August 17, 2016

DIY Jewelry Ideas - 7 Necklaces You Need In Your Life

We love us some necklaces! Below are a few ideas from three different mediums: Resin, Enamel, Metal Stamping Blanks and Charms.

If you are new at making jewelry, don't worry! We have tons of classes for all levels to help teach you different jewelry making techniques, how to use different jewelry making tools and so much more.

See our extensive collection of jewelry making tutorials here.

Resin is MAGIC! It can be a time capsule, preserving delicate petals, papers...practically anything. It can suspend pieces to create a multi-dimensional effect. It can be your next obsession. Find all the items you need to create this necklace here.

Learn how to work with resin with these two free online jewelry making classes: 

Enameled Rainbow Necklace

These enameled rectangles are a great way to keep a physical sample of all your enamel colors. Link them together to form a colorful necklace or a wrapped bracelet. Find all the items you need to make this necklace here.

Never enameled before? No worries, take these free online enameling tutorials:

Keeping it Simple with Metal Stamping Blanks

Fringe Benefits Necklace

Can something be simple yet super duper stylish at the same time? Yes! This necklace is the literal answer to that question. Simple design with super duper stylish fringe.

Every time I see fringe it makes me want to shake! Admit it. You do it too. Find all of the items you need to create this necklace here

New to working with jump rings? Learn the basics here

How Many Half Circles Make a Whole Necklace?

School has taught me many things including fractions...but this math problem has one answer! The answer is: as many Half Circle Metal Blanks as you want.

You will have a necklace that will be the envy of every mathematician. I think Einstein and Newton would fight over these pieces cause they're genius!!! Find all the items to make this necklace here

For help with jump rings, click here

Charming Necklaces

Have you ever looked at the way a gal layers her necklaces and thought, I wish I could pull that off? YOU CAN! Try using your focus blank in a different location or direction. When layered with another necklace it helps all the focal pieces to be seen better. 

Check out the Owl Always <3 U vs. the Smith stamped rectangle. Same concept in stamped rectangles...but the Smith blank will lay vertically on the side because the weight of the Rivoli will keep that as the center drop. Layers are fun to wear. Give it a try. 

Another lil' design tip...use only a portion of a design stamp to add small details to a blank. Our Southwestern Design Stamps work great for this technique. Look at how pretty the "P" looks with the added flourish!

If you are new to making handmade metal stamped jewelry, learn how to metal stamp here

Is your wrist getting too heavy from your charm bracelet? Now you can use these Open Frame Hexagons to hold even more charms! Wear it on a long chain, layered with your other favorite necklaces for that chic boho, music festival look.

For the opposite look, pair it with a short delicate chain and you have a clean polished accessory. These hexagons have so many possibilities. I love em!!! Find all the items you need to make these charming necklaces here

We hope you enjoyed these necklaces as much as we enjoyed sharing with you. We would love to see what you create! Please share with us #beaducation. 

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