September 15, 2016

Fall Jewelry Ideas: Leaves of Joy

We love Fall and all of the gorgeous colors that come with this beautifully rich season. Browns, greens, mustard colors, plum and more. I remember visiting Seattle, Washington in Fall and finding an insane amount of inspiration from the trees and their leaves.

So in honor of Seattle and their breathtaking trees in Fall - here are some ideas.

Leaf Cascade Earrings
These earrings are a great way to show off autumnal colors all year round! With our lovely leaf blank, these are easy to make and great to wear. You will love how they sway and move on your ears. Think about stamping various patterns on a leaf to make one or more of them really pop.

Find everything you need to make these Fall inspired earrings here.

Leaf Cascade Earrings

Cascading Leaf Necklace
These stamped golden leaves are really just our guitar pick blanks in disguise! With a variety of sizes (four total) to choose from, you can create a lovely cascading necklace that will look great with every outfit.

Find everything you need to create this beautiful cascading leaf necklace here.
Stamped and Layered Leaf Pendant
This necklace is a fun way to hone your stamping, riveting and sawing skills. We used three layers of sheet metal to create this piece. The top layer is brass sheet metal that has been cut out to create little "windows" to the next layer. 

The middle layer then has an assortment of design stamps, all stamped within the different sections. And the third layer is more copper sheet that has a quote stamped on it so both the front and the back are feature elements! The whole thing is then riveted together to create a statement piece.

Find all the items need to make this beautiful Stamped and Layered Leaf Pendant necklace here

Stamped and Layered Leaf Pendant

Let us know what you think in the comments and don't forget to share what you create with us #Beaducation.

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