June 3, 2016

Owl Always Love You (fun owl facts included)

So we have a confession...we love owls. So much in fact that we designed original metal owl stamps and boy have we been having some fun. Read on for inspiration and some fun owl facts.

Layering for Necklaces
Have you ever looked at the way a gal layers her necklaces and thought, I wish I could pull that off? YOU CAN! Try using your focus blank in a different location or direction. When layered with another necklace it helps all the focul pieces to be seen better.

DIY Design Idea: Owl Always <3 You
Find everything you need here!

Love these metal owl stamps? Get them here!

Owl Jewelry Inspiration

Owl Jewelry Inspiration, Necklaces & Metal Stamping

Owl Jewelry Inspiration, Necklaces & Metal Stamping

Using Solderable Accents
Solderable accents are fun and fast to use. Turn a blank into your own custom designed pendant! Watch Free Simple Soldered Pendants for great instructions and Free Torch Safety Talk for essential safety tips.

Owl Jewelry Inspiration, Soldering Pendants for Necklaces

Owl Jewelry Inspiration, Soldering Pendants for Necklaces

And finally, for you true owl lovers, some fun owl facts.
  • Most Owls are active at dusk and dawn. They spend the daytime at a quiet, inconspicuous roost. 
  • Owls can be found roosting singly, in pairs or in family groups. 
  • A group of Owls is called a parliament (oh fancy). 
  • An Owl's daily activity begins (much like ours) with preening, stretching, yawning and combing its head with its claws. 
  • The plumage is often ruffled up, while claws and toes are cleaned by nibbling with the beak. 
  • Owls are very expressive in their body language. They will bob and weave their head, as if curious about something. It's very cute, and that is a fact.

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