June 3, 2016

Birds of a Feather, Make Crazy Cool Stamped Jewelry Together

Our Fascination with Feathers

You may have noticed how much we love feathers from, well, the crazy number of feather blanks, metal design stamps and design ideas we have. If you too are a fan of feathers, let's flock together...with these fun feather ideas, inspiration and of course, NEW Beaducation Original Feather Blanks in SIX different metals!
Brass  |  Aluminum  |  Copper  |  Nickel  | Sterling Silver  |  Gold Filled

Beginning Stampers
New to stamping on metal? No problem! Take this 5-Minute Metal Stamping Tutorial and start stamping your little heart today. 

Stamped metal jewelry is not only fun and easy, it's all the rage right now! In this quick 5-minute tutorial video, Lisa introduces you to the basic tools and techniques to make your own personalized jewelry.

Advanced Stampers
Wanna delve even deeper into this technique? If you are an advanced stamper, check out Lisa's more extensive class, Stamping on Metal

Here are four uh-mazing (if we do say so ourselves) feather stamps that we can barely keep in stock. They have been a huge hit with our customers so far and we hope you love them as well. 


Metal Stamped Necklace Inspiration
And of course, what is a stamp without some ideas? So here you are...share with us at #beaducation if you want to show off your creation.

Click on the images to find everything you need to make that necklace.


You Charmer You
Finally, for all of you charmers, we have feathers for you too.

We can't resist the boho look of this dream catcher necklace, and it's super fun to make to boot. Combine Lisa Niven Kelly's Spiro Pendant with our feather charms and you will have happy dreams too! Remember, we have lots of leather if chain's not your jam.  See a cute dream catcher metal stamp below.


Dream Catcher Metal Design Stamp & Feather Stencil / Template
Just when you thought you were all feathered out...a cute dream catcher metal stamp and feather stencil / template to give you even more options.
We hope you enjoyed this blog as much as we enjoyed creating it. 

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