August 30, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Beaducation Originals

Ever wonder what goes into a Beaducation Original? What takes place to make it happen? Wonder no more my friends! This is how the magic happens.

Mel McCabe, Product Manager (aka Stamp Design Extraordinaire) listens to our customers and keeps a list of requests. She also has her own list of ideas for designs she feels our customers will fall in love with. 

Lisa Niven Kelly, Founder & CEO and Mel McCabe, Product Manager
Working on our new Beaducation Originals Succulent Stamps!
Coming Soon!!

She will then draw out the idea for approval by Lisa Niven Kelly, Founder and CEO of Beaducation. Lisa makes the decision whether or not we move forward with the design and offers her input to help make the design the best it can be. If it's a go, our amazing Senior Designer, Lilly Wong, will create the artwork.

The design may go through a couple of revisions until our team feels it's perfect. Then it gets sent off for production.

To date we have over 150 Beaducation Original Metal Design Stamps and almost 200 Beaducation Original Metal Stamping Blanks!

Did you know that our Beaducation Original Designs Stamps AND Letter Sets are all Made in the USA! Each of our letter sets are the highest quality sets in production. They are nickel plated to prevent rust. Each stamp has been engraved perfectly for accurate and easy stamping. No other sets can say that.

The letters are precise and come in a wooden case with a little home for each stamp. The letter of each stamp is engraved on the side of the shank.

Our Beaducation Original Design Stamps are crisp, detailed and all Made in the USA. We work hard to diligently design every detail to make them special, unique and current. Shown below is our newest addition to the Southwest Collection.

Radiant Lines Design Stamp

Have you seen the lines on our Beaducation Original Latte Metal Design Stamp? How about our Beaducation Original Swallows Metal Design Stamps? You will not find those details on any other design stamps anywhere for this kind of price!

Latte Design Stamp

Swallow Design Stamps
This necklace design idea shows Beaducation Originals Garden Branch Border Metal Design Stamp and the Beaducation Original 7mm Kismet "M" Metal Design Stamp. The incredibly detailed dots and the font were hand drawn by Lisa!

Garden Branch Border Stamp & Kismet "M"

We have a large variety of copper stamping blanks that we have designed in house. Below are just a few, see more here.

Our Pewter Beaducation Originals are also made in America! They will always be in stock because they only have a 10 day turn around time. They are individually cast and lead and cadmium free from conflict-free mines! Below are just a few, see more here

Our hand cast sterling pieces are made by artisans who have been casting these pieces for generations. Each design was created by Lisa or her design team exclusively for Beaducation customers. Below are just a few, see more here.

We receive a prototype of everything we design. Lisa personally tests it to be sure it meets her standards before we release it to our fabulous customers.

So folks, that is how we do it here at Beaducation. Every original that we create goes through a rigorous process to make sure we bring you high quality metal design stamps and stamping blanks.

If you have used our Beaducation Originals we would LOVE to see your work - please share with us #Beaducation

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