October 24, 2016

How to Build My Etsy Store for My Jewelry Business

Hey everyone, welcome to another Shop Owner Series (SOS) to help our customers grow! Find out how to build your Etsy store for your jewelry making business below:

Designing and making jewelry is one thing and as we know, technology is another. Sometimes a few tips can help take off the edge when trying something new, like starting a new business and building your Etsy store. Here are a few simple tips to help make your new business experience a more smooth and manageable event.

With all the new terminology, strategies, and concepts for success you have to learn, you might feel as if you just landed on another planet. Successfully selling on Etsy takes some thoughtful planning. Once you get a feel for how everything works you'll be on your way. Hopefully these tips will help you get there quicker and easier:

Gather The Essentials
There are key building blocks that you'll need to assemble ahead of time. These will assist you in making the process quicker, easier, and a lot more stress-free. The first move is downloading the Quick-Start Checklist. With that you'll have all you need to get started including item prices, photos, and the routing number of your bank.

Choosing Your Etsy Store Name
Sometimes this is the easiest thing to do, other times nothing sounds right so be patient with yourself and make sure you love what you come up with before committing to it. It also helps to be a bit open minded and consider a backup in the event the name you love is already taken.

If you are still undecided, you can still create your Etsy shop anyway. Names are a huge part of the marketing strategies and there are plenty of them that will do just fine. Here is an article on naming your shop from Etsy that we found helpful.

NOTE: Names can be changed as many times as you like before you open, so don't spend an excessive amount of time on it at first. Once you've opened, however, you can only change it once more (current as of 10/2016.)

Set Goals That Are Both Specific And Realistic

Think your goals over and set both short-term and long-term goals that you believe should be attainable without having to stress and sweat everyday. Then, as the days go by gauge how things are going. You'll get a feel for how to gauge how things are actually working out in light of your expectations.

One of the good things about goals is that you can adjust things around them (time frame included) without having to turn loose of them. Just keep working toward them and eventually you'll get there. The main thing is to not get carried away and to stay focused.

If things aren't going as planned maybe it's time to change your strategies. Most any new business goes through these 'glitches'.

Don't be too hard on yourself if things seem to be moving too slow and be sure to give yourself a reasonable amount of time to see if your efforts are working. Work on a smaller objective, something that you can see happening quicker. Each successful step will bring more confidence and joy from your efforts.

Some people who are selling very well on Etsy began with the same scenario described above. They took a step back after their initial few weeks, changed a few things, then started to make sales and have never looked back. The main thing is NEVER GIVE UP. That's a key phrase that you'll hear from any successful business person.

Read articles about people who have already succeeded on Etsy (Lessons from 10 Successful Etsy Shops). There is also a Seller Handbook Blog where you can pick up some valuable tips and advice. Copy what successful sellers before you have already proven to work.

Choose Your Etsy Keywords Carefully

Keywords are gold. One of the best ways to attract the right customers is to "be them". This means you put yourself in their shoes, literally. What would you search for if you were looking to buy something you sell? Add those keywords into your titles and product descriptions. That will attract 'organic' search engine traffic, which increases your chances of making sales.

Anyone shopping on Etsy will naturally type in what product they're looking for. They type in a phrase or product name into their search engine hoping to find what they want. Try this, you may be surprised with what comes up first in search. This will help you choose your keywords.

Yes you want to have some general keywords like "jewelry" or "sterling" but also be specific. If your piece has a ruby in it, add the keyword "ruby". If you use a design stamp of a dandelion, add that word too. Build a keyword list custom to each piece, not a general list for all your products.

You should keep track of your Shop Stats by checking them at least once or twice a week. To do this go to 'Your Shop' > 'Stats' and you'll be able to see which keywords are producing the best. The good thing is that those that aren't working can always be changed. Try some new ones and tweak your listing until you start making some decent money. Never stop trying to improve your business and sales. Even if you are on fire, there is always room for improvement.

Step Up Your Photo Game

People just want to buy things that look amazing and usually a lot more than things that do not look as amazing, right? The usual Etsy seller is by no means a professional photographer. It will amaze you at how much of a difference photos make in terms of sales. This is a mistake a lot of beginners make. They think any photo will do if the people are really looking for that product. That just doesn't wash in the world of online sales.

Photos are one of the crucial keys in making sales and having a successful online business so take yours accordingly. Think both outside the box AND long term - you do not want to date yourself in a year.

Put Your Best Storefront Forward

Everybody has been to brick-and-mortar stores that left them with either a good or bad first impression. It's the same with your Etsy shop. If you want customers to stick around you have to give them a comfortable environment. Offer a fantastic selection of products and prices. These can be tweaked as you go along to improve sales. Excellent customer service and quick and friendly communication is very important to the buyer.

Getting Up and Running is More Important Than Perfection

Once you get everything you need to get started, then you can start tweaking and changing things to create a better system. A good business is open to change and usually dynamic so expect things to change. Perfection is an elusive goal but still a good direction to work toward. Don't expect to get it right out of the gate. It takes time to build a business.

What you should strive for is to have fun with your new business. Don't let everything seem like life or death. It will all come together in due time as long as you're persistent in your efforts. The main thing is to get started and continue on with a fun attitude and open-minded approach to learning the skills you need.

Have questions or want to add your tips? Enter in the comments below :)

We wish you the best in your new venture! Stay tuned for more helpful tips!

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