September 19, 2016

Free Ring Making Tutorials: Ring Up Your Game

Let's make some rings! Learn to solder rings, learn to rivet rings, learn to metal stamp rings, learn to make chainmaile rings - we can show you how! And all with our free ring making classes.

Try our NEW class by Instructor, Aisha Formanski

Stackable Rings
Create your very own unique and beautiful stacked rings! Instructor Aisha Formanski teaches you how to size, cut, shape and solder rings that will fit perfectly. The class takes the technique to the next level by adding texture and small blanks to the rings to add variety when stacked. 

We just recently added these cuties to our inventory - check out our new solderables here. This is a beginning level class for the jewelry maker who has been waiting to start soldering. The wait is over, let's solder! 

Find everything you need to stack up these rings here.

Twisted, Knotted and Fused
Use Fine Silver wire to make rings! In this class, learn basic skills like texturing, stamping, twisting, knotting and proper ring sizing with Instructor Kriss Silva. The objective in class will be to make rings but these same skills can also be useful in modifying rings into components. 

Find everything you need to get twisted, knotted and fused up here

Make rings and set stones! You can do it and Kate Richbourg makes it easy in this online class. First, learn to size and fabricate a band ring. Next, make a bezel, solder it to the band and set a stone. You will want to make a ring for every finger!

Find everything you need to solder and bezel your heart out for these rings here.

Stamping on Rings
Simple ring bands are the perfect blank canvas for stamped designs. Personalized bands are really popular, make great gifts and are fun to stamp. In this FREE class with Kate Richbourg, you’ll learn how to set up your ring for stamping, along with tips and tricks for getting clear stamped impressions on the band.

Find everything you need to stamp your heart out here.
In this class, you’ll learn to cut, file, shape and rivet to make this stunning tabbed ring. This class is considered Intermediate because of the three techniques you’ll be using.

Before diving into this project brush up on your riveting, shaping and stamping. No need for heat in this project, it’s all cold connections! Aisha Formanski shares her tips for success while avoiding common pitfalls in sizing and finishing. Once you make one, you will want to make a million!

Find everything you need to rivet these cute rings here.

Adorn your fingers and dazzle your friends with riveted rings. In this lively class, instructor Tracy Stanley teaches how to make these show-stopping pieces. Make them simple and sleek or stack them sky high. The choice is yours.

This class is perfect for the beginner who has had some wire or metalworking experience. The more advanced student will also enjoy Tracy’s tips and tricks for making these beautiful rings. 

In class, you will learn how to shape and size a ring band, punch holes in metal, use eyelets and make your own wire rivets as well as Tracy’s special technique for making impressions on metal without the use of a rolling mill.

Find everything you need to rivet these ring designs here.

6-in-1 Chainmail Ring
Learn to make a lovely, slinky ring for your finger! Colin takes the traditional 6 in 1 chain weave and turns it into a real fashion statement. This class is for the Intermediate chain-maker. We recommend the FREE Introduction to Chainmaille or Byzantine Chain Class.

Find everything you need to make chain mail rings here.
Woven Rings
If you love working with chain and wire, you will love this class! This design created by Kriss Silva is truly unique and she is happy to share her weaving secrets that can be applied to making this awesome ring or maybe even a bracelet. Learn how to weave this solid ring, measure the right length for your ring, finishing the weave to form the band, and embellish it with a beautiful bead. 

Find everything you need to make these gorgeous rings with chain and wire here.

The Hug Ring
Using a torch, weaving wire and having it result in a beautiful ring; what could be better? In this class, wire expert Lisa Claxton, shares her unique design, The Hug Ring. This is the perfect class for the experienced wire worker who wants to jump into the world of fusing metal. Students will learn to combine these two techniques, plus tips and tricks on how to make stylish variations on this design. 

Find everything you need to torch, wire and create this ring here.

We hope you loved these rings as much as we do and that you even learned some new ring making techniques. As always, please share with us! #Beaducation

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