May 6, 2016

NEW FREE Jewelry Making Class - Byzantine Diamond with Colin Mahler

Colin Mahler is back with a new chainmail class, featuring an original design that you won't find anywhere else. Introducing Byzantine Diamond!

In just 20 minutes, Colin will show you a variation on the classic Byzantine chain pattern. Once you've mastered the technique, you'll be able to make beautiful earrings, bracelets, and necklaces!
Are you just getting started with chainmail? Colin teaches13 additional free online classes that will introduce you to the basics and let you build on them with more advanced projects.

One of the best things about chainmail is that this technique does not require bulky tools and materials. Take your projects with you! If you've got two pairs of chain nose pliers and some jump rings, you are ready to go! 
Beaducation offers four different models of chain nose and bent chain nose pliers to accommodate different comfort levels and budgets. We also offer a wide range of jump rings in various metals, sizes, and gauges. 
Of course, you can use any clasp on your projects. We knew folks would be interested in the beautiful sterling silver toggle clasp that Colin finishes her Byzantine Diamond bracelet with so we have this clasp available in our shop! This clasp would be beautiful on many projects! 

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