April 21, 2016

Mother's Day Jewelry | Inspiration and DIY Projects

Mother's Day is coming up! Need some design inspiration? We have got you covered!
We have an entire DIY Projects category devoted to Mother's Day.

In addition to all these gift ideas, we have a handful of design stamps that feature the same design in both small and large sizes, perfectly representing a mother and a child (or children).

Our Tall Heart design stamp set and Fat Heart design stamp set are perfect for representing children of varying ages. In addition to those sets, we have a really fun and large variety of individual heart stamps that can represent different family members; let the design differences convey their different personalities!

Of course the best stamps to represent mothers and children are our pairings of mama and baby birds (yeah, we like birds here): Mama Owl and Baby Owl,  Mama Swallows and Baby Swallows, set of Large Love Birds and set of Small Love Birds, Mama Partridge and Baby Partridge.

No Mother's Day gift is complete without birthstones. A birthstone charm or crystal is the perfect embellishment to a stamped pendant or bracelet, or simply string them on a chain for understated elegance. We have a handy birthstone reference chart to help you pick the right colors, and so many crystals and charms to choose from!

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