July 11, 2016

4 Ways to Use a Half Circle

So we keep hearing "less is more" and we think Danelle hit the mark on this one with her half circles necklace and earrings. While we are working with half the circle we are certainly getting a big bang and well, more.

Danelle asks "How Many Half Circles Make a Whole Necklace"?

School has taught me many things including fractions...but this math problem has one answer! The answer is: as many Half Circle Blanks as you want. You will have a necklace that will be the envy of every mathematician. I think Einstein and Newton would fight over these pieces because they're genius!!!

We have to agree. Get the steps and a list of all the items you need to make this necklace and earrings here.

Want something less shiny and more textured? No problem - take a peek at this half circle necklace. Learn how to Punch Metal Jewelry or how to Stamp on Metal.

And of course, our signature, Metal Stamping. The simplicity of this necklace leaves room for so much. Put the name of your love, your child, your pet, yourself, a short quote, a flower and so much more. Search our stamps for inspiration or something new to add to your collection.

Share with us! We would love to see what you create! #beaducation

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