as the teacher in our chainmail classes! Jewelry is a big part of Colin's life at work and at home, but she still finds time to read, cook (and eat!), and spend time with family (including new baby!) and friends.

Colin's gorgeous chainmaille pieces can be found on her etsy store, Wolfstone Jewelry!

From Colin
I met Lisa while I was working at The Bead Shop in Palo Alto. She was one of the instructors there. After I lost my job, I ran into Lisa at a gem show and she said she was looking for some help. She ended up hiring me to paint the new office space she was moving into (where Beaducation was born!) and then kept me around to help fill orders and do other random things.

I have worked with Lisa since 2006 (I think, maybe 2005). I lived in Arkansas from the end of 2008 to early 2013, and continued to travel and work trade shows with Beaducation, shoot chainmaille classes and do any work that was available for me to do remotely. I came back to work here as inventory assistant in March of 2013.

My favorite thing about working with Beaducation is the people and the culture that Lisa has cultivated. We work hard and play hard, sometimes at the same time. Lisa truly cares about her employees and tries to provide as many benefits as she is able, as well as making this a fun place to work.

So many things have changed. Classes went from paid to free, the look of the site has changed at least twice, we stopped showing at trade shows, and we have an awesome new admin system that continues to be tweaked to meet our various needs. Not to mention our new and amazing staff members.

I hope in the next 5 years we carry on being awesome, maybe tighten up our timing on bringing in new products that are on trend, and hopefully widen our customer base. I hope to report back in 5 years that we are still amazing and helping people learn and grow.

Colin's laugh is super infectious - she often has the rest of us laughing with her. She recently had the most adorable little boy and brings her funny little dog Gamble to work daily. This tall and beautiful lady is super strong, kind and she makes the most intricate, gorgeous chainmaile and Byzantine jewelry pieces. She is an outstanding baker that literally gets stalked come holiday time because her baked goodies are all we think about starting in August. Ok July.

Colin & Lincoln
Gamble with his squinty eye look.

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