June 27, 2016

25 Ways to Bring Some Bling

So you love you some bling? Us too. In fact, we love it so much we've create a whole bunch of cool pieces to share with YOU!

With over 150 Swarovski crystal options, you are sure to find some bling you just cannot live without. Let us help.

Check out our NEW Swarovski Raindrop Pendants in both Rhodium and Gold, Crystal and Crystal AB (for those of you who love rainbows). What is the difference you ask and what is this about rainbows??

Swarovski Crystal offers a wide range of colors and special coatings. Special coatings are bonded chemically to the outer surface of the Swarovski crystals for a more brilliant effect. The special effect and special coating of the beads are permanent. Aurora Borealis, known as "AB", is one of the more popular (and one of our favorites) Swarovski Crystal coatings that gives off a rainbow-like effect. Aww the rainbow.

Bring a little color into your piece with the Crystal AB option or keep it simple but elegant with just the Crystal option.

We love how the Swarovski Raindrop Pendant brightens up this beautiful necklace.


Want more? We don't blame you. Keep reading and see links for How To's below too! 🦄

Swarovski Red Drops

Wear these fancy briolette drops and you're sure to catch a compliment or two. Swarovski Briolettes are available in a rainbow of colors and birthstones for every occasion. Just open and close jump rings and you have instant beauty. 

Find everything you need to drop it like it's red hot here.
Getting Married?

These personalized bridesmaids necklaces are not only a special gift for each of your special friends but they won't break the bank.

Try something different with these three necklaces. Here are a variety of ways to make something very special for the VIPs in your wedding party. Make them feel the importance of your big day with personalized, hand stamped necklaces, complete with Swarovski Crystals in the color of your choice! 

Our Swarovski Crystals come in an awesome array of colors and shapes including our newest additions the Navette and the Raindrop Pendants. You can even customize your bling, from simple, to Va-Voom! 

Check out our FREE class Wrapped Head Pin Dangles to get started.

Swarovski Navette Flower Pendants

We love how these beautiful Navette Crystals look like petals and leaves when clustered together. This project is an easy way to create a colorful garden of flowers in your jewelry. Whether you use large blanks for your base, ornamental heart blanks, or small simple ones, the results are beautiful. 

All you need to connect these beauties together are rivets and hex nuts. Hooray for cold connections!

Find everything you need to make these Navette Flower Pendants here.

Washer Prong Setting

This project is inspired by our free, online class, Prong Set Pendants. We took the basic ideas, like making prongs and soldering, and then included our favorite technique, STAMPING

We love how sparkly these are with the Swarovski stones. The custom stamped message on the back just makes them that much more personal.

Find everything you need for this sparkly project here.

Crystal Embellished Fleur de Link

This necklace is a crystal embellished version of our Fleur de Link Class. Within an hour and fifteen minutes you can learn all you need to know to create this beautiful link. Layer in a few Swarovski Briolettes and Channel Charms and you have a chandelier necklace that adds the perfect amount of glamour for a special day!

Find everything you need to make this gorgeous set here.

It's Raining Briolettes

Grey skies are going to clear up when you make this stylish silver necklace dripping with Swarovski Briolettes! Roll on over to our new class, FREE: Wrapping Briolettes for a great tutorial on how to get started with this Design Idea.

Find everything you need to make it rain here.

Birthstone Links

What fun way to add birthstones to a necklace! These Swarovski Crystal Channel Set Circles great as charms or links in necklaces or bracelets. For the stamped dangles, we started with two of the same rectangle blank; we cut and filed one to create different lengths.

Find everything you need to charm this necklace up with some bling here.

Spiro Spectacular

This necklace incorporates three different sizes of notched washers andSwarovski Crystals to create a true statement piece! 

The middle washer has one hole already punched into the blank. When you punch the second hole, make to sure position the holes at 10 and 2 as on a clock face. Check out our FREE: Spiro Pendant class to start mastering this technique right now!

Find everything you need to make this fabulous necklace here.

This hair comb is stunning on, and perfect for an added embellishment to your updo. With the help of our Free Folded Flower class, and our Introduction to Fine Silver Fusing class, you will have a great base of knowledge to get started on this amazing project. 

Our Swarovski Navettes make a perfect crystal petal for the riveted flowers on this comb.    

Find everything you need to dress up your hair with this piece here.

We still have more to share so check out 25 of our favorite bling'd pieces below. And of course, we would love to see what you create! Feel free to share with us and tag #beaducation.

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