August 22, 2016

Metal Stamping Tools: Sugar Skulls Halloween Jewelry Ideas

For some of us Halloween is it. We live for this holiday. It's our all time favorite. I mean what's not to love? You get to dress up as anything you want and you get free candy plus parties. It's awesome.

That said, here are some Metal Stamping Halloween Jewelry Making Ideas you may just have to have in your life. Sugar Skulls are a personal favorite of ours. Take a peek....

Sugar Skull Crystal Earrings
These sassy earrings are perfect for Halloween, Day of the Dead, or really any time of the year! Make the design your own up by adding names, other symbols, or by changing the briolette color.

Find everything you need to make these sugar skull earrings here.

Sugar Skull Crystal Earrings
This necklace is great for all those folks who love to celebrate The Day of the Dead (you know who you are)! We took a sheet of 24 gauge copper and cut out a rounded shape of a skull.

We then took some of our favorite design stamps and stamped out our own version of a sugar skull. It was fun placing flowers for eyes and embellishing with swallows, stars and hearts! Use this image as a guide, or check out our cute little sugar skull design stamp for inspiration.

Find all the items needed to create this sugar skull necklace here

Large Sugar Skull Pendant
As always, we would love to see what you create! Share with us! #Beaducation

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